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11 January 2014, 08:41 PM   #1
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Welcome to London!

Lucien said "neither have we. The only one of us that has been to England is Victor and
that's because he was born here. He lived in the orphanage with Evander." He walked ahead
of all of them. When they got to their hotel, Vladimir's jaw dropped. It was better than
their palace. It was magnificent. They walked in and Lucien told them "wait here."
Everyone around, looked over as soon as they walked in. Some girls giggled as soon as they
saw them. They were the most good looking guys in the entire place which made them stand
out a lot. Lucien ignored it but Vladimir went over to flirt with some girls. Drake said
to Vladimir "don't go far!"

11 January 2014, 09:02 PM   #2
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Kenma nodded slowly and glanced around, eyes going wide or narrowed wherever the went. Most times his tail pinned up and he let out a sharp hiss when people touched him as they went by, but he stayed with the crowd and made sure to stay quiet. Upon reaching the hotel, Kenma suddenly felt small inside the large hotel and stayed behind them all when Vladimir split from them and Kenma just looked around in awe. Though a few women attempted to talk to him they gave up when they didn't get the reaction they wanted when they touched him or got close. Although Kenma was happy with the attention, he was clueless and innocent, so he wasn't sure why they were being so close and touchy and found it strange; he inched away from as much as he could. Ryder and Stryder, on the other hand, seemed to notice the attention they got. Ryder flaunted it completely, showing off His sarcastic laugh and massive grin, but he made sure to play back but in a seductive way until they got close to what they wanted and then he suddenly dropped them dead on the spot, ignoring them as they realized he dropped them like a bug after playing with their feelings. Unlike his brother, Stryder ignored the small giggles and hand gestures and despite the rules he still stuck another cigarette in his mouth and stayed out of harms way.

11 January 2014, 09:34 PM   #3
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Drake sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Lucien soon walked back over and said
"alright so we have 4 deluxe rooms. Vladimir and Drake share one, Ryder and Stryder you
two share one, Kenma you get your own room, and I get my room." Vladimir smiled, coming
back from flirting with the girls. "Sounds great." He high fived his brother. "I wonder
what a deluxe room looks like." The twins grabbed their keys from Lucien and went to their
room. "Later." He handed the others their keys before walking off. "I have some calls to

11 January 2014, 09:40 PM   #4
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Kenma blinked slightly after pushing himself away from the crowd of girls and over to the others, interested into what they had to say. He perked up when Lucien spoke and glanced to others to make sure they were listening before he listened as well and stuffed his hands in his pockets and slowly looking around when people got back to talking. When he grabbed his key, he felt shallow with everyone sharing a room, and also sad for having them pay for him to stay. Instead of complaining, he stayed in the middle of the room and watched them all separate, unsure what he would do. He didn't want to be alone in his room, but he didn't have money to go anywhere. After thinking and ignoring giggles, Kenma left the hotel with keys in hand so he could take a walk and look around London, before he went back for a nap. Nearing a park, Kenma sat on a golden colored bench facing the grassy field and tall trees. He sat back against the bench and stared forward, but his head swayed back and forth until he began to doze off. Ryder and Stryder grabbed their keys quickly and were happy, though both knew already that they would always end up in the same room. Just because they were born together, they were used to always being together, but neither admitted to liking it. Ryder was first to rush off and choose a bed for their room while Stryder took time to think of his plans, now that they were on a 'mission'.

11 January 2014, 10:12 PM   #5
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Meanwhile, Evander and Orion were laying about their mansion. They were bored but they
couldn't do anything until Orion gained his energy back. Orion suddenly sat up and said
"there here." Evander glared at him and asked "who?" Orion looked at him like he's an
idiot. "Who do you think? Lucien and the other annoying guardians." Victor walked out of
his room yawning. He was only in his boxers showing his abs. "What's wrong?" He rubbed his
eyes. Evander quickly stood up. "Your guardians are here. Probably to come save you."
Victor smirked. He ran a hand through his hair and said "I told you'd they come to the
human realm to save me." Orion grabbed his arm in pain. "Damn it." Victor started to laugh
and asked "trying to fight against becoming a fallen? Pathetic." Evander stepped in
between the two. He asked Orion "can you tell where they are?" Orion shook his head,
weakly. "No," was all he said before collapsing.

12 January 2014, 12:12 PM   #6
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Kenma fell into a deep slumber for an hour or two before being awoken by an older male who thought supposedly that he was dead; so the man poked his ears and yanked his tail to get him up. When he woke up he brought his knuckles up and punched the man so that he got knocked out completely, and Kenma stood and tears filled his eyes when he realized that he used self defense to hurt a man who tried to help. After getting help by others, the man was taken to a hospital and Kenma disappeared on another walk, checking out the tall buildings.

12 January 2014, 02:06 PM   #7
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Evander ended up going for a walk with Victor while Orion rested. They seemed to catch
up. It was then that the two saw Kenma. Victor raised an eyebrow and asked "he came to?"
Evander shrugged and replied "I guess so. Though your guardians don't seem his crowd."
Victor started to laugh. They walked over to Kenma, Evander on one side and Victor on the
other. "Hey. How are the guardians?" Victor asked. Evander smiled a little and said "what
do you think? They don't seem to have killed each other." Victor let out a sigh.

13 January 2014, 05:00 PM   #8
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Kenma bit his lower lip, afraid he'd hit someone else as he walked along his way and dogged moving figures, ones that smiled and laughed and happily balked with tears in their eyes and happy tunes from their mouths. He loved the warmth of it all, and it made him happy, too. When he looked up, however, the thought of a smile was pushed back to the back of his mind when he noticed Evander and Victor, though they seemed to have approached him first. He blinked, slightly confused before he shook his train of thoughts and gulped slightly. "They're... good, they're somewhere else though.." Kenma shyly stated the obvious, but didn't tear his eyes from the two boys and went back to sucking on his lower lip. "What.. What are you two doing? Lord Victor, we've been looking for you. But.. you guys should be careful, if they see you-" He glanced over to Evander. "You didn't hurt anyone, right?"

13 January 2014, 06:12 PM   #9
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Victor sighed and explained "Evander won't hurt me. We used to be friends after all. Best
friends to be exact. I knew that the moment I offered him to take me instead of you. I
didn't plan on Evander having a weird interest in you though. I've been living with him
since he's taken me. I'm not technically his prisoners. I mean he doesn't take his eye off
me but he feeds me regularly, I can bathe, and do other things a normal prisoner wouldn't
be able to do. The reason were out now was because I couldn't stand being in their anymore
so Evander is taking me for a walk." Evander started to laugh. He smirked as he looked at
Kenma. "I may be evil and corrupt but I'm not a monster. I did just burn down an orphanage
but I'm not a terrible person. I've fallen in love before and have had my heartbroken like
everybody else." It was Victor's turn to laugh. He looked at Evander with a raised
eyebrow. "No. Normal people don't start a war because someone broke their heart." Evander
pushed Victor and he stumbled over laughing. The two were like two best friends and it was
too strange to ever think of them as enemies.

13 January 2014, 08:16 PM   #10
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The rough the cheery laughter, mockery and light shoves and hugs and tugs, Kenma couldn't help but let his anger fume in the form of tears at earlier events, leading them to be where they were now. "I'm... glad. I'm glad you're all buddy buddy now, that you've come to this sense, but what you did...You're not a terrible person for ruining someone's home, childrens' homes, my home? I finally had a parent of my own, a loving home where I was happy," though he bit his bottom lip and forced his eyes to be expressionless like his emotions, tears threatened to spill over. ", My own mother had to run off, children have no homes and I don't have a home anymore." Kenma hoped he was only dreaming what he spat aloud with a straight face, "A child was.. k-killed, but that doesn't make you any more human nor much of a monster..." Kenma shook his head and his tail wrapped between his legs, his cat ears clung to his head and a pout sufficed. "I don't understand anything... But, your actions won't go unnoticed. I'm homeless once again, how does that make you feel? Happy?"

13 January 2014, 08:54 PM   #11
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Victors eyes flared at Evander and he said "you said none of the children were hurt!"
Evander shrugged and said "I might have lied. I thought the guardians had it under control
and if I'm gonna destroy the abyss, I have to start small like Orion said." Victor pushed
Evander roughly this time and said "did you lie to me because you knew I'd react this way?
Well I was gonna find out one way or another. You asshole!" Evander growled angrily and
said "shut up! So what if I kid was killed? No one would want her anyways." Victor seemed
surprisingly angry at Evander. He never seemed to get mad. He raised his voice, yelling
"you bloody lied to me. I might have let you act like we were friends but that is over
now! A little girls blood is on your hands and your laughing about it? Your worst than I
thought." His British accent was thicker than usual. He stormed off but just then Evander
took out a gun. "No one talks back to me..." He fired, the sounding ringing through the

13 January 2014, 09:41 PM   #12
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Kenma heard a lot of shouting and the piercing looks given by other pedestrians as they walked by, their smiles turning into fowl snarky glares. But the most attention caught from this, was the surprisingly loud bang and sharpness of a bullet in his ears that made him stop and watch, whimpering when the loud noise was too much for him. After the first shot was taken, the second should be dodged. His arms reached out and he attacked the taller male with anger in his eyes, dismissing the fact he'd rather cry and help the fallen victim, Lord Victor. But his claws caught onto Vladimir's face, clung tight and not a chance of letting go until he ripped off every piece of skin and muscle. "No! How could you!?" Kenma had never been this violent, his clawing was surprisingly weak but his anger could scare off Godzilla given the chance, and his tears brimmed with anger as he got on top of the male and pushed him to the ground, legs wrapped on each side while he threw petty punches and screamed at him while sobbing, uncontrollable screams.

13 January 2014, 09:56 PM   #13
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Evander hissed when Kenma attacked him. People seemed to be curious about what happened
but Evander said 'dont worry. Were rehearsing for a play." He threw Victor over his
shoulder and grabbed Kenma by the wrist. He forcefully brought the two to a mansion, his
mansion. Evander threw Victor onto the couch. He threw Kenma to the floor and straddled
him. He kissed Kenma deeply. When he pulled away he said "in the abyss, the guardians may
rule but now that your in the human realm, especially London, I rule." His injuries seemed
to have already healed. "You follow my laws under my leadership, got it?" His hands were
tight around Kenmas throat.

13 January 2014, 10:11 PM   #14
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Kenma continued, thrashing at the other's face over and over to draw blood but was in too much of a fit to do damage to the demon male who was obviously stronger than him. "Let me go," Kenma whispered loudly and drew back a mewl as his teeth harshly came into contact with his bottom lip on accident and drew blood, not that he hadn't tasted the metallic taste before. His eyes became wide as he was dragged back to a large mansion, staring in awe while anger was promptly beginning to ease to the back of his mind, until he kept his eyes locked onto Lord Victor over the shoulder of the criminal dragging him off. Once reaching the inside exterior, he didn't have time to look around until he was forced to the ground where he was straddled, his breathing coming to an abrupt stop when the distance between the two males closed and promptly Kenma thought his teeth would shatter when cold lips smashed against his own; Kenma's hands dug at Evander's shoulders to pull him away, but hands were quickly placed around his neck and he let out a choked sob, his ears twitching and tail curling between his legs and curling around his thigh as he glanced up towards the male in pain, forcing out ragged words, "L--Let -me -go! Lord Victor-- needs help." Kenma felt tears fall from his eyes after settling for some time since he had pounced on the other, unsure when he had felt as scared as he was now. "You shot... him." Kenma caught against the other, unable to breathe. "Let---go!"

13 January 2014, 10:24 PM    #15
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"Help is already here." He nodded his head over to Victor and Orion seemed to be at his
side. Evander smirked, and said "you do what I see when I say it. Orion... Take him to his
room." Orion waited for Evander to get off Kenma and walked him to his new room. "Have fun
at school tomorrow..." He slammed the door shut and locked it with a key. Orion went over
to Evander and asked "did you purposefully try to kill him?" Evander shook his head and
said "he can heal from that. Its not life threatening or anything. He's a demon after
all." just then, Evander sense something. He unsheathed his sword and said "Michael is
here... Protect everyone. Don't let them touch our servants." Orion nodded and ran off.

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