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Pre-made characters

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These are characters that are pre-made, made within the story I'm writing. These will be
the characters that you may take control of as long as you ask me.


Name: "Aidan". Real name is Evander
Age: How long he's lived for? He's lost count. He looks no older than 18 though.
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Origin: England
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Demon lord within the human realm
Personality: Evander has a temper and can be cold sometimes. He can also be kind. His
personality is very complex. Sometimes he's kind, sometimes he's a jerk. Little things
will set him off. One minute he's joking around with you the next he's threatening your
History: Evander spent a lot of his time at the orphanage since his dad left him before he
was born and his mom died during childbirth. He was feared by all of the other orphans
because he was different and was scary. When he was 8, however, a new boy about his age
came to the orphanage. He was intrigued by the child since the boy came to the orphanage
covered in blood. The boy kept to himself like Evander did. Evander soon approached him
and the two started to talk. After that, the two became inseparable. Evander found out the
boy's name was Victor. Victor came home from school every day happy to see Evander waiting
for him. The two did get into their fights but they always made up. When they were 12,
they realized how cruel humans were and told each other how much the humans deserved to
die. They made up their minds: They will start killing humans together. Every night, they
would kill humans. By day, they were normal orphan students. When they were 16, Victor
came home with a beautiful human girl. He left her alone for a little and when he came
back in, he saw Evander kissing her. He was so shocked but he acted like he didn't care.
He acted like nothing happened between him and the girl. Evander and the girl, Amaranth,
were so much in love. They even lost their virginity to each other. They loved each other
more than anyone in the world. Then the world drastically changed. The war between angels
and humans worsened and Evander started to fight in the war. His personality changed. He
pushed Amaranth away more and more and was driving her towards Victor. She would always
come to Victor in tears. Victor's anger toward Evander started since he was still in love
with Amaranth. Because of his anger, he ended up sleeping with Amaranth in an act of
revenge. He was going to steal Evander's one and only love. One day, Evander was fighting
the leader of the angels. It was the final battle. Once Michael was dead, he could go back
to his normal life. Amaranth, however, got in between the two. She wanted the fighting to
stop. Evander accidentally stabbed her. He was so shocked as he watched the blood
splatter. He ripped his sword out of her stomach and caught her as she collapsed. She was
crying. He was so upset. He even started to cry over her dying body. He still remembers
her pained face. He begged her to stay with him. He didn't want her to die. The angel,
Michael, was so shocked that Evander could care about a regular human so much. He was even
touched by the scene. He cut his hand in response and poured his blood into Amaranth's
mouth. Evander was so shocked. Light shined all around Amaranth and Evander watched the
scene before him. Amaranth stood up after her stomach had healed itself. Michael gave her
the option of remaining with the demons or being with the angels. Amaranth noticed her new
beautiful white wings. She didn't know how to respond. She did noticed how much of an ass
Evander really was though. She turned her back to Evander and left with Michael to the
heavens. Evander was so heartbroken. He screamed out in frustration. He vowed vengeance on
Amaranth for betraying him for the angels. Amaranth became a powerful angel and gave birth
to twin children that were obviously Evander's. She did pity the demons but even more now
that she knew that the demons were being killed by the humans. There were tons of demons
on the streets fighting to survive. She knew she had to do something so she created a
demon realm called The Abyss. She sent every demon there but Evander and a couple of other
demons refused to go to The Abyss. Evander ruled over the demons in the human realm in
hope to destroy Amaranth once and for all. He didn't realize how weak she was after
creating The Abyss until he found out she died from weakness. He was so angry but knew he
couldn't do anything about it. Instead, he continued to plan on how to destroy The Abyss.

Name: Victor
Age: Looks 18
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Origin: England
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Leader of the Guardians
Personality: Victor is quiet and tends to keep to himself. He is very unlike how he was
when he was a child. When he was growing up, he was very energetic and very fun to be
around. Now, his work is his everything. He hates getting distracted from his work. He can
be kind sometimes but it depends on his mood. He is slightly more like Evander than he
would like but that's because he grew up with him and used to be friends with him. He is
also very overprotective over the people he cares about.
History: Pretty much Evander's history. After Amaranth became an angel, he stayed close to
her. He was very overprotective of her. When she created The Abyss, she made him the
leader of it.

Name: Orion
Age: Looks 19
Sex: Male
Race: Angel
Origin: Heavens but lives in England with Evander
Orientation: Asexual
Occupation: Works for Evander
Personality: Orion is very feminine, clueless, and childish. He is always finding an
excuse to smile. He can sometimes be cold and serious but its very rare to see him like
that. He is very overprotective of his lord Evander. 
History: Orion was born by a wealthy couple. They were only 16 at the time but loved him
even so. As he grew up, they trained him hard and he managed to make it to one of the most
trusted angels. His parent's were so proud of him. Once, he was sent to the human realm to
force an angel to turn into a fallen. While he was doing this, he met Evander. He attacked
him, knowing he was a demon but Evander easily beat him. Orion didn't know what to do so
he ran from him. Evander let him run. While Orion was running, he met two bigger guys.
They started harassing him for looking like a girl and calling him a fag. He tried to
fight against them but they easily knocked him to the ground. The threatened to cut his
hair and right before they succeeded, there was two bullets fired. The men fell to the
ground wounded. They screamed in agony and two more final shots were heard. When Orion
looked up, he saw Evander standing there. He was so shocked a demon helped him. Since that
day, he's been by Evander's side. He's been going to and from the angel realm but mostly
to get information and so they don't get suspicious. Michael remains suspicious of him but
doesn't have any proof of his betrayal. 

Name: Vladimir
Age: Looks 17
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Origin: Kingdom of Raziel
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Guardian
Personality: Being a punk, he always finds something to be entertained by. He jokes around
a lot and has grown a sarcastic attitude towards everything. Its hard to know when he's
serious and when he's just joking around. People tend to keep away from him.
History: Long ago, a couple had two beautiful identical twin boys. Their father didn't
care for their mother or them. He would spend a lot of time at bars and sleeping with
women. Their mother was barely home because of her job so a babysitter had to take care of
them. One day, their mother was brutally murdered on her way home from work. When she
didn't come home that night and wouldn't pick up her phone, the babysitter called the
police. They told her that she was murdered. The babysitter was so shocked that she called
Vladimir and Drake's father. He didn't seem to care though. By the sounds of it, he
sounded like he was having sex with some stripper. The babysitter decided to take the
children and run from the house. She couldn't let their father ruin them and without a
mother, they would only grow up in a broken household. She brought them to the guardian's
palace. The guards almost attacked but the babysitter begged them to take the children and
train them to be guardians. They tried to deny her but Victor came out and agreed to take
them. Since then, the twins have lived under the guardian's roof.

Name: Drake
Age: Looks 17
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Origin: Kingdom of Raziel
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Guardian
Personality: Drake is very cold and scary. He doesn't like when people get close to him.
He just doesn't like people. Him and Vladimir are inseparable. Mess with his twin brother,
and there gonna have to deal with him. He can be very aggressive and will fight someone if
they get on his bad side. Like Evander, he has a temper but he has more control of his...
History: See Vladimir.

Names: Stryder and Ryder
Ages: Both look 17 but has lived for 234 years
Sexes: Male
Races: Both demons
Origins: Kingdom of Sariel
Occupations: Guardians
Personalities: Stryder and Ryder are inseparable and have been since they were children.
They are completely different, personality wise, however. Stryder is cold, menacing, and
just loves to pick fights with people he doesn't like. He doesn't like newcomers, people
who invade his space, or anyone for that fact... except for his best friend Ryder. He is
also very snarky and rude. He's the type of person to say whatever is on his mind. If
someone intriugues him, however, he will play with them like there some kind of play
thing. He's kinda like a cat.
Ryder, on the other hand, is grumpy, has a temper, and very aggressive. If someone says
the wrong thing, he's likely to punch a hole through their stomach. Oh and if its not
already obvious, he has incredible strength. Take his cigarettes, and he'll kill you. He
doesn't stray far from Stryder's side, though. Despite his aggressive and grumpy and
behavior, he is very intelligent and is constantly getting information for his Lord
Histories: Stryder and Ryder, surprising as it sounds, were born on the same day by two
close friends. Stryder was actually born prematurely. Because their parents were so close,
the two boys played together constantly growing up. When they were 10, however, Sariel was
attacked. The guardians protected the kingdom the best they could but many people lost
their lives, including Ryder's parents. Stryder's father was killed in the war but his
mother remained alive. Ryder was adopted by them so it was like the two were brothers
which Ryder didn't seem to mind considering how wealthy Stryder's family was. The two
boys, as they grew older, got into a lot of mischief. Ryder even got kicked out of school
because the school was sick of him constantly getting into trouble which was a shame since
he was the top of his class. Stryder was raised to be more better behaved but when the two
were together, all hell broke loose. Stryder finished High School barely passing. He was
too busy goofing off with Ryder. His mother was pretty chill as long as they came home by
midnight. One day, Victor came to the house to examine the boys. He had heard a lot about
them and decided to check them out. Stryder's mom refused to let him take them from her
but Victor eventually persuaded her. Ryder was willing but Stryder was more hesitant. If
he became a gaurdian, that meant leaving his mom and all his friends. For Ryder, he really
had nothing to lose so he didn't mind. He was the one who pushed Stryder to saying yes.
After that day, Victor took the boys and trained them hard. Unlike the rest of them, they
had little to no training whatsoever. They were just normal demons living normal teenage
lives. Since then, they have been together.

Name: Lucien
Age: Looks 17
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Origin: England
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Victor's second in command
Personality: Lucian is sarcastic and doesn't care about anyone, not even his fellow his
guardians. He isn't trusted by anyone and is constantly being under 24/7 surveillance to
make sure he doesn't run off somewhere. Even when he goes out, a soldier or a guardian
goes with him but like the other guardians, he doesn't leave often. He only leaves when he
needs fresh air. He is cold and scary. Most people are too afraid to even approach him. He
is also a traitor.
History: Lucien knew Amaranth before both Victor and Evander knew her. He was her
childhood friend and even fell in love with her because she was the purest human he'd ever
met but she only saw him as a friend. He was disappointed but not completely hurt. When
The Abyss was created, he immediately went to it because his friends went into the new
dimension. He was happy to be there with his friends but felt like something was missing.
He was immediately drawn to the guardians and felt like he should be one of them. Some
days, he would sneak past the security, hide in a tree, and watch the guardians. Once, a
soldier found him in the tree and forced him down. He didn't know what to do so he obeyed.
He was forcefully dragged into the palace and had a meeting with Victor after being beaten
by a soldier. Victor saw hope in Lucian and decided to train him to be a guardian. Lucian
was so happy. He was the first recruit and quickly became Victor's second in command.
He was a child back then. A lot has changed since then. When he found out about Evander,
he was intrigued. As intrigued as he was with the guardians. He decided to take a short
vacation to the human realm and visit Evander. When he first met him, Evander wanted
nothing to do with him. Lucian practically begged Evander to let him help him. When Lucian
slipped the fact that he was Victor's second in command, Evander was intrigued by him.
Lucian started to help Orion and Evander out while keeping a low profile with the
guardians at the palace. When Victor found out all their information was being leaked, he
was furious. He rarely gets angry but when he does, its terrifying. When Lucian
disappeared for a long period of time, suspicion of him grew more and more by the day.
When Evander's army came to Victor's footsteps, and they all saw Lucian with them, Victor
was beyond infuriated. They fought against Evander and forced them to flee but they
wouldn't let Lucian leave. They inprisoned him for some time but Lucian started to beg
Victor to let him out and he would be good. When Victor chilled out, he let out Lucian and
gave him another chance but they would keep an eye on Lucian at all times. Victor lost all
trust in Lucian after that.

Name: Sabel
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Race: Demon cat
Origin: Kingdom of Ediresa
Orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Guardian
Personality: Sabel is feminine and childish like Vladimir but the only difference is that
Sabel IS a child. He is very excitable and is entertained by every little thing. He is
constantly tease by the other guardians but he doesn't seem to care. He just laughs it off
which is what he should do since they are only joking around. Being the youngest member,
he doesn't have a lot of friends his own age since he doesn't leave often. He's not old
enough to be able to hide in a human form so he has his cat ears and his tail that get in
the way every so often.
History: Sabel was abandoned by both of his parents. When Victor and Lucien has gone to
the nearby orphanage for possible recruits, they weren't expecting to find one. When
Victor first laid eyes on Sabel, he was immediately intrigued at the young child. He had
potential. Lucien tried telling him that Sabel wouldn't be a good guardian and that it was
too early to tell but Victor wouldn't leave the child. He told them that he would adopt
Sabel. After signing the paperwork, he took Sabel home and started to raise him as his
own. He even trained the child to be a guardian. Sabel seemed to succeed in everything as
soon as he tried. He was definitely born to be a guardian. No doubt about that.

Name: 'Zero'
Age: Unknown?
Sex: Male?
Race: Demon?
Origin: England?
Orientation: Straight?
Occupation: Aristocrat?
Personality: Zero is a pathological liar and very manipulative. He doesn't care about
hurting anyone so I guess he's also sociopath. He acts kind and caring towards everyone
but he could care less. He would only do something because he had nothing better to do or
because he has something to gain from it. He founds even the worst of situations funny to
him. One of the things he likes to do is mess around with both sides of a long held battle
and have them kill each other.
History: Unknown? He tells everyone a different story.

Name: Michael
Age: Unknown; probably forever.
Sex: Male
Race: Angel
Origin: Heavens
Orientation: Asexual
Occupation: Practically rules over the heavens.
Personality: Basically an asshole. He is king of assholes. He absolutely hates Orion and
has tried to kill him on many occasions. He has a snarky, sarcastic attitude but it not
like many other characters where its part of his personality. He has it to literally hurt
others. He made it part of his personality. He has the power to force angels to fall which
he's tried on Orion but Evander always protected him. He has a hatred for humans but acts
like he likes them.
History: WIP

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Ryder and Stryder owned by Cinnominnilou

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