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Fearie Info/Species List

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The land of the Faeries is a beautiful and unpredictable place. It is a land of magic, and aesthetics. The morale and nature of this world is similar, yet distinctively different from the mortal world. It is governed by a monarchy of a King and Queen, with the Queen having the greatest influence. Art is adored and found in every form, and the fey society is ruled by a strict set of rules: -The fey cannot lie (they are physically unable to) -A Faerie cannot break an oath, or promise. If they do so, they are cast out of the Faerie world. -It is rude for a Faerie to ask a personal or privet question before they are invited to do se. -Fey cannot reveal their secrets to a human, lest they be exiled or executed. -It is rude to show anger in front of another Faerie. -It is not polite to use common mortal etiquette in the faerie world. They do not use “Thank you”, or “You’re Welcome”. They are empty words to Faeries. Instead, they find genuine ways to show their appreciation, or say something like “I appreciate your kindness”. -It is rude to not compliment another Faerie if it is obvious that the Faerie purposely dressed up, or tried to look nicer than usual that day. (http://z7.invisionfree.com/Obsdian_Nightmare/ar/t39.htm) Iron/steel is poisonous and leathel to faeries. If a Faerie is wounded with an iron object, they will most likely die if not healed with powerful magic soon after the injury. The fey are also weakened, and cannot perform magic if they are exposed to the metal for long periods of time, or are surrounded by it. There are many different types of Fey including Sidhe, which are Fey of human height (usually slightly taller), with striking, seductive beauty, and incredible amounts of magic. The amount of magic a specific Sidhe has is different from one to the other. These Faeries are normally of royal blood, and belong to the Seelie Court. Demi-Fey are the little, winged fairies that humans typically imagine the fey to be. However, not all of the Demi-Fey have wings, contrary to popular mortal belief, and it is actually rare. Normally these little creatures fly with magic, on the backs of small animals and/or insects, or by shape shifting into birds or insects. They vary in sizes but are normally three to four inches tall. Most of them also have pointy teeth that they use to bite for either defense or eating. If they are winged (again this is rare) then their wings are almost completely transparent, and resemble those of a dragonfly’. These two species are just two types of the fey that reside in this world, and their appearances differ greatly depending on their levels of magic, and age. Some may appear to resemble a human, while another is almost completely transparent with large, gaping holes for eyes. Some fey with the ability to shapeshift may have a physical feature strictly related to the animal or insect they can change to, for example, a fey that can transform into a doe may have the eyes of one. There are also other malicious fey that reside in the Unseelie court, which are more sinister then the fey of the Seelie. They are usually grotesque in appearance, though some can be beautiful (dangerously so). The fey of the Unseelie court are not allowed inside the Seelie Kingdom where the Queen reins, just as if a Seelie court fey travels outside of their kingdom, they are at the (non-existent) mercy of the Unseelie fey. Neither court is more powerful than the other, so they are forced to tolerate one another. (Want more info? Click these links and read up! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy , http://www.askalana.com/fg/irish-fairies.html Remember when going to these sites that there are many different beliefs about Faeries. The second link states that the Sidhe are small, and wear green tunics, when in this club, the Sidhe are human sized, if not a bit taller.) (If you have a race of fey that you would like to add, please post its’ name, and describe it in the comments and I will add it to the list! =D )

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