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♥ Welcome! (And Rules + Some Stuff To Know) ♥

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(Please read the entire topic. Thank you.) WELCOME! I absolutely knew you would join. No, I didn't. On behalf of the KDS, I welcome you and grant you permission to post, and have fun here. I'm sorry to tarry your visit so soon, but would you please read our rules? I'd rather you knew them, before you go any further. Thank you, if you choose to do so! It would not be good if you were the one to be reported... So yes, we do have some rules. I'm sure you'll find them easy to follow. After the rules, I will tell you a few other tips and tricks that will help and enhance your time here! The First Rule is not to post anything... innapropriate. I'm sure you know what I mean, and If you don't, I mean anything restricted in the handbook, ESPECIALLY sexual things. The Second Rules is to be nice to your fellow friends and members. If you have a fight to pick, either settle it out of the discussion or tell me (and/or Taylor) what the problem is. I'm sure it isn't out of our hands. Please note that if you bully people, and it turns into a fight, you will be warned, and whether they were wrong or not, the other person will not be punished. The Third Rule is to be active. I would rather have 5 people posting a ton then 100 that are never on. People who do not post within one month of joining will be kicked, as will people who don't post for three months. Don't worry, you can rejoin without any trouble, it isn't a punishment, it's just to keep things clean, okay? The Fourth Rule, and certainly the most important one, is to always have fun. This isn't a punish-able one, but it would be sad if you weren't having fun ): The Fifth Rules is to not swear too much. Swearing is allowed here, but this isn't an abuse-able rule. The Sixth Rule is the obligatory grammar rule. I no u liek 2 tak liek dis, but please talk like this. C: The Seventh Rule is to stay on topic. Please keep on topic, however lightly. Now, continue reading for the topic guidelines in the punishments. These are just as important as the rules. Punishments 1. Mild Warning - You will be calmly told that you have broken a rule 2. Real Warning - You will be messaged that you have broken a rule 3. BOSS Warning - You will be lettered that you have broken a rule and warned not to do it again. BOSS warning will now accompany ALL punishments. 4. Temporary Banishment - All club priveliges will be taken away momentarily, and if you were an admin or some such you will have to regain your trust. 5. Temporary Suspension - You are kicked from the club, but may re-join later in a week or so, but will be on close watch 6. Permanent Banishment - You are kicked from the club, you cannot join it EVER again. Punish List None are here. Lets keep it that way, Kay~? Now, for topic guidelines. Each topic should have a symbol (heart, flower, etc), and should have a topic type. (this is the one that won't C: ) (examples: Fan Art, Fan Topic, Discussion, etc) Which brings us the eighth rule. Each thing can have a discussion, debate, and fan topic. Which means, no saying Fan Topic: blael herps (the better one). As well as the fact that you must ask permission to make a fan topic. That is all for now~ If you have read this entire topic, please post and say so. Password is Naoi
Nick Name: Softie Birthday: 5/1/99 Fan Topics: Naoi!!! <3 (Leader), Anti-Fan Topics: LIMITS D:< (Leader), Roleplays: **By that sin fell the angels** If you find a wild russia wandering around, he belongs to me and is not wild...although he will kill you. VODKAAAAAAAAAAAA

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