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Fanfic by Holland, Maximum ride.

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{{Ohkay, im gunna start from the book Fang, where Fang is practicly on his death bed and Dylan has a death grip on Dr. Creepfeast(i cant remember his real name, i know it has Hunter in it) And everything after that is gunna be from my ok, action?}} Chapter 1: M. O. V (max point of view) Fang. Is. Gone. He doesnt have a pulse, the thingy is one line. No more omnious beeps that seemed to hold me together before. There was nothing. I felt as though a supernova had just burst inside me. My skin felt prickly, my throat was dry, and i couldnt hear anything. Maybe if i just died to, i could be with Fang wherever it is that human-avain hybrids go to when they die. I couldnt stand this pain, pain so raw, it was eating everything inside me it came in contact with...and i felt hollow. I tried pulling it together i really did, but there was nothing to pull. But i wasnt giving up, i had to store this pain, for later abuse and help the Flock. I raised my head, shook it again and again, trying to hear anything, it was like being in water, but finally shouts surfaced, and what i heard made me angry. Really angry. I can't even explain how angry it made me. I glanced back down at Fang, he was so pale, and un-Fang like, and it made me even angrier. Just thinking, that someone could do this to Fang, my Fang, make him so... vulnerable and...dead! My anger shot up four octaves, right now im thinking, it was bordering rage, pure clean unadulterated rage, I was going to kill someone. My fists were balled up, and my tears stopped flowing. I couldnt fight someone, when i was so devastated. So i pulled it all in, the pain and sadness, everything, i just swallowed it. And it felt like when i played dead back in ye ole' Self Containment tank. I made myself numb, this was the only way i could leave Fang, and help the others, this was the only way i could lead the Flock. So thats what i was going to do. Be numb...all the time, or else i was pretty sure i would just crumble and die. I stepped away from the bed and turned to read the situation. Dylan was holding Dr.HunterHagen in a death grip, he called for help strapping Dr. Death down, he was holding a syringe with the substance the had killed Fang in it.But i didint think that was neccesary. I had other plans for the good ole' doc."STOP!", i croaked, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear. They all stopped and looked at me as i made my way over to Dylan, he looked confused. I grabbed the syringe from his hand before he could do anything stupid with it (like stab himself) and threw it as hard as i could. Everything was eerily silent. The scientist was being held by Dylan in a bear hug, so his face was level with mine. I made my voice steady, but my face was already a mask of numbness, and i could tell everyone was wondering about it, i mean im not one to cry, but i've been doing so...alot lately. I could see the fear in his eyes, and the sweat on his brow, he was shaking and crying. Jeez, what a big baby. "Im going to break every bone in your body," i whispered cocking my head to the side ,"and then freeze you to death." P.S ill wirte more later! Please tell me what u think!!!!!
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