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Well its a regular room with a regular bed- atleast- seemingly. I wouldn't want you to get any ideas, but the kid is obbsessive, so becareful where you step and what you touch theres no telling what could happen.
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Tayte's body was completely still, he would never be able to acccomplish such a
simple task if he hadn't discovered the cure- the cure that he realized was starting to
eat away at his flesh and inner organs... But all is well as long as he continues to
comsume atleast the same amount of minerals and protiens the serum he injects himself eats
away. So he can replenish whats missing each time. Tayte's eyes looked heavily apon the
notes he was writting- he would right whenever he felt the serum effect him diffrently. He
tried to come up with a new serum countless times but none of them were any better
substitutes. Nothing was going to change his body, or the serum.. Unless he broke his
promise.. The one he swore to his mother and father just before he found them both
slaughtered in his own home.

He had to remember that using it wouldn't make anything better- it would make everything
worse.. Atleast- thats what he was told but- - it seemed so worth it- what could be the
harm in using an extra ingridient.. Tayte jotted a few more things down in his notebook
and on the next page he drew a picture of Channing's face. He smiled slightly to himself-
the boy was a good artistist, especially when he had controll of his arms and legs he
could practically do anything.. He earased the soft mellow dramatic lips he had drew on
channing and replaced it with a wide thick grin that was acomplished in only one stroke-
it made the whole thing look a bit cartoonish but it still amused him. He wondered if
Channing would ever smile at him again- based on what he did and said there was a pretty
likley chance the answer was never in a million years..
Tayte was sitting apon a silver titanium alloe case that saw onto of his bed, 3 tattered
looking books infront of him not counting the one he was writting in. His newest one out
of the bunch.
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Arkian appeared on the bed yes he knew it was not the smartest move however it needed to be done, he was nervous, about what he had heard...and things were never good when he was nervous. he watched Tayte making no effort to announce his presence as he studied the boy for a moment watching the black haired boy write in a book from where he lounged on the bed his blue hair falling into his eyes. "his mother left him, when he was eight, his father abused him, until Phillipe came into his life and taught him to harness his energy, his anger, his hurt, every emotion, he developed became channeled into killing, into feeling better..into a false sense of healing." he said breaking the silence and announcing his presence with a languid and open air knowing that his life was forfeit in the event that Channing ever had an inkling he had told someone about his past. It was true that in the academy there were no secrets, such as medications, abilities, defects...but the past stayed in the past..because most people had not desire to think on such a thing. "then of course you have the newest dictator Dragon, who is closing him off even more killing his other side...the side that is not drawn in blood" he mused out loud his red eyes staring at the wall "he fights the effects sometimes, tries, to stop repressing his nature....but well you are a testament as to how that theory worked out" he said as he ran a hand though his hair jostling the earring. He was surprised with himself he was being unbiased and this made him pleased he blinked and turned to look at Tayte "you are helping to kill him" he said slowly not blaming just stating a fact becuase for some reason that i cannot fathom he had decided he likes you.
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Tayte's doodling got a little out of hand. Of course with his attention span on
something so amusing as writting his last name being the same as Channing's over and over
again in his note book it was hard for him to look up. Circling around and around with his
black inked ball point pen the traced loops around, hearts over and over, plus many small
to large stars all sprinkled lightly around him and Channing's names that he softly
scribbled in his notebook- reading- Channing and Tate Hawthorn. Of course he spelt it with
out the y seeing as how he loathed it more then any other letter in his name. He wondered
if Channing cared for such a small detail being taken out- would it matter? Maybe not to
him but to Tayte it made all the diffrence. Seeing their names together made his turn
smooth and languid, and his soft pink lips smear into a nice playful grin.
"Tôi thích những âm thanh đó." The boy said in a faint whisper, curiously thinking
if Channing prefered Asians rather then some other nationality. If he did that would be
wonderful, however it'd still leave him with the question does Channing prefer
Disfuntional, unstable, autistic, destructively childish asians rather then just plain
Tsk.. Channing wo- - His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of another- Tayte's
head shot up immediately, looking straight ahead seeing the blue haired male he had spoken
to eailer and declared his hatred for..

his mother left
him, when he was eight, his father abused him, until Phillipe came into his life and
taught him to harness his energy, his anger, his hurt, every emotion, he developed became
channeled into killing, into feeling better..into a false sense of healing."
Tayte listened this time feeling the tone of words, and the essence of Arkain's mood and
the boy could tell this wasn't suppose to be a lecture or a scolding like last time.
He was telling him something personal. Channing's personal life- - did Channing put you
up to this? Tayte thought but it seemed unlikely, after all- they'd just had a fight,
it seemed to soon for Channing to be over it so quickly. Even so- why was Arkain telling
him these things? 
Channing's like was diffrent from Tayte's own history- he was beat by everyone else except
his parents who worked endlessly to provide for him. Even his brothers and sisters bullied
him when his mother and father weren't looking. 
he fights the effects
sometimes, tries, to stop repressing his nature....but well you are a testament as to
that theory worked out
"You are helping to kill him"Tayte tilted his head and slowly closed his note book
placing it on the side of him apon the soft sheets.
He didn't understant that part. How was he a testament.. And to what Theory. Tayte gazed
up into Arkain's eyes- he wasn't here to cause any harm it seemed, and he just told him
alot of things about Channing that Channing would mostlikely never admit to anyone... 

You are helping to kill him? This phrase rang through his mind back and forth, Tayte eyes
were filled to the brim with curiousity, and yet his lips were held down..
He waited a brief moment before he replyed. 
"Channing hates me. I told him he was sick and now he must hate me.."
Tayte's head turned to the side looking at the clock to the far left apon his dresser. "I
don't know why your telling me this.. If it has to do with Channing then its better if i
just stayed out of it.." Tayte said his tone smooth and his eyes languidly slid down
lazily making him look uninterested in the situation. But it was only a mask.
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Arkian watched the Asian boy his red eyes unwavering and calm, the half lidded orbs shadowed by blue lashes the same color as his hair. He longed there unconcerned, sure he was not a fighter, but when the need arose he was plenty apt at defending himself. Channing...one of the only people he would actually consider his friend, a person who he knew would never betray him. A small smile flitted onto his facade as he thought about the assassin but it dimmed slightly, when he realized by being here speaking to Tayate, telling the Asian things about the boy...he was in a way betraying a confidence. Internally he winced, knowing what would happen to him in the event Channing ever found out about this conversation. "Channing hates me. I told him he was sick and now he must hate me..". the words spoken by the other boy jogged him from his thought process. he blinked once watching the others face his red eyes revealing nothing of his thoughts. He watched the black haired boy turn and glance at the clock, his own eyes did not follow he knew what time it was....past midnight by about an hour and a half in the event he was correct, and most of the time he was correct in his assumptions. "I don't know why your telling me this.. If it has to do with Channing then its better if i just stayed out of it..", the words that left the boys mouth made the blue haired male want to snort, he wondered if Tayte was being purposefully dense or if he really had not guessed Channings nature by now. So far from the truth...for reasons that i cannot fathom, you have caught his attention...i wonder is there is a history there he wondered thinking it was entirely possible, after all no one knew better than him how small the world actually was. He waited a moment collecting his thoughts and deciding where he wanted to steer this conversation before he spoke once more. Slowly he pulled himself into a sitting position his his falling into his eyes with the movement and the earring moved jauntily from where it dangled. Arkian took in a breath filling up his lungs before beginning, deciding he was already in this deep and the shore had receded the moment he had walked into the room. "if he hated you Tayte, you would not be alive, he would have killed you for saying such a thing....as it is that you are not dead...then i suppose it is reasonable to assume he is merely upset with you" he said slowly as he brushed his hair from his eyes with a black gloved hand. He paused for a moment as if he was gathering his thoughts, but in reality he was just pausing to give the other time to process, after all he already knew what he was going to say. "besides" he continued "it is not in Channing's nature to hate the living, he forgives some....quite readily" Despite training to the opposite. Pausing once more in his speech he cocked his head to the side for a moment "let me be frank with you Tayate" he said and by the tone of his voice, it was clear he was going to be blunt weather the Asian boy wanted him to be or not. "I am telling you all this" he said waving his hand in an abstract gesture "because I do not want Channing to become a monumental bastard by embracing his training more than he embraces his natural state of being. Channing needs a lover, and well you Tayte are one of the few people who actually caught his attention...." he said his red eyes unblinking and his words were simple without an alternative meaning. I doubt you realize how challenging it is to get his attention, since he gave it to you from your first meeting he mused to himself, but not saying it out loud. "and it is clear you want him.....but is you never wish to associate with his again, then please by all means stay out of it" he ended being slightly sarcastic. Because really i am fairly certain he wants you
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"What?" He said with barely 3 secounds passing from Arkain's last words before he spoke. Tayte didn't mean to say something so quickly, it was one of those things that was done on impulse. Hearing all these things about Channing- and how he pressumably 'liked' him- was much for the boy to process. Channing- that ninja assasin guy that seemed so cold and weak- yet fierce with his words. Tayte recalled every scentence that was exchanged in the last conversation he had with Channing. It made him feel incredably regretful all of a sudden. His lips were sucked in for a few secounds and then they poped back out. He understood what Arkain was trying to do now. But Tayte was relunctant to trust Arkain's words. He was really good friends with Channing and he supposed that he should trust him a bit more then he was but still Tayte wasn't willing to knock down all of his walls just yet. "I mean..." His words were softly spoken but he wasn't nervous- just cautious. His eyes adverted from the clock it was getting late and the boy's eyes were curious- for a brief moment they even showed an anxious brightness to them. But soon all the emotions were shunned away. He realized the last of his medicine was starting fade as he felt his mind grow cloudy.. Dark strands of hair fell infront of the boy's left eye once again- preparing for the twitches in his eye which he could already feel to come on. "I- .a...-- mm.." Those came out so softly they were barely auidible. His mouth began to feel dry, and his heart was slowing. "ITS LATE!" He suddenly yelled. He jumped off the bed and went to the door shuffling quickly towards it and slammed it open. "Please... Leave." Tayte's eyes were no where to be seen- both eyes were covered by the veil of black hair he hand. He fingures that were on the frame of the door were cringing against it trying to controll himself and his urges to move his hands. He was surprised that he could still form words- so he tried again. "Tell Channing the sorry." He shook his head quickly- his head did it in a very mechanical and forceful way and he quickly tried again. "I'm.. Sorr..ie." He said, he bit the bottom of his lip to stop any other sounds to leave him. At this point Tayte could feel his limbs shaking again- looking a mix of terrified and extremely cold. The boy's head hung down making sure that Arkain couldn't see his eyes floating off in diffrent directions- or his quivering lips that refused to stay still. STAY QUIET. STAY INCONTROLL. PLEASE DON'T MOVE. PLEASE STAY STILL. ACT NORMAL. BE NORMAL. STAY STILL, DON'T MAKE A SOUND. He chanted through his mind as best as he could but the thoughts were disconnected and slow moving. PLEASE LEAVE. ..I..CAN'T..BE SEEN LIKE...LIKE THIS.. The boy had looked at the clock earlier counting down the secounds that he had left of having his body- he didn't know what was happening, but this shouldn't be happening so quickly. His counts must've been off- Tayte absently thought back to the day and what could've trigured his serum to be pumped quicker through his body. It must've been in a situation that made him feel in danger or tense- The memories of today started to blur, it became in possible to organize his mind- and soon everything was blurred together- numbers, memories, pages of his books, Channing's smile- laugh. Channing.. Channing- Channing and Tayte Hawthorn. It all made his heart thump faster again- more of the serum being used up. Channing! It was channing that did this.. Channing made his count off. His heart started to heart.
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Arkian heard the exclamation and he arched a slim blue eyebrow he watched the other freak out and he instantly knew what was wrong he said nothing he simply nodded and then he stood and moved smoothly and yet with a speed until he seemed to melt into the shadows of the room and he was going using a secret passage that was his customary way to travel around sliding the panel back into place as he moved into the wall. He did not look back once as he began to move unconcerned that it was pitch dark in the wall. he walked slowly unconcerned that it was nearly two in the morning, of course he needed sleep and yet at the same time he really had no desire to rest. he walked along thinking about the boys medication Percentages or alloyed to the the overall ratio of balanced cryogenics is off he muse to himself as he walked along his red eyes staring a head the stone making barley a sound beneath his feet as he headed back to his room to think to process to muse he knew what needed to be done, and he knew what he could do so instead of making his way to his room he turned the corner and made his way to his lab
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The door was slammed way to loudly, and with to much effort then usual. He felt himself fill with relief that Arkain left- and just hoped he didn't look to freakish- - but those secounds Arkain saw could barely compare to the next hour or two it'll take for this Tayte to manage to wear himself out and finally go to sleep. After all, this Tayte had no mind set- no goal, no enjoyment, no communication skills, no easily to recall memories or records, no assistance in reaching things when his arms were to hard to controll, nothing. At this time his body was completely doing as it wished- yanking back and forth, this way and that- grabing several pens and markers off his study desk and scribling on the wall- with harsh forceful strokes. Both arms made wide circles and then long thick lines. He drew out words, words that were absently at the back of his mind. As he vandalized the walls of his room he screamed for no reason whats so ever. The sounds weren't human like and sounded muddled, and confused. But neither the less loud and uniggnorable. His arms jerked away from the wall throwing the untensiles that were crammed in his hands all over the room like confetti. The noieses that escaped from the boy's lungs continued and they only grew louder and less undistiguished as it kept going. Slurrs and shudderes that came through out the boy's mouth were like hearing a dying animal. Tayte grabbed books that were neatly on the shelf aphabatized and catagorized off and all over the place. Things broke, and small trinkets crashed to the floor. He knocked down object after object as his limbs danced around the room causing havoc. Bumping into each thing that was in the room, making each thing that wasn't rooted down rock and cave onto the floor. The boy screamed in delight louder, like an animal it kicked and punched it's cage until the brims of his knuckles burned and his black blood started to leak from the wounds. His feet went numb and so did his throught but that didn't stop the feirsome howls and growls of the young boy as the animal scratched and damaged each thing in his room. His arms were gone, his legs were running off for the hills, his head was flying into space, and his heart seemed to be racing on a never ending track. This Tayte carried on the destructive behavior for hours. His room was sound proof but some things were still heard. Ear piercing screams came out muffled and carried through the Academy's corridors. Hot tears raced down the boys cheeks, he couldn't think straight anymore and even if he could his body wasn't listening anymore. All he could do is absently watch and let himself destroy within the confines of his cell until he tired himself out and collasped do to the lack of energy. It happened much quicker then it usually did- probably because the young asian hadn't eaten all day. ooc: Mind if we time skip?
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ooc not at all. Channing rose from his bed his eyes opening as his alarm clock went off. he blinked a few times clearing sleep from his hazel eyes. he yawned slightly before leaping out of bed and hurrying though his morning routine. Climbing out of the shower he walked to his closet and pressed a button pleased when the electronic door slid open and his clothing was revealed "work garb" he stated into the space and watched the the racks moved rotating until the clothing he wore for "work" was revealed to him. he reached forward and took out a pair of tight black pants. he slid them on without a second though, he added a long sleeved black under armor shirt with another black shirt over it. he then took out the boots that laced up to just below his knees, sliding them on and lacing them with practiced grace. Done dressed he moved away from the closet going to the dresser. he tapped a keypad and the thing moved slightly shifting until a compartment opened to reveal his belt. basically it was like a military utility belt. he took the thing out and placed it on his body handing off his hips laden with things designed to kill and clean. he pulled on a short leather jacket sticking his daggers in the compartments before glancing at himself in the mirror. he looked lethal perfect the assassins mask hung from his neck waiting to be pulled up. Glancing at his clock he saw the time he would need to hurry after all he needed to make it to the roof by 0500. he moved them grabbing his ipad from his bed and laving the room at a brisk walk going to the helicopter landing pad on the roof knowing that his tracker was firmly in place not like he planed on escaping anyway. ### Arkian blinked his red eyed glazed as he was momentarily unaware of his surroundings. he blinked as his mind kicked into work he was in his lab, having fallen asleep on the white sofa still dressed and in his white lab coat. he sat up his mouth feeling funny he groaned feeling a kink in his muscles. Gingerly getting up from the low sofa he rose and stepped into the small bathroom tossing water on his face and swishing some in his mouth. Why is it people always feel gross when they do not sleep in their own bed? he thought as he moved back into the lab staring at the viles and things in process. he sighed and glanced at his watch it was well past 10 am now, he knew Channing was long gone. he grunted as he sat back down a glass of red liquid, he raised it to his lips and took a thoughtful drink, today was sure to be interesting.
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Tayte didn't wake up with any type of grace or excitement at all. Infact you couldn't even really say he woke up until 1:30 PM because all the times his eyes opened and his body moves only ended up with him throwing up more on the floor. Since nothing had been in his stomache the previous day all he had to spew out was more of his sickened black blood, and acidic juices from the outlining of his stomache. His throught burned, and his mouth felt toxic- not to mention his sides hurt. He had the most excruciating migrane on the planet, things spun and his eyes were still twitchy. One opened and closed at random intervals not assisting Tayte to actutally pull himself together in anyway. The other eye, which wasn't as covered with his hair was more obeying- It glanced around quickly, assessing the damage that was done last night. It was pretty bad. But nothing he hadn't seen before or gotten use too. Good to know that his autistic half still had trouble opening doors and what not. No drawers were opened, just toppled, the closet, and his case where still intact. Though brutally damaged by some means of kicking or punching it all seemed all right. Tayte's body was mangled, up. His body had collasped onto the floor like a rag doll- his legs akwardly sprawled out onto the floor with his arms limp and in a dislocated looking position behind his back and the other arm painfuly caught on something under the bed. Tayte's head slowly turned to the other side of him- his neck aching from sleeping so disjointedly on the floor. The battery powered clock had been thrown against the wall and was now laying next to the toppled bookshelf. Atleast he could see it- and he knew what time it was. Atleast he knew it was the next day. Everything last night was a huge blurr- infact everything that happened yesterday was a huge blurr. But Tayte knew he couldn't consintrate on that now. He had to dragg himself to his case before his autistic side started taking over again. When tayte first wakes up he had some controll of his limbs but as he'd grow more alert he'd start to loose the battle with the other tayte and his autism would take over once more for another 3 hours or so. Tayte had to hurry. He unlocked his hand from the bed which had deep reddish marks now on his pale skin- his wrist must've been caught there the whole night seeing as how there was dried blood all around the joint - The autistic Tayte must've spent the last remaining out or so trying to jerk out his wrist. There was a sharp pain as Tayte pulled his wrist out, and started to move it. It hurt. The dumbass must've fractured it.. He thought refering to himself.. But the thought blurred away quickly- he knew he had to focus all his energy on moving his limbs or else he might as well just wait for his autism to come back. Tayte winced as he turned over, his back aching along with the rest of his body. Tayte crawled pathetically over his belongings trying to reach his breif case which was tossed over the bed on the other side of the room. His body shook uncontrollably as he did so but it wasn't so bad- he started to loose his fision soon too- but he managed to unlock the case using a thumb scan and it popped open making a click sound. To tayte watching the brief case pop open reviling 20 more viles was like watching god preform a miracle just for him. His hands shuddered, as they scrambled inside the case- retrived an already preset needle. Any doctor would've advised against someone giving themselves a shot with such shaky hands but this wouldn't be the first or secound time Tayte did this so he carried on stabbing himself forcefully with the injection needle in his arm's vein. It would've been quicker to do it in his neck but his arms were in so much pain. His eyes started to droop- as the serum was inserted into the boy's system. The sting of the needle was calming yet frightning. Autistic tayte always hated needles. ``````` The moment Tayte became concious he injected himself 3 more times, leaving him with 17 viles left. Tayte recalled a very happy time when he only needed 1/4th of each vile to last him each day. Now he was using 5x as much just to get by. At first Tayte's vision started coming back, then his scence of taste, smell, and hearing. All brought him more and more disgust however, he hadn't noticed all through out the ordeal he had been crawling through his own throw up - which was a blackish blue color- and urine. It made his room smell god awful and as he looked into the mirror he new he didn't look much better. He still could barely stand but he managed to get some balance as he dragged his legs to get him to the bathroom. Slamming on the fosite to spray water apon his body as he layed in the tub letting the rotten smells and fluides wash away. Taytes damp hair stuck to his skin as the water rinsed over his still fully clothed body. Indiffrent; simply uncaring as to his current state. He just had to breath for a secound then he knew he should start cleaning. His breaths were still jagged and it took him a while for it to become steady again. The hot water burned his skin- but it felt entirely to good so Tayte made sure he was in there for a while. His mind drifted and he fell asleep once again.
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four O clock in the afternoon, hours had gone by, the entire royal family of Egypt were dead, the children, the parents, even the great uncle...no one from that line would be taking over the throne. Channing hopped from the chopper landing smoothly his face calm the mask hanging around his face once more. he was drenched in blood he even had splatters a crossed his face dotting his nose like bloody red freckles. it was dry now of course, but it was still there staining his skin. He walked away from the chopper walking across the gravel like surface of the roof heading to the door. he wrenched it open and walked though the opening heading down the stairs with with a calm indifferent look in his hazel eyes, he felt better than he had in a while. Five minutes later he entered his room he wanted to take a shower, but he knew he needed to upload first. he sat down on the floor and pulled out a black case that he kept under his bed. he sighed as he opened it up undoing the clasps and popping the lid open. that done he reached in with steady hands splattered with blood taking a small white device that attached to an intricate looking headset by a thing almost clear cord. Channing sat there thinking of nothing as he went though the familiar routine of uploading. he took the mouth pace and slipped it under his tongue, then he pierced his temple with the sharp needle like object the white suction cup covering the hold. he sighed and activated the device feeling the odd sensation that felt like a seizure as he uploaded the data into the device, so that Dragon could process it and know how the mission went. when the process was complete he removed the equipment and placed it back in the case sliding the thing back under the bed. he did not need to look up to realize he was no longer along. "what is it Rian?" he asked as he stood from the floor and commenced stripping away his utility belt and a garments his hazel eyes blank and relaxed. because really he had no reason to be otherwise. Rian watched the boy calmly and was unsurprised to know that Channing had sense his presence "did it go well?" he asked as he watched the other strip unconcerned and unembarrassed. Channing shrugged and waved for the blue haired boy to follow him into his bathroom. Arkian did so following the brown haired boy into the good sized bathroom settling down on the floor and watching the other as he climbed into the shower and turned on the water. He waited patiently for an answer his eyes half closed as the room began to fill with steam. "Yes" was the one worded reply but he knew by the tone that Channing had more to say. "it almost went off without a hitch" the boy said quietly from the shower "so close really, but the youngest girl tried to run.........i had to cut her down" the voice said quietly from within the shower. Arkian nodded understanding Channing did not like to kill children but he said nothing knowing that the assassin needed to just talk this out. and Rian was the only one there who would listen
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Feeling better was an understatement. As a matter of fact Tayte felt like
he could run a marathon, and if he didn't know anybetter he'd also take on the chance to
try and go sky diving without the parachute just because he felt so well equiped. His mind
being clear as the sun that is. He could compose scentences again, his arms still ached
but it was all a matter of doing a few stretches and getting use to it. Though his wrist
still made him cringed every now and again he managed to ignore it and go on with 'normal'
people things.
Getting dressed, brushing his teeth, combing his hair, all that jazz. It was pretty hard
to find things amoung the mess though- so Tayte managed to spend a good hour or so trying
to get things back into place, and lugging things upright. Though most things were
destroyed beyound repair like the tiney glass statues he'd like to look at he just
shrugged and tossed them into the trash can. It was no one's fault but his own for putting
them in such a vulnurable place. He should've placed them in one of the drawers, seeing as
his autistic side was still to narrow minded and impatient to even take the time to try
and open a dresser drawer. There was no point in even wallowing in it anymore- what was
done was done. It was a new day, and even though he still felt the aching muscles in his
body cringe with every movement he was glad they were his to move once more.
Tayte's eyes absently glanced up towards the wall as the last bit of trash was scooped up
and dropped into the trash bin.
"Channing & Tayte Hawthorn...." He said, wide eyed, dropping the broom and dust pan.
How did... When did i write that? A flash of last night came to him- it was him..
Just sitting in on the bed, scribbling in his note book.. But where have he seen this?
Suddenly more flashes came and it showed what he was writting- pictures of Channing and
him together, then on the last page of that entry said their names together just like how
it was written crudly on the wall in 2nd grader hand writting. With both names being
miss-spelled and the and sign looked atroshish. But Tayte's heart started to race nethier
the less. Tayte started to scramble through the room, looking for something to wash the
walls with. He found a towel and ran it over spicing hot water with alot of soup he
started to vigerously slide the soaking wet towel up and down the wall trying to scrubb
off as much of the ink as possible. Around the words were ugly looking stars and hearts
just like in his notebook. God awful handwritting he hand and no doubt someone would have
to be staring at it for a long time for them to get what it even said. The letter were
extremely grotesque looking but it didn't matter. Tayte knew what it said and he wouldn't
sleep in a room with such a thing plastered on the wall not ever! His breaths started to
quicken and become jagged. He couldn't breath but he musceles simply worked harder until
he was finally out of breath and on the virge of passing out again. He was sweating and
could feel his stomache churn inside of him- litterally doing flips.
You could still see the faded lines because he had written it with perminant marker so as
a last method of getting ride of the mark Tayte decided to hide it. He pushed his 200
pound bookcase over a few inches and it covered most of it but some red lines were scene
just beyound the brim of the wooden bookcase.
"Good enough." Tayte said panting and then going back to the case to shoot himself again
realziing with all the stimulation he wasted a good majority of the serum.

Tayte was gone a few moments later, he was starving and he couldn't help but wonder if
Arkain had did what he asked- Tayte remembered everything now- but it was still hazy.
Tayte walked through the halls towards the cafeteria but he was in no rush..
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Arkian lay on his back his eyes open and staring at the dark ceiling most of his black and blue clothing lay crumpled on the floor. he blinked his red eyes as he listened to the deep and steady breathing coming from the body next to him. He was unsurprised that Channing had almost immediately fallen into slumber after exiting the shower. he sat up propping himself up on his elbows glancing though his blue hair at the sleeping brunet the duvet sliding off of his body to reveal a tone porcelain chest adorned with delicate blue tattoos. A small smile touched his lips as he watched the boy sleep his lashes almost touching his cheek and his hair falling tussled and mushed over his forehead. Really he hated to wake the boy, but he knew Channing needed to eat something. "Channing" he said softly as he reached out and ran a slim finger along the boys cheek "channing" he said softly again as he felt the boy stir. He watched and waited prepared to speak the name again when suddenly drowsy hazel eyes met his clouded with sleep. Channing was sleeping he was dreaming about nothing, and that was good, he did not want to dream about blood, he did not want to wake with a nightmare, that was mainly why he had asked Arkian to stay with him, just to be a comfort in sleep. Slowly and softly though he felt himself being drawn out of sleep as his name was called. Tayte? his sleepy mind questioned even though he knew it was not, the presence was not right, the sound of the voice nor the feel of the hand on his skin...it was not the Asian boy. Slowly he opened his eyes and met the deep pools of red feeling only mildly disoriented. he smiled slightly glad to see Arkian had stayed with him he yawned and stretched slightly feeling the moderate protesting of his muscles. "wahh th' mater?" he asked his words garbled by the yawn as he stretched his arms over his head his bare torso on display with its myriad decorations of silvery scars. Arkian chuckled slightly "nothing" the blue haired boy said smoothly "but you need to eat something.....and you also have to report to dragon" he replied to the sleep drowse body. Arkian smirked at the grumbling he received as he moved to climb out of the bed his body moving fluidly and calmly in no hurry. Channing flopped down on his back with a sigh as he watched Arkian move from the bed. and he appreciated the sight of the other male in nothing but silver silk boxers his hair still looking freaking perfect and the delicate inked pattern of wings on his back made Channing wonder why he had Arkian had never actually never insinuated a relationship beyond friends with the occasion benefits thrown in. Channing sighed and closed his eyes "bloody bastard" he complained tossed his arm over his face in the dim room. All he received was an amused chuckle in response. ### Half an hour later the boys were finally making their way down the hall, with Channing yawning the entire way complaining quietly in french. Arkian listened and was happy to see that the killings had done the boy some good, as he seemed to no longer be concerned with what the Asian boy had said. He glanced out of the corner of his red eye at the assassin who walked along grumpily his hair in his face slightly tussled wearing clothing that suggested the boy was to tired to give a fuck about his appearance. In all honesty the blue haired male though the boy looked positively adorable and not his usual assassin or conservatively dressed self. Channing was only wearing a pair of baggy jeans that clung to his hips for dear life a tight green t shirt that had a band logo on it and a baggy hoody that was unzipped and hung off his form. Arkain snickered slightly but said nothing as they entered the cafeteria together looking calm after all they had no reason not to be
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The food here was delicious, the people seemed friendly enough, not much chatter was going on, and it was nice to walk into a room and not be stared at- seeing as how his body was being pretty responsive this morning but still aching he had trouble concentrating on his studies... Tayte didn't understand it though, usually after eating an elephent's weight in desserts and meat his body would feel enegized and his mind would start working again. But he couldn't help but glance behind his shoulder ever so lightly after a few minuites of writting. He couldn't concentrate!30 plates staked high in 3 diffrent rows infront of the boy was on the same table as he was showing all the food he had recently ate- his stomache felt fine now and currently his wrist too. He had a thick tissued cloth wrapped around his wrist ignoring the slight pain he'd get when he'd move it. The pen in his hand moved back and forth on the page, soft lines being created and running over the next page as well. He found himself spelling out his name. Then Channing's name, then both there names together surrounded by hearts- childishly he even drew little pictures- he felt as if a wedding dress would look more appealing on him rather then Channing because of his smaller frame and size. But Tayte didn't mind it so much- infact his thin pink lips pressed into a smile as he began to draw again. Finally his dark eyes were focusing on the page.. Though this wasn't the type of note taking he knew he had in mind but he was just simply to content with the idea of Channing in such a stunning tuxedo with those sophistocated looking glasses falling down the tip of his noes. Tayte started to chuckle as he started to draw Arkain in the background as there vala` waiting for them at their rented limo.~ Long dark strands fell over Tayte's eyes covering his eyes like a curtain once more- he was no longer looking over his shoulder suspicious as to who might be watching.. He had done it thinking he'd see channing or maybe Arkain but now Tayte totally forgot about doing so and so he missed when the two boy started to walk in.
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Channing yawned again he was so tired it was ridiculous. he blinked blearily as he lent into Arkian slightly as they made there way to the counter. he blinked at the lady asking him what he wanted to order but he really wasn't registering anything "errrr" he muttered as he scratched his head mushing his hair up even more before turning his hazel eyes to Arkian. the blue haired boy sighed "he will have a vingte caramel machiato with three shots or espresso, waffles, a bowl of fruit and some candy" he told the lady before ordering for himself. Channing looked at him gratefully before following him to the end of the counter where they picked up the food. Channing yawned again as he carried his tray over to a cozy booth in the corner. he slid in one side while Arkian took the other were they both began to eat in companionable silence
Channing Hawthorn "things are not allways as they seem" Arkian Willow Du Phiblis “Immortality - a fate worse than death.” "The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering." Zephyre and lethith Cadamine

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