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Lawrence's Witchery and Antique shop.

27 January 2011, 11:12 PM   #1
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A small shop filled with knick-knacks, antiques, and potions of every sort, if
only you know what to ask for.

28 January 2011, 08:31 AM   #2
Guest Poster

 The door opened silently and closed behind just the same way. Small sounds of heels of
boots tapping to the floor underneath played forth as the body wandered to the shelves.
 Meriwether gave these items a look of curiosity before his handle gently reached out and
touched a book with his finger tips, trailing down it. His honey coloured eyes peered to
the book, almost cautiously as he continued to scan it. Almost absent-mindedly, Meriwether
slipped his fingers underneath it gently then pulled it from its spot upon the shelf,
bringing it to his body and holding it from the underneath-top at the bind of it, keeping
the bottom of the book at his chest. His other hand opened it up and flicked gignerly
through the pages, giving it a strange look-over, momentarily forgetting about the feeling
of loneliness as it turned to this curiosity and ignorance for now.The sleeve of his
jacket was soon pulled over his free hand, bringing the covered hand up a bit, yet fingers
showed and clenched onto the sleeve to keep it at its stay. It ventured up and stayed
close his jawline, not much thinking about whether or not the store owner approved of
touching the items on spot or not, but rather ignoring this and looking at what seemed to
be spells and/or curses.
 A small bite to his bottom lip was made as he looked all the these over. Does this
person really believe this?, Meriwether thought cautiously.

28 January 2011, 04:42 PM   #3
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If a word is weird, it's missing a p, it's been sticking lately when I type fast.
I try to fix it, but sometime it misses.

   He was getting ready to close up his small shop. It was eight, and Lawrence was tired.
His whole body showed signs of exhaustion. A woman had come in earlier with her three
small, devilish children. It had been a real handful, keeping them from breaking
everything. He sighed, picking up books and getting ready to categorize them when the door
opened, only alerted by a small sigh heard from the air rushing. He felt a gush of cold
air, and looked towards the door, setting down the few books he had been holding to
   Studying the person, he realized it was a teenage boy. A rather young one, maybe
thirteen or fourteen. The brunette sighed, crossing his arms and leaning back against one
of the few free spots on the wall. He narrowed his eyes as the boy picked up one of the
more expensive books on the shelf and began leafing through it as if it were some
novel at the library. He snorted, scoffing at the idiocy of the boy. He pushed off
the wall, eyebrows raised and an angry smirk on his face. 
"Excuse me, sir, but you seriously should consider the price tag on that book. It
happens to cost seventy-eight dollars, and is over a century old. Perhaps you would put it
down?" he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm and malice.

28 January 2011, 05:10 PM   #4
Guest Poster
 That's alright, I'm sure I can piece those together. c: ~ <3

 For a moment shorter than he'd expected, Meriwether had been peeking throughout the book
that showed its years easily by shade and texture, each page felt a bit stained but to be
preserved, at least that was what he'd been told before. Words were written in a fancy
styling, maybe like French Script, thus' made it a bit hard to read them clearly, but
after a second of confusion as these words replayed in his mind, attempting to get it to
sound right, he'd realize what it was really and nodded, looking further.
 A harsh voice prickled over and slit through the air, the sound of it merely causing
Meriwether to jump and nearly drop the book, but rather he closed it quickly, but gently,
and his fingers grasped it tightly, afraid that he'd drop it as he'd almost done. The
young boy bit his bottom lip slightly as he looked over to the man who'd just moved from
the wall, the voice echoing through as it'd been so silent. Silently, even if it were
hostile, the presence was still rather adored to the extent, but Meriwether didn't want
him to be angry. "O-of course," He said with his voice soft and a bit afraid, then slipped
his hands forward and gingerly put the book back on the shelf where it had been, figuring
that the tone of voice meant it was not a question - more so a demand. "I'm... sorry, I
was... was just looking..." Meriwether apologized under his breath before looking over,
wondering if there'd be a sign of forgiveness of that or not, blinking honey-coloured eyes
from underneath his black scrawled mess called hair. 
 Was it so bad to look?
 Meriwether knew he had to respect this though, still just this so. He really didn't want
this man upset with him at all... The boy self-consciously fixated his jacket as his eyes
went to the floor somewhat, taking to realization of how actually attractive the other was
and wondering why, to himself of course, he'd asked a question even to his own mind that
depicted this all as a bit lunatic. If he'd known, he probably wouldn't have thought that,
not that it really matter anyways...

28 January 2011, 07:53 PM   #5
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Lawrence laughed, a humorless, bitterm sound. "Yeah, that'sd what they all say,
right before they go and swipe my books." He grimaced, running a hand through his shaggy
locks. "Are you looking for anything particular? I need to close up here soon. It's eight,
and curfew is soon. You should be home by now anyways." he swept his arm around the store,
indicating all the bits and baubles, crystal balls and notebooks. "I have plenty of
things, and I assure you, if done right, they all work." He gave the boy his trademark
mischievous grin, raising an eyebrow and laughing, this time with more humor, but really
only for himself. 

sorry for being so short. i'm at a friend's house and cannot use her laptop for shit.

28 January 2011, 08:04 PM   #6
Guest Poster

 Meriwether gave him a confused look but laughed underneath his breath silently, unsure if
that was correct or not but then mentally bashing himself for it either way. Stealing
books didn't sound all that 'funny' to him, but if this stranger who seemed to own this
place thought was humorous then Meriwether had no rights to say this as any otherwise,
just out of elusive respect. Then, brushing back some of his bangs so that he could see
this fellow better, he took light mental note of this curfew, wondering if that'd become
any good use to him eventually - eight o'clock? That seemed to be closing time, wasn't it?
There was assurance to himself that this was so as he gave a frail smile to the other, not
sure if that was what could be okay, needed, or just downright stupid All Meriwether knew
was that he really wanted to be on this man's good. There was no reason for hate, right?
 So it was of relief when he saw the motion that gestured to the shop and Meriwether take
a look around, as though just realizing he was inside of it. Then his facade came back to
the other and his hands went into his pocket, gingerly, as he thought that over.
Anything in particular? He didn't even know what more than 79/80 of this stuff was.
All that was really understood were the minor 'everythings', as in the things that people
used often. "...They all work?" He questioned aloud with his curiosity brewing, though the
other laughed so he wasn't too sure. But he liked it when he did, even if it lacked the
humor. "...I-... honestly don't know. Ahaha... Kind of new to me..." Meriwether answered
out honestly, looking down softly.

It's alright. xD as long as nothing comes out as
"gkjhbtrjgijfgjrijigjstrjgtrotjyuADdskjgkqafjsdiGS", kay? c:

28 January 2011, 08:19 PM   #7
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Lawrence smiled. "I take pride in testing each and every spell, potion, device,
book, and whatever else that comes into this shop. If it doesn't work, even marginally, I
don't sell it. That's just how it works." He shrugged, walking over and brushing off the
book, somehow afraid that it might've gotten dusty or dirty from the boy's fingers. He
raked a hand through his hair once again. If he kept that up, he'd be bald by thirty. He
laughed to himself, and resolved not to do it anymore. He went to the other books. "What
kinds of effects would you like, then?"

28 January 2011, 08:30 PM   #8
Guest Poster

 Honestly, Meriwether wasn't all that swayed. Yes, most of the knick-knacks that covered
shelves and tables and near to further away were all peculiar and strange, as though a
Romanian witch herself had created them from the scarf of her mind, but to believe that it
were of the truth would be something a bit hard. He wasn't going to press this, afraid if
he did so too much that the other would hate him more, which was something he feared and
couldn't take. So his fingers gently rubbed the inside of his jacket's pockets as his
honey-coloured eyes followed this man and what he did, curious to what he was motioning
within his steps or simple hand gestures, trying to look for a sign of kinliness somehow
but coming up empty handed with this.Then these eyes adverted, almost embarrassedly but
refraining by most means, trying to cope himself to this other, not sure if it was working
or failing quite yet. "I-...I'm not sure... what have you got...?"  Meriwether asked aloud
as his eyes came back up to him, wondering the answer. Even with this simple one, it would
seem, he wasn't going to be able to answer it... he wondered this from the stranger.

28 January 2011, 09:06 PM   #9
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Lawrence looked at the boy in astonishment. "I've got everything! I have love
spells, beauty potions, black magick books, everything! You have to choose
something. Do you want a lovely lass to fall for you? Or perhaps be able to make it rain?
Cancel school? Feign being sick, and actually get the symptoms? What about look especially
good for some reason? Loose weight fast? Kid, I could go on for hours on what I could get
for you. But, first of all, you need a price range and a desire." He sighed, crossing his
arms and looking sternly at the boy. "Or are you just here to be here? Hm?"

28 January 2011, 09:22 PM   #10
Guest Poster

 He looked to the man with disbelief, secretly hiding the sense that he must've been some
kind of crazy if he actually believed he was able to do so. Things were being named off
and things he didn't quite follow were mentioned by the other, voice seeping them out so
proudly as though someone's jaw should drop. But Meriwether was exactly swayed into
believing this so quickly but his facade didn't necessarily portray that. He raised a brow
and gave a slight look of confusion then hesitated, looking around wishing he knew what
stuff was what and trying to remember whether or not he did or didn't have anything on his
mind to get here, not that he necessarily knew in the first place even.  The honey colours
came back to the stranger though. Oh - that last part - he didn't look very happy. The boy
figured his honest answer was the one he didn't want to hear at all.
 So he panicked a bit about that, unable to take any disliking. "Ahah... n-no, how
silly..." He said giving a nervous wave of his hand, smiling awkwardly for a second. His
mind couldn't be made up. Meriwether feared if he said something the other didn't think
was appropriate or anything like that, anything to bring in negative feelings, he would
dislike him. slowly, anxiety started to build in his stomach but he just pressed his hands
further into his pockets, keeping this peculiar smile that seemed to be unfitting.
"Wh-...what... would you... recommend for... someone...?" He asked, not being really
specific with a 'like me' or anything like that, just broadening it and wondering what
this man would've thought, hoping for some kind of hint to get him to like him again at
least a bit.

6 February 2011, 11:25 PM   #11
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   Oliver sighed, impatient with this boy already. Was he stupid? I swear he's
going to get hit or booted in a second. He took a deep breath, relaxing and trying
desperately not to snap at the poor little thing. He was probably slow, anyways. 
   "For someone? Well, boy, you've got to be a bit more specific!" he walked over to the
counter that held different tubes, bottles and a bunch of other things usually only seen
in chemistry classrooms.Though, these ingredients had nothing to do with chemistry. He
strode behind it, picking up a pretty, rounded bottle filled with a sweet-smelling
rose-colored liquid. "This is a standard love potion, works on both genders, for
both genders." He winked. "There is, of course, stronger types. If you're looking for a
lass, or a lad, either way. I don't care what it's for, as long as it's used correctly and
satisfies!" he picked up several more, explaining uses for minor aches and pains, to hair
growth, to a money potion. There were even simple herbal remedies and teas. Along with
plants and flowers. 
   Oliver was incredibly proud of his small but very well-stocked and probably
over-crowded store. He had worked so long and so hard on getting every little nick and
nack it held. He sat on his stool. "But none of it will help you if you don't know what
you want," he stated, raising an eyebrow.

7 February 2011, 08:40 PM    #12
Guest Poster

 More Specific? He lightly chewed into his cheek, growing worried that his
mannerisms of being not-so-specific was leading the other to detest him, which struck like
an avalon to his chest. He hated that and he wanted to clench something tightly, some
sharp and breakable, and just make it cut itno his skin deeper than ever before - No,
he can't, I won't allow such. 
 Though, as his mental wavers came to be quite distraught, Meriwether merely gave a subtle
smile and watched the other male as he began to point out all sorts of different
knick-knacks that he had in store, giving a small description and telling him what they
did in return of their uses. Though, Meriwether wasn't so easily swayed. Even if his
honey-coloured eyes gave them a curious and almost intentful at most look, he didn't quite
falter like that. He questioned them easily within his mind - how could the other be so
sure in the first place that any of them worked? That was like offering someone a car that
was promised to never ever break. but Meriwether didn't want to reveal his question and
waited to say something once the other sat down and offered his last words - saying
something about nothing helping if he didn't know.
 Oh, the boy panicked for a second, afraid of one silly choice could mess it all up,a nd
in the end this complete stranger would hate him just for that. That hurt somehow. With a
thoughtful look found on his facade, Meriwether gave a glance around, as if thinking it
over, but really wishing someone was there to tell him what was best in choice for him.
But this was not so. He hated the loneliness despite the other male before him; this male
had asked him the question after all.
 But he soon looked back to him and flicked some black bangs from his face, looking down
slightly and his other hand hiding behind him rather meekily. He seemed proud of that
one - maybe that is the one that is the best in choice - right? He hated the sound of
his own voice in his mind and wished to rip it right out but quickly calmed himself and
looked back up - but it was only a glance. "Uhm... that... that love potion, how does that
work?" Meriwether asked softly, unsure of if that was the right thing to say.
 But mentally, he bashed himself without mercy. 
 He'll think me bad of that, won't he?  He'll hate me for that question...

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