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Title: Omega

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Chapter 1

I watched as they took away the crates. A ‘gassing’ they called it. They locked up the
failures and poisoned the air. They died quickly. They were the lucky ones.
	We were lined in rows of cells, like a prison. Everything was a dirty silver except the
door to the gassing chamber and the door out. The bars to our cages were electrified, but
not enough to kill you. Plenty have tried. It is only strong enough to paralyze you, they
even personalize the power to each person, how nice of them. We were forced to eat.
We’re to valuable to die. Some of us anyway.
	They finished up and closed the door, locking it, They took the last of the failures,
through the bars it looked like a small dog, and left. They had no need of locking the
door, none of us would go near that room if we had a choice, not like we did though.
	My name is Omega, by the way. Ironic, huh? I was the last of the Greek letters. The only
living one too. I sighed. Something hit me in the forehead. I turned to the cell opposite
mine and smiled.
	Ao waved at me, and I waved back. His orange eyes glittered in the small light given to
us. I picked up the small rock he had thrown at me and tossed it back. The rock had fallen
off of his bed a while ago, it was a part of the headboard. Since it landed audibly with
no one coming to investigate we decided it was safe to talk.
	“So another batch?” he asked, his voice still retaining that silky quality I
remember, even though he sounded like he was about to cry. He absent-mindedly combed his
hand through his hair.
	I nodded solemnly, “At least they’ve decided  not to open us up yet.” This time he
nodded. He grinned, his teeth glittering in the light, two pearl-white fangs sticking out
where his canines should be.
	Oh! Did I forget to mention he drinks blood. Heh, they messed our genes up, mixing,
matching, making us all freaks. Some were even ‘helped’ with machines. Then they
tested us. Fail, get gassed, pass, get labeled, locked up, and studied until you’re no
longer useful, then you get gassed. Great lot of choices, huh?
	They mixed my genes with that of a cat, giving me better balance, but a tail and six
whiskers. Then they injected little machines into my blood. The machines reacted to my
thoughts and allowed me to control magnetism. They gave me a small marble to practice
with. I could make it float in the air with no trouble. If I concentrated enough I could
compact and expand the small iron ball. I could even change the shape.
	I twirled it around my wrist and compressed it into a bracelet. “So what do we do while
waiting for them to change their minds?” Ao asked.
	I shrugged. “It’s inevitable. Might as well enjoy the little comforts we have. I
mean, the possibilities are endless,” I said sarcastically.
	Ao sighed. I couldn’t help it, the best things is that they even trust us to use a
toilet. Though then again, we can’t control when they flush. “Might as well be glad
they give us food. They might starve us until we can play music with our ribs, just to
measure the notes.”
	I smiled, and impossible though it may seem, I even laughed a little.
	Then we heard the snapping of the locks. Ao hid his rock, and I changed the iron bracelet
back into a marble. We heard the hard, heavy boots of the guards as they walked down the
	Ao and I both gulped silently. Sweat drops fell onto the floor of my cell as I heard them
get closer. Me and Ao both shuddered as we heard the echoing of the boots. There were two
of them. They walked to the front of my cell and stopped. They turned towards Ao.
“No!” I cried out, but they ignored it. One of them pulled out a key ring, while the
other rested their hand on their stun gun.
	They were going to take him! Ao backed away from them, terror obvious in his eyes. What
could I do?! All the years I have been locked up, I have never felt so useless. I banged
my fist on the ground. The little marble rolled over and tapped my hand slightly.
	I picked it up, and an idea surged trough me like electricity. Suddenly I stopped
shaking. I remembered another of the Greek letters. They had been born with the genes of a
wildcat, and were prone to violent outbursts. They had skin as hard as steel. When they
tried to put him to rest he managed to stab one of the guards through the throat before
the other got him with their stun gun. I was in the next cell, memories of the blood, and
the knowledge of what they would do to Ao made tears come to my eyes.
	I gripped  the marble resolutely. I can do this. I won’t let them take him away. I
opened my hand and flattened the marble. The guard stuck the key into the lock. I
sharpened the marble into a blade, then tossed it. I used my power to make it hit the
target, the center of the guard’s neck. It went straight through and landed beside Ao.
	At first nothing happened, the guard didn’t move. Then they fell over slowly. It was
like time had slowed down. Ao looked over and saw the iron spear. He picked it up and
licked the blood off. The other guard drew their gun and turned towards me. “What did
you do to him?!” I looked blankly back. From the voice I could tell it was a woman. I
turned to the body on the ground. I backed up to the wall of my cell, afraid it would
stand up and attack. The only noise it made was a gurgling sound, then silence as the
blood pooled around the body.
	The guard held her gun almost to the bars of my cage. I turned to her and stared back
blankly. Ao stood and rushed against his door. When the keys were in the hole the bars
were turned off. The door swung open and he tackled the guard. She flew into the bars of
my cage and was shocked. She collapsed onto the ground, dead. Apparently my bars had been
charged higher than a human could stand. I looked to Ao, who looked back, then I asked,
	He shook his head, “I’m fine.” He reached for the keys still hanging from his cell
bars. He took them and unlocked my door. He twisted the key and pulled it back out, then
opened the door to my cell.’	He walked over to me and shook me, his hands were cold.
“C’mon, get up, we have to go.” He grabbed my shoulder and picked me up, dragging me
into the hall.
	“What happened?” I asked him.
	“You saved me, now help me try to return the favor,” he sighed. “The guards will
come to see what’s taking so long soon.” My friend, the one and only blood thirsty
pacifist. “We can’t stay here, we’ll lose a fight, we can’t just stroll on
out…” he added, trailing off towards the end. “I have an idea!”
	“And what is that?” I asked. He grinned broadly, his teeth shining in the light.

Please comment, tell me what you did and didn't like, and where I could improve.
And I'm working on another chapter, but I've written myself into a hole, so it might be a
while, sorry.^^'

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Oh! I really like the possible plot line here! So far, it's been written really well, I
can't wait to read the rest!

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Thanks. ^^
The only thing I don't know is what kind of world the outside world should be, and how
they'll get out. ^^'

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I'm a little confused, but that's probably my fault since I am reading this really early
in the morning. Plus, its not that big of a deal, because I got most of it down.

Anyways, its a good plot so far.

All characters has to have at least one flaw. Just to give you a tip that you might forget

Good luck on writing the next chapters!

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