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17 July 2010, 11:16 PM    #1
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Monday; 6:02 am
My alarm clock started to go on at around 5:55 in the morning to tell me that it was already time to go to school. It was the start of the week at school, which usually makes everyone lazy enough to go to school. I can tell you it sucks to have school five times a week. It would have been better if life was so much easier and we only had three days of school per week. The alarm continued to make its annoying sounds giving me a major headache for at least about the first ten minutes of my morning. It totally ruined my day. Well, not really but it did in a way. Finally at its fifth attempt to wake me up, I ended up giving up and getting up to get changed into proper clothes for school. I wore a pair of faded denim jeans with a white tank top to go with it, covering it up with a thick blue hooded jacket. It was usually cold around this time. It was September, so more or less it was getting colder. As I finally finished dressing up I picked up my faded black low cut Converse. It was my usual get up. Nothing too fancy, revealing, or covered up. Just right I guess. Once I finished putting on my shoes, I got walking towards my dresser. Pulling out my baby blue bristled brush, I started to comb my long black waves. I smile at myself approving at how I looked. I placed on a bit of lip balm before grabbing my black leather messenger bag and heading towards the kitchen which made the two houses come together as one. Almost forgot to add that little detail in. I live in this gigantic house in Los Angeles with my best friend, Alec Hamilton, and his family. Along with my siblings of course. Why? Well, it was around April 22, 2003. I was ten. My parents were going on some kind of trip when their plane was hijacked and ended up killing them during the crash. Our grandparents live in another country and our parents had no siblings, so we ended up living in his house. Alec’s mom was my mom’s best friend ever since they were babies. She was the only person that we knew our mom would trust us to. She was like my mom’s sister. They were willing enough to take care of four more people. My brothers, Laurie & Chris, who are 15 and 13. As well as Karishma “Krish” & myself of course, 17 and 16 respectively. As I walked into the kitchen, there was Alec and his younger sister Emily who was Chris’s age. “Hey Jess.” Alec said with a bright smile as his blue eyes turned to meet my turquoise ones. “Morning Alec.” I told him with a smile on my face before turning to Emily, “Morning to you too Em.” making her smile at me. “Walk to school together?” asked Alec before taking a bite out of his favourite ham and cheese omelette. “As always.” I replied with a grin before Tim, Alec’s seventeen year old brother came in. “Good morning rascals. Ready to get in trouble?” he asked before he messed up Emily’s dark brown hair. “Get a life Timothy.” Karishma told him with a smirk. Tim and Krish never really got along that much and when they did it would only last a few minutes or so. Alec and I stared at each other, exchanging glances before chuckling at the sight. “What was that?” Tim asked us coolly but with his icy stare, which made me send shivers down my spine. “Nothing, nothing.” Alec replied with a smirk on his face. I shook my head with a smile as I started eating the pancake that was in front of me. “You’ve got 5 minutes to finish that Jess. If you don’t well, I’m going to have to leave you behind.” Alec told me with a smirk. Soon after, his smirk faded as I finished eating after around three minutes. I was used to eating breakfast fast. It took time for me to get dressed and fix myself before I actually ate breakfast. I gave Alec a victorious smile before heading towards the door and grabbing my bag. I turned my head to face him, “Well, are you coming or not?” I asked him with a raised eyebrow. Alec chuckled as ran his fingers through his dirty blonde waves, holding onto the strap of his midnight blue messenger bag, walking towards me. As we walked along the sidewalks of Beverly Hills, I did my trigonometry homework while Alec talked about some of the usual things. Baseball, NBA Finals, FIFA & football finals. He was the star player of the school’s football team at school. He isn’t the captain or anything, but he usually scored the points. And what about me? Well, I’m no cheerleader, dancer or even an athlete. I’m just part of the school glee club. Yep, I’m a geek. A music geek to be exact. When Alec had his games, I would be there holding a huge banner with his siblings and mine, cheering him on. “So, Jack’s arm is still sprained, making it harder for us to have practice. Lucas won’t even hold try-outs and the finals are next month!” he told me as I wrote my homework onto the white papers of my notebook. Rolling my eyes, I looked up at him with a small smile. “You know, a sprain isn’t like a fracture. He’ll get better next week.” I said with a smirk on my face. “Then how much time is he going to have to practice?” he asked me with a raised eyebrows. “Jack is fine with his football stuff. You’re just too worried that you won’t be MVP. Again.” I told him with a smirk as I got back to my homework. He rolled his blue eyes at me and said, “You know, you just don’t get it. You’re not an athlete, you just some geek.” My jaw dropped when he said that. Just some geek. That stung, seriously. I closed my notebook and smiled at him before I started to hit him with my blue notebook. He was laughing as he tried to shield himself with his arms. “Hey, hey! I was kidding you know!” he told me defensively as he laughed. I could only smirk at him as I kept hitting him. “Oh, I know that you stupid jock!” I told him laughing before he took my arms and carried me, my belly on his shoulder. I laughed at him and hit his back, trying to make him put me down but he didn’t. Typical. “Put me down Alexander Hamilton! ” I told him as I turned to look at him. “Oh alright, Jessica Romano.” He said with a chuckle as he slowly let my feet touch the ground. “Thank you.” I said with a smile as I fixed my clothes as we walked. Just then, a car’s honk was heard from behind. We both turned around to see Ashley’s hot pink BMW convertible. I rolled my eyes and looked away as the fake blonde gave Alec a flirty laugh. Ashley Rivera was her name. She was the head cheerleader, a party girl as well as the school’s mean girl. She adored Alec. Only because, he was the star of the school and she basically loathed me for being around him all the time. “Hey Alec. Wanna ride with us?” she asked with a smile on her plastic surgery filled face. He looked at Ashley and then her two drones. They were Brianna and Adrianna. The two of them where texting wildly at the back seat, before he turned to look at me. I gave him a slight shrug before looking at Ashley with a fake smile on my face. Alec knew how much I despised Ashley for ruining my life. She usually humiliates me in public. Not a good daily routine. He gave Ashley a polite smile before he said, “I’m going to have to pass. There isn’t enough room for the two of us.” And I could easily tell that Ashley’s heart broke by the look on her face. “We could always give some space for her at the back.” Suggested Ashley, trying not to sound too desperate. “No thanks Ash. I’d rather not sit with your minions at the back. Walking is a much better exercise.” I said with a grin on my face as I hugged my notebook close to my chest. “You heard her Ash. Thanks anyways.” Alec said before he walked towards the school which was only a block away. Once we were at school, it was 6:22 am. We weren’t late. We were actually early. School usually started at 7:30 am. We still had enough time to hang out a bit. As I reached my homeroom class, my friends were already there. Aisha, Claire and Johnny. We’ve been friends since junior high. We were the glee geeks. “Hey Jess!” said Johnny with his gay tone on. I smiled at him as I made my way towards my seat which was next to Claire’s seat. “Hey you guys.” I replied quietly as I placed my bag on the space beside my chair before I sat down. “Not hanging with the ‘star’ today?” Claire asked with a smile on her face, air quoting a bit. I shook my head with a smile on my face. “He’s not my only friend you know. Same goes for him. I’m not his only friend.” I replied as I opened my Chemistry book, reading the chapter assigned for us. “Well, are you eating with us at lunch?” asked Aisha with a hopeful smile. “Hmm, depends. I’m going to have to ask Alec, but he might join us if his jock buddies are too busy with their dumb girlfriends.” I told them with a smirk on my face. Jocks ,as the stereotype goes, usually date cheerleaders who are too insecure with themselves and end up ruining other people’s lives. Alec isn’t really like those guys. He may be a jock, but from what I know is that he doesn’t go dating girls like them. The truth is, he hasn’t dated anyone yet. That’s one thing that I knew about him that actually makes him different from the rest of the jocks. Jocks usually were the players, those who had the most number of girlfriends, since they always looked so hot. It all sounds so stupid. Girls usually swooned about these guys at school, saying that they were Greek Gods or something like that. Guys , on the other hand, say that those cheerleaders are the next Megan Fox. Hot and sexy. I say not. Most jocks and cheerleaders are dumb & didn’t care about anyone in the world. All they cared about was how they looked, what they dressed and who they dated. That’s it. School work would be something that they could always cheat on. “Jess? Earth to Jessica?” said Johnny, with his hand waving in front of me. I guess, I zoned out a bit. I looked at him and said, “What is it?” Aisha turned her head at the door. “The star is here. He’s calling for you.” She said with a smile on her face as I stood up. Alec was there alone. Now that’s new. I walk towards the door, stopping by Alec. “You need something from me?” I asked him with a small grin on my face. I wasn’t really used to Alec coming into the room. He usually came in just to copy off my paper or tell me that he had football practice after school and I had to ride with Krish. “Well, not really.” He told me quietly as he ran fingers through his hair. “Well, are you going to have football practice after school?” I asked him. “Not really.” He simply replied as his eyes tried to move away from mine. “What is it then?” I asked him with a slightly annoyed tone. He wasn’t getting straight to the point. He was acting weird too. “Meet me after school by the school yard at the gazebo. Don’t bring anyone alright?” he told me before he walked away not letting me reply. I stood there, thinking about what he was up to. The truth is, you’d never really understand him. He’s a bit too mysterious at times. God, everything was making me nervous. Would he be telling me something nice or something that would totally crush me? Or worse, what if he didn’t want to be friends with me again? When I got back to my friends I was still zoning out, worrying about what Alec was up to. He was seriously hard to read. He’s spontaneous guy, which is one of the reasons why it makes life so much harder for me. I have a hard time, reading my best friend’s expressions and his movements. More or less he knew mine already. I’m just the same girl he knew 14 years ago. Clumsy, boyish and some other things. Time flew quickly with my mind preoccupied with too much things. It made me feel like such a loser for not talking that much. They understood my actions though. I tend to get a bit too paranoid at times. Especially when I comes to Alec, I mean who would want to lose a friend? Especially your best friend? Soon the bell rang, signalling that classes were over for the day. Aisha gave me a hug, telling me that everything was going to be alright. Claire told me just about the same thing, that I shouldn’t have to worry about anything and that it was going to be fine. Johnny told me that he’d walk me there but I told him that Alec wanted me to be alone there. I then gathered my things, carried my bag and fixed myself before walking towards where Alec wanted to meet me. No one was around when I got there, not even Alec. Maybe he was making some kind of joke. Maybe he wanted to scare me and get me paranoid. That’s what I wanted, but nope. He was telling the truth, since I saw him looking decent. Not that messed up look that usually does. He actually wore a clean shirt and had his hair fixed. “Hey Jessica.” He said with a small smile on his face as he played with his fingers. I could tell that he was nervous. He’s doing that thing that he normally does when he’s nervous about his games and such. “Hey Alexander?” I said with a bit of uncertainty. He never called me Jessica before, just when he’s serious or mad or annoying me. “Well, why’d you make me come here? You could have just met me outside my classroom.” I told him, playing with the ends of my jacket. “It’s too important for me just to tell it to you at the classroom.” He told her as he took a deep breath, before moving his hand towards me, handing me a bouquet of white roses. I could feel my cheeks heating up as I see the bouquet, wrapped in a pink flower wrapper and tied with a red ribbon. “W-What’s this for?” I asked him as I let my hands take the bouquet from him. As I look at Alec, his eyes were looking straight at mine. My stomach was having too much butterflies in it and my heart was beating too fast. I held onto the bouquet as I tried to look away from Alec, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t keep my eyes away from his. He stared at me with a smile on his face as he said: “I like you Jess. I like you more than just a friend. You mean a lot to me. I’d do anything for you. I care about you with all my heart and soul. Everything you do it seems all too perfect for me. Even if you are some glee geek. Even if ever single person on the football team tells me to just date a cheerleader instead. Well, I don’t want no numb old cheerleader. I can’t read you mind and tell you everything that you wanna hear from me, but I know that I care about you. I want to spend every single minute with you. I may be an ordinary guy, unlike that Edward dude that you read about. I’m not him, but I’ll be your hero Jess. I’ll always be there for you.” As he finished his mini-speech, I was breathless. I don’t even know what to tell him. I didn’t see this happening. The truth was, I sort of liked him too. He wasn’t that perfect dream boat that I’ve always wanted but he was that guy that would never let you down, never let you go. “Alec, to tell you the truth I’m completely speechless. I never knew that my best friend, would ever feel that way about me. I usually think of you as a pest, an annoying and the guy that makes me wanna scream.” I tell him with a small laugh, making him smile. “It took guts for you to tell this to me, since I am your best friend. One small mistake and our friendship could be over. I don’t want that. I don’t want to lose you Alec. You mean the world to me but, with you just telling me all these things, it’s just happening too fast. Why can’t we start with a simple date and we’ll see what happens next?” I told him with a smile on my face. I actually expected him to get mad or something, but he was smiling. Which made me smile too, knowing that it was fine with him. “Well if that’s what you like...” Was all he told me with a grin, showing his perfect teeth. I laughed at him and smiled. “Skating rink. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at your living room at 5.” He told her with a smile on his face. “That’s sounds so weird but yeah. Pick me up tomorrow.” I told him with a weird smile on my face as I stood beside him. “Let’s just go, I’ve got homework to do. I would like to finish that before our date.” Alec told me with a wider grin on his face making me smile at him before we headed back to the house, his hand on mine. Things didn’t get awkward after that. It’s was alright. We were back to normal with a bit of difference, since we knew that we like each other now. We knew how we felt about each other. No secrets or anything. Sometimes, we really do have to take a risk to grow into a more mature person. In the end, Alec and I even got to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He did what he promised me. To be my very own hero.

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