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Story Of My Life:The Bloming

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I Was Scared I Was Self-concious I Was In Need Of A Friend I Am Fearless I Am Confident I Have You I Have Bloomed Chapter one: Changes I'm totally different. Well, I always was, but now I'm okay with it. I realised looks don't matter, just look how you want too, and there are all different kinds of ways to express yourself through outfits. Me? I want to look magical, but still cute and quirky. And I have to wear a small flower, no mater where it is, at all times.What's your style? I struggled with my weight and have been so full of hatred towards my body because of it. Now? I realized my weight was larger because of my heighth. At 5'3 at the age of eleven, my weight was bigger than most fifth graders. Nearly a hundren twoards the beginging, staying there all the way ot the end. I excersice, dance, sing, laugh, and atually smile now. About everything. I express myself in not only my outfits, but in my dreams aswel. I love anything magical, and Dragons have earned a solid part of my heart since I was nine. My dreams of become a writer developed than too and have stayed there rock hard ever since. I've suffered from depression, an alegry so terrible that it was basically living insdie of me, eating my insides out, OCD, and a multiple personality dissorder, and I've stood through it all. I got extremely sick when I was in second grade, and nearly died than too. Yet I'm still here, and will be for a long time, hopefully. I used to look back and pity myself, wondering why my life was so bad and now I think that it's pretty good. Got family and friends, dreams, and a nice home. After my depression, I began to develop a taste for music. It usually settled upon Three days grace or Papa Roach, and those are still the bands I favor over most. I used ot make up dance routines for alot of the songs I loved, and spend all night dancing to them till I had perfected it and sweat a bucket. My Name Is Regan Noelle Puckett, and this is my biography for the blooming stage I went through.

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Crits and Comment, please! This is actually a biography I felt compelled to write, even
if I don't become an author. I went through a stage I believe many young girls go through,
Thinking about your body different and thinking better of yourself. This is all true,
every bit of it From my style to the dance routines. My real name too. Thanks for reading.

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I love it, the only thing I didnt like was the end of the chapter 
"My Name Is Regan Noelle Puckett, and this is my biography for the blooming stage I
went through." I dont know why, but I dont care for it too much. 

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Heheh, I figured most people wouldn't. Because they may know someone or it may be
themselves, that have gone through some stages like this. It stands for anyone really.

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Chapter Two:Before

I Was A Loner I Was Mentally Ruined I Was Suicidal That was Before I don't know when it started. When I started spiraling down into a phase full of attitude, hatred, and darkness. They tried to help. There fake smiles at my darker writing and music, and frankly my lanugage when inside it was eating there hearts out to see my life spiral down like this. In there eyes, I used to be a carefree little girl with brown curls and a happy life. Yeah, well that was an act. Ever heard of curiosity killed the Cat? Well, my versions different.Curiousity killed the personality they actually liked. How you may ask? One night in December I stumbled down stairs to witness something so painful, so heart wrenching for me to see, it changed all of me forever more. I saw my father outside crying his eyes out. I'd never seen him shed a tear before. But now, at six years old, I witness him crying his evergreen eyes out, his face fully red, his expresssion killing me? It was horrid. I silently ran upstairs before he could see me and cried aswel. I cried and cried that whole night untill my mother arrived back. They called me downstairs to talk and by the end of our little "conversation" I ended up in my bedroom with my door locked cryign my eyes out and screaming. Joy. How did this end up happening? One word. Divorce I denied it. I truly tried too with my little six year old mind. But I knew it was for the best. They'd been fighting for months and I'd been oblivious to it. So they split. I shed os many tears and that memory makes me cry everytime I remeber it. Oh, and I remeber it all. Every little detail. And that's where my life started going wrong.

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