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9 June 2010, 11:32 PM    #1
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Meh, I'm not so good at this, but I've been thinking about this all night.. I used
Japanese names, is that okay?
Please feel free to correct me whatever I did wrong.. ( ^ u < ) +

Chapter 1

          I enjoyed watching anime like *Full Metal Alchemist and D.Gray-Man when I was
12. I never belived that there were such thing as human beings having real powers or
anything like that though. Obviously, I'm old enough to understand that. But then..
everything changed when I killed my mother.

         I didn't know what was I doing, I just watched her burn into the flickering
flames of fire. I just stood there, watching. The whole house was burnt, too. Someone had
called the fire brigade and I was still there, watching my mother die. I thought it was a
dream, until I woke up in the hospital.
I was scared, so I called out for my mother. The nurse told me that she died in our house
which was on fire. I didn't belive that. I made a huge racket, but the doctor had me calm
down sooner or later. I killed my own mother. The tiny voice inside me spoke. I
spent endless days crying and being confused, but then I saw my mother in a dream.
Don't cry, it wasn't your fault. She told me. B-But.. I kill..I killed you!
I cried out. She just smiled. Come home.. come back, mommy. I pleaded. She shook
her head without saying another word. Then, she fade away and I woke up sweating and

         All these happened 3 years ago but I can still remember it clearly. My father had
died way before I was born, and his dying words to my mother was to name me Azusa. Yes, my
name is **Fujiwara Azusa, currently studying in Hakuo High School and is an orphan. I
never had any true friends, since I was afraid that they would find out my secret which I
kept from the world.
Well, all these ended when someone was following me home..

        Man, these streets are getting more and more lonely.. I sighed and took out
my keys to the apartment I rented. I checked my watch and gasped. I was late for work!
Hurriedly, I changed and ran out. As I got on my bike, I stopped. I could feel someone was
following me. Turning around, I just saw the old lady who lives a floor below me was
checking her mailbox. Raising an eyebrow, I paddled my way to my part-time work place. I
worked in a little 100 Yen shop. I liked it there, eventhough the pay was not so much, the
30 year old owner was kind and understand that I'm having a hard time with life.
Sometimes, she would take me out for a fancy lunch just to experience the delicious food.
"Hey, you.." I heard a voice rasped just beside my ear as I put on my apron. I turned
sharply around. Huh? I blinked and started into space. I gave a little frown and
went to the counter. "Hey, are you deaf or something, woman?" The same voice spoke once
more. "What?" I muttered, looking around. There isn't anyone there. I must be hearing
things.. life is seriously hard these days. I thought, sighing. I smiled as a customer
came in and welcomed her. "Why you little-! Why are you ingoring me, huh?" That annoying
voice came to me again. "Wha.." I felt nervous,"What do you want?"
"Heh, you finally answered." I blinked, looking around cautiously. I turned around again,
and I came face-to-face with a good-looking boy with black hair. I stared at him for a few
seconds. "Wha..?" I was really confused.

He grinned,"Hello there, woman."

* FullMetal Alchemist and D. Gray-Man: Both anime which includes humans having powers..
(or whatsoever)
**Fujiwara Azusa: Japanese name. Last name then first name.

Ah, ah.. was I okay? Not very good at this ( > o <" )~ A first timmer.

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