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14 March 2010, 03:11 PM   #1
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As the title says, just a few more chapters and then I'm DONE! I'm sooo excited!
And thanks to Lucy101_is back for making my book cover!

My name is Charlottle Von Buckingham. Yes, that's Von Buckingham, daughter of the
used-to-be prima ballerina, Annabelle Von Buckingham. I'm a dancer, too. I didn't really
have a choice. According to my mother, she stopped dancing when I was born, I guess so she
could take care of me. Ever since i was three years old, up untill I was seven, my mom has
been teaching me ballet and making me work really hard. I suppose she wants me to be so
good that when i grow up and get a family, I won't have a choice; I'll have to keep
dancing. However, despite me mother's used-to-be fame, my family did not have alot of
money, so we couldn't afford for me to go to proper ballet classes, or to buy a dance
unifrom. For so long, I badly wanted a shiny black leotard, stretchy pink tights, and
warm, soft, purple leg warmers. But most of all, I wanted real, satin, baby's breath pink
ballet shoes. And when I was seven, after The Accident, I was so sure that I would never
get them. Untill I turned 16.

Chapter 1: The Accident
When I was little, I grew up in a small town in Michigan. I was a tomboy, complete with
dirty, calloused feet from running around with no shoes on, a worn out, faded, plaid red
dress from wearing it everyday, shining emerald green eyes, due to my good nature, and a
very messy head of short, thick, red hair in need of a serious trim. I would run around,
climb trees, dig in my front yard....all with my very best friend, Zack.

I had other friends, of course. There was tiny little Sally, who was one year younger than
me, and who always played peacemaker. And there was Tom, aslo called Tommy, who was very
kind and had a crush on me. 

But Zack was the best of them all. He was part of some strange clan that had weird
clothes, or so my little seven year old mind thought. He lived with his mom and had spiky
black-blue hair, dark, brown, serious eyes, and reminded me of a spy, or a ninja, because
of the sly way he moved and his awesome karate skills. The story I head was that his
father abused he and his mom, so they ran away from him and the clan. Apparently, he had a
very bad past, and din't like to talk about where he came from.

Well, after awhile, I cought a crush on him, and was convinced that we would someday
marry. Poor Zack never noticed how I looked at him, how I tried so hard to show off for
him so that he would like me back. I didn't  mind, though. I was just happy we could play

Then came Penny. She moved into the house next to Zack's, therefore she pent alot of time
with him. Penny had long pink hair and chocolate brown eyes. She was short, and the first
impression she gave to everyone was funny, sweet, and cute. But i soon learned that there
was nothing funny or sweet about her.

One time, just after she moved, when I was six years old, penny, Zack, and I were all
playing in Zack's front yard. It was a muddy day, and we were being a little dumb and
started up a game of tag. When penny was "it", she tagged me, but it was more like a
punch. I lost my balance from the hit and fell into the mud. Zack ran inside to get me a
towel. While he was gone, I discovered Penny's hidden nature.

"Jeez, you can hit really hard!" I said, examining my dress for stains.

"Shut up," snapped Penny. My head jerked up. I was not surprised, exactly, of the harsh
tone in her voice, more of the actual words she said. I was not allowed to say 'shut up'.

"You may have been Zack's friend longer, but I'm more like him. I come from the same place
as him, and left for the same reasons. haven't you noticed? We both know karate and how to
fight. What about you? You run around and get dirty the same as us, but to you it's just
for fun. Zack and I were tought how to fight to survive. I can understand what Zack
went through, but you can't, which means that no matter how hard you try. Zack will like
me better than you. And someday me and Zack will marry!"

Of course, Penny didn't say all this in so many words. but over the year that's what she
implied. And i came to hate her, just as she hated me. We were always competing for Zack's
attention, but I felt like she was always better. He played with her alot, and I was stuck
with Sally and Tom. Not that they were bad or anything, but I was becoming slightly
obsessed with Zack.

Then, in my seventh year of life, came the horrible day that my life changed forever. I
had been working on something to impress Zack for some time now, and was ready to show
him. i went to his backyard were he and Penny were playing with a kickball.

"Hey, Zack, I wanna show you something!" I called.

"OK," said Zack. He was always a boy of few words.

I walked over to where the two were standing and reached into my pocket. My hand closed
around a small, square box. I pulled it out, revealing: a box of matches. I gathered up
some leaves and put them in a huge pile, then smoothing them out so that they covered the
ground completely. I then found a long, good-sized stick and proceded to light a match and
set one end of the stick on fire. Penny and Zack gasped. I waved the stick around and made
many cool designs in the air; a heart, and star, and my name. Noting the jealousy in
Penny's eyes and the awe in Zack's, I walked over to the leaves and bent down. I used the
stick as a sort of writing utensil, and made a giant, flaming heart on the leaves, writing
"C" on one side and "Z" on the other. Then I blew out the fire on the stick.

My plan was to finally win Zack over once and for all that day. I was hoping to impress
Zack by my heart. i then stood with my back to the firey leaves.

"The fire will go out in a few seconds," I explained. "Zack, then you can see what I
wrote!" I started backing up, thinking that by the time I got to the heart the fire would
be gone. "Did you like the fire show, Penny?" I looked over at Penny and Zack, and
everything I am about to describe happened all in the same instant.

I saw fear in Penny's eyes, which quickly turned to smugness. Zack started screaming and
ran towards me. This may seem impossible for a seven year old girl to notice in another
person's eyes, but I have found that i am very good at reading eyes. And in Penny's, there
was oppritunity. Oppritunity to finally get rid of me.

She ran towards me, and to anyone else it would have looked like she was going to help me
like Zack. But I knew. I knew what she was doing and I couldn't stop it, because the fire
was right behind me, and in another second, Penny had tripped over a stick, had started to
fall, and put her hands on my shoulder as if to keep herself upright.

This all resulted in my falling back into the fire.

Zack had tunred the hose one, and doused the flames. Though it had only been about 5
seconds, my right leg was burning. i had only landed partly on the fire, and so my
leg was the only thing that got burned. For a moment it was silent, except for the water
dripping from the hose and the sizzle of the smoke on the leaves. I looked at Penny; she
was trying to look like she was sorry for me. I looked at Zack; he looked like he was
about to faint. And then I started screaming.

After that, I was rushed to the hospital. My leg was burned to badly; it had to be
amputated. I was only seven, and I had only one leg. I recieved many visitors; neighbors,
family, and friends. Zack came a few times, but didn't say much. After awhile he stopped
visiting. Penny and her mother came by once. Her mom had been smiling, but I could tell it
was fake. Penny  just stared at the ground and mumbled the usual; I'm sorry, I hope you
get better, blah blah blah. they only stayed for twenty mintues, but right before they
left, Penny looked up at me and hissed, "Both of you legs and arms should have been
burned," and then left.

Chapter one conclusion.
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14 March 2010, 03:22 PM   #2
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You have a few typos. 

Love the plot so far.

14 March 2010, 07:14 PM   #3
Guest Poster
I think that's so coolio

14 March 2010, 08:43 PM   #4
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Lucy: yeah I was typing fast, but trying to make it readable(:

Shannon: coolio really lol thanks(:
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16 March 2010, 09:35 AM   #5
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I like it so far {:

16 March 2010, 08:04 PM   #6
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Thank you, Renee!
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17 March 2010, 06:36 PM   #7
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Writing more! 

Chapter 2: 4 Years
After I got out of the hospital, I begged my mom to move somewhere else, anywhere, as long
as I didn't have to watch Zack and Penny play in Zack's yard every day. What I really
wanted was to just forget the first 7 years of my life, but my mom had something better

We ended up moving to Los Angelous, a pretty big move for us, considering we don't have
much money and alot of it was spent on hospital bills. But my mom went all out on this for
me. When we got to my new town, she took me to a beauty salon and had my hair cut and
styled and dyed. Then we went on got me color contacts. At my new house, we painted and
modled and built and decorated, but it was nothing like my old house. My mom enrolled me
in a public school, but it was a good one. I got rid of everything that reminded me of my
old home and friends; a photo of me and Sally at the playground, me at the finish line for
a race at school while Tom stands by me clapping, all the pictures Sally and I drew
together and gave each other. I even asked my parents to call me Charlotte from now on,
instead of Charlie, like I was always called. Pretty soon there was absolutely nothing to
remind me of my past life, except my missing a leg. But when people asked me what
happened, I just told them it was a fire accident, and nothing more. Pretty soon I started
to believe myself.

Sorry I couldn't write more, I will soon!
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17 March 2010, 07:08 PM   #8
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I love it  this is SOOO cool!!!

2 April 2010, 09:45 PM   #9
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Like it so far.

Uh, maybe you could add how the two houses were different. That would make it pop out
more. I sound pretty stupid.

Anyways, please write more!

2 April 2010, 10:02 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Love it! 
Didn't she get a mecanical leg?
It has a lot of feeling in it. 
Maybe Zack should move to L.A, and Penny can die or something.
My Mom's friend's dog's name is Penny.(but she's really nice)

2 April 2010, 10:25 PM   #11
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Chapter 2 continuation

I had moved in the summer, so when it was almost over my mom told me about 2 schools she
had found for me. One was a public school and the other was a private school. We went on a
tour for both of them so I could choose which one I liked best. I may have only been 7
years old, but my mom said I was very mature for my age, and able to think for myself.

The first one, the public school, was called Whittlington Elementry and Middle school, for
grades 1-8. It was a big white building 3 stories high. It had tons of students,
especially younger kids.  The classroom were large, but not very inviting. The library and
gym room were HUGE. Despite the lack of cheer, I kind of liked it.

The second one, the private school, was called St. John Capitol School, and was big, but
not nearly as big as the first one. It was grades kindergarden-8, and only 2 stories high.
The school had uniforms and the tiniest gym room I had ever seen. I thought it was just
OK. Just by the looks of it, I thought it would be a school full of rich, snotty kids.

In the end, I chose the public school, thinking I'd be less self-concious there. On my
first day, alot of kids stared at my leg-or rather, the lack of one. A group of older boys
called me some mean names, and some girls made rude comments. others pointed or laughed at

One girl walked up to me at lunch and invited me to sit with her and her friends. Her name
was Abby, and she had blonde hair so light it was almost white, and dark green eyes. She
was tall and skinny, and had the poise of a model-to-be. Her friends were Sammy, a short
girl with strawberry red hair and dull green eyes but a charming smile, Channel, who was
the same height as me and had plain brown hair but beautiful chocolate eyes, and
Syles(pronounded SY-lees), a short Aisian girl with cropped black hair and black eyes.
Each girl had her own award-winning personality: Abby was very confident and outgoing, and
openly spoke her mind. Sammy was kind, gentle, and quiet, but spoke up when needed.
Channel was funny and clumsy, able to make a joke out of anything and break the tension.
And Syles rarely spoke, hiding behind her hair and smiling shyly. when she did speak, she
spoke with confidence and it always made sense, like she had spent alot of time on what
she was going to say. Out of all these girls, Abby became my best friend.

The months went on, and my group of friends and I slowly climbed our way up the social
ladder. People admired us and liked us. I was still often teased about my leg, and tree
certain boys kept saying mean things to me, but I came to ignore them and learned to never
care what people said about me. I never thought to get a fake leg. I knew that my family
was almost broke, and wasn't about to ask for something I didn't need.

As the years progressed, Abby, Sammy, Channel, Syles, and I became inspearable. We went
everywhere together and cheered each other on in each person's talents. We screamed for
Abby at her soccer games, gave encouragment to Sammy at the poetry readings, congratulated
Channel when she won first place in gymnastics, and clapped as loud as we could at Syles's
violin concerts.

Then, there was the cheerleading tryouts.

Chapter 2 conclusion
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2 April 2010, 10:47 PM   #12
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Oh, no I have a bad feeling about these cheer leading tryouts.


Anyways, love the story.

I really couldn't find any spelling mistakes or grammar errors.

Not that I am very good at grammar.  

Keep writing!

2 April 2010, 10:52 PM   #13
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@SmileyPeanut: Lol, she doesn't have a fake leg yet.

@Lucy: Thanks about the grammer. And all I will say is that the cheerleading tryouts will
be very eventful. :D
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3 April 2010, 03:46 PM   #14
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The plot thickens! I love these sort of stories.
I like Abby& Syles, Thier cool.
So how old are they now??

3 April 2010, 04:13 PM    #15
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Thanks! I love writing and then stopping at the worst possible moment, leaving the
readers hangin :D
The girls are all now 11 years old.
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