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WRITING: Poetry: Me

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19 September 2009, 01:30 AM   #1
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Copy righted!!   ME
Please don't steal this, this is a piece of me, so it is very important to me.
Its called Me 

Save me from the things i cant change, the type of things that cant be reversed
Never really there, always in the back of my mind, the only one who can save me
That person is lost, hiding her face because she's afraid of what she looks like 
The person she really is, the monster she's become, hiding behinde the mask
Hiding far away from where she should be, lost in a memory of long ago
Where do i go from here, how do i get better? How do i become whole?
You cant be whole again if you never were, so where do i go from here
Can someone please save me from myself, help me find out where i went
Help me destroy the monster who tells me that i'll never be good enough
The thoughts of hate that plague me every day, the pain that never goes away
The horrors of nightmares become real here they plague my mind 
Where do i go from here if there is a way, the darkness consumes me
Losing myself in the dark, losing everything that i am, all hope is gone
But you cant lose something you never had, sinking into something that destroys you
Tears your heart, rips your soul, cuts you to the bone, and leaves you for dead
Bleeding, screaming, running, losing everything, losing all faith in everything i believed
Sorounded but still all alone,you cant stop the pain i wont keep hanging on for long
But who would notice if i was gone, who would care? Am i not that important
But please help me find who i am, or where i've gone have that much sypathy
Because if you don't i fear the monster will take over and i will be lost forever
Save me! save me not for your self but for the simple fact that im losing my mind
What little is left and what little i can find find the strenght  to bring back

21 September 2009, 08:13 AM   #2
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this was interesting sort of a bit prayer, a bit stream of consciousness

21 September 2009, 06:10 PM    #3
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thats a good thing right?

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