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WRITING: Poetry: The Five Senses of Love

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11 April 2009, 08:37 AM    #1
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The Five Senses of Love"

To see you is beyond delight. Your form, both pleasing and thrilling, is wonderfully made.
 It's beauty praises the Designer who knew both love and wisdom to have made you.  The
sight of you exhilarates me and I am warmed by a mere smile from you.

You speak.  I believe it is an angel calling to me. You whisper.  Surely it is the wind
playing with me.  How can a voice so soft emanate from anything less than divine?  You
speak in a tone that is reassuring and kind.  A lullaby forms with your words and pulls me
to you.

The scent of you drifts across and envelopes me in a cloud of fragrance.  Visions of lilac
fields, honeysuckle blossoms and dew sprinkled roses are called to memory.  As you walk
past I am lost in the wake of the captivating mood of your perfume.  And if I should steal
close so as to bend and breathe in your hair or the nape of your neck do forgive my
boldness and dismiss me, only not too harshly.

I taste you.  You are intoxicating.  The sweetness of your lips is too rich to be taken
roughly.  It must be sampled in small portions. I drink in your nectar.  Your juices are
flowing, they fill me with lust.  I could lap at them all day.

To touch you is perhaps most thrilling of all.  I love you when we hold each other close
as much as when we are embraced in passion.  Your caresses and the touch of your hand I
treasure deeply.  I take much pleasure in knowing that after many years and many seasons
have passed, I'll reach out in the darkness for your hand and after all the years still be
thrilled when your fingers respond.


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