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[Miss Bliss Bell And Mysteria Zullua's Room]

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This is dorm 002 on the right. The girls will have the option t let you in, or keep you out. The dorm rooms are nothing but the finest. The walls are painted gold, with silver swirling patterns. There are two large windows in front of the two queen sized beds. They have been draped with white, silk curtains. They have one light fixture, and the rest of the light comes in from candles. The beds have cream, silk sheets and comforters. The pillows are soft, and silver. Each room has two members, and one half of the hallway is men the other is women.

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Mysteria opened the door slowly. Wondering if her roommate was there. She hoped so, but when she saw the empty room, her head slumped. She walked into the room All her stuff was there, besides the stuff she carried. She decided to take the side of the room with the candles. She thought it looked a lot better. Eveything cast in shadows, yet still light enough to see. She closed the door softly and sat down on the bed. "At least its not pink"

30 March 2009, 05:24 PM   #3
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As Bliss opend the door it make a creeking noise. Her dress was all smoothed down as she wanted to make a good impression on her new roommate. The only thing she knew about her that her name was Mysteria. Bliss thought it was a very pretty name. Bliss saw her roommate for the first time and said to her "Oh hello there. I am Miss Bliss Bell."

30 March 2009, 11:45 PM   #4
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Mysteria turned around and smiled softly. "Hi there! Its very nice to meet you Bliss! Thats a pretty name!" She said smiling softly. She got up and walked towards Bliss.

31 March 2009, 04:34 PM   #5
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Bliss stood where she was and waited for her new roommate to come up to her first. Bliss crossed her hands and played with the tips of her gloves. She then brushed the hair that was on her face and finally spoke. "Mysteria Zullua? Is that right?"

2 April 2009, 12:05 AM    #6
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Mysteria nodded nad bowed slightly. "its very nice to meet you Miss Bliss Bell!" She said smiling. She then looked at Bliss's side of the room. She then looked at her. 'i thought that you would like the side that didnt have the cabdles" She said softly.

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