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16 December 2008, 08:11 PM   #1
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Another one of those ones where multiple people add. You really don't have to yell "ADD!"
at the end of every post though.

I woke to a chill running down the right side of my spine, followed by a tingling
sensation on my lower back. Though I was alone in my house, there was nothing unusual
about that, nothing that would creep me out quite like this. I went to the kitchen--maybe
a warm apple muffin would calm my jangling nerves--then stopped dead where I was standing.
Every inch of my skin was numb as I looked at my wall. None of the locks had been forced,
none of the windows broken, but it was written on in bloody 24" high letters, "DO NOT
bewildered, but then shock and panic kicked in as I remembered why it seemed so
I taught my cats to sit yesterday...
Well, one of them sat, but he won't come near me.
One of them blinked at me and walked away.
One of them was jumping all over me to try to get the treat...
At least I taught one of them to sit.

17 December 2008, 12:25 PM    #2
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(oh sorry I started a new one to start after the one we already started oops... well I'll
still continue this one then)   

Years ago my dad saw the same thing, well he told us and we never believed him.... thats
probably why I have a step dad now...
once he saw it again and manage to wake us up but, my eyes were dry and I only managed to
get a glimps of the colour of redness, I heard about the ghost of this village though, my
grandma told me just before she grandma said....
Loving Vlad 

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