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18 March 2008, 04:57 PM   #1
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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Use this template for your character application.

[Name] [Your characters first and last name, middle name optional]
[Age] [At least 12, no older than 18]
[Gender] [Boy or girl?]
[Sexuality] [Gay, Bisexual or Straight?]

[Appearance] AT LEAST A PARAGRAPH [What does you character look like? skin colour,
hair, eyes, height, weight, clothing. . . the works]
[Personality] AT LEAST TWO PARAGRAPHS [Characteristics, how does your character
act? When they're alone? With people? Why?]
[Likes] [You guess it]
[Dislikes] [And again]

[Other] [Anything I missed?]
[Phrase from the rules]
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18 March 2008, 05:43 PM   #2
Guest Poster
[Name] Jeanette 'Jen' Winscott
[Age] 15
[Gender] Female
[Sexuality] Bisexual

[Appearance] Jen is approximately five foot eight, and weighs around eight stone.
She has straight, dark chocolate coloured hair, which reaches to her shoulder blades, and
has one mud-coloured eye, and one blue eye; sometimes people call her a freak. Her skin
tone is fairly tanned; a healthy 'beach' tan. She has a birthmark on the side of her neck.
Clothing wise, Jen tends to go for bright, colourful clothing, her favourite being a royal
blue. She likes to wear filly, lacy skirts, or tutus, and patterned tights or leg warmers.
She's not a fan of trousers, as she feels they restrict her movement. She likes
strappy-tops and Jack Wills hoodies, though since being moved to Mottershead, she hasn't
bought anymore, as they're so expensive. She doesn't see the point in following the latest
fashion trends, and her wardrobe mostly consists of retro or vintage clothing.
[Personality] Jen often has points of extremely low self-esteem, but other times
she can be very hyper. She was often bullied or teased at school for her odd appearance
and nature, and began taking her frustration out in the form of arson. She was also known
to be a pyromaniac, which is why the burning of buildings and cars gave her such pleasure.
She is also highly paranoid, and always thinks there is someone out to get her and tease
her, after the events of her early life. She was arrested when someone caught her after
she set a car alight, and was taken into custody, where the police discovered she has an
unstable mental state. When alone, Jen tends to talk to herself, or draw pictures of how
she's feeling. Often, she will draw pictures of things burning, or of herself being
bullied. When around others, she tends to be very shy, and prefers not to talk, but when
addressed directly, she will respond. She is often hyper around those she knows especially
well, such as her councilor. When hyper, Jen is restless, and fidgets a lot, and in odd
occasions she has been known to smash a few lamps. However, she is not a danger to other
people, and would be perfectly safe with a dorm mate.
When in a normal state, Jen's personality can across quite normal. She is a creative,
artistic person, who likes peace and quiet. She is shy and reserved, preferring not to
talk more than necessary. She is modest, and very loyal to those she nows well and trusts.
She is an introvert, and likes to feel safe and secure. She doesn't like to take unneeded
risks. She can act a little 'mad' and often says random things. Jen is also a fairly
sporty person.
[Likes] Jen likes drawing and painting, reading, candles, fire, sleeping, silence,
playing sport to get rid of her energy, music, singing, solitude, cats, feeling in control
when she can and eating jelly.
[Dislikes] Jen dislikes other people, loud noises, crowds, hurting people due to
her condition, meat, blood and violence, brussel sprouts, mornings, people taller than
her, feeling inferior and preforming in front of large crowds.

[Other] Jen was originally from California, but hasn't lived there since she was
only a few months old. She is also a vegetarian.
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18 March 2008, 05:46 PM   #3
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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Excellent character. Definitely accepted. n_n
x- Seth Monday -x x- Not That You Would Understand -x

18 March 2008, 06:22 PM   #4
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
Joined: 18 Mar 2008
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[Name] Seth Monday
[Age] 16
[Gender] Male
[Sexuality] Gay

[Appearance] Seth is five foot nine and weighs just over eight stone. He's quite
skinny even though he's not that tall. He has dark brown hair that falls into his eyes and
spikes up every which way naturally. His eyes are a very dark bottle green colour. They
are quite round and have long, dark eyelashes. His skin is almost unnaturally pale and his
arms and legs are incredibly thin. His wrists in particular look as in they could be
snapped easily. He tends to wear darker clothes, grey, black, blue and dark green to match
his eyes. He favours skinny jeans, Converse and warm, oversized hoodies.

[Personality] Seth suffers from Bipolar Disorder so he suffers
from constant mood swings. He could spend days just lying in his bed and then he'll spend
twenty-four hours running around like a lunatic. He's quite insecure but it only a danger
to himself and would never harm other people. He's prone to overreaction and if upset or
in one of his manic mood swings he could do something stupid and potentially
life-threatening. He's been known to experiment with drugs.
Seth gets quite nervous and scared when he's on his own and unless he's in a really bad
mood he needs to have someone with him other wise he's likely to panic. He can be
clingy and rather annoying when he finds someone he likes and doesn't often take other
people's emotions into account. He's pretty sociably incapable and finds it hard to engage
in a normal conversation with someone. Though he likes to have people around him, he
rarely speaks and hates being in large crowds.
When he's in as normal a mood as he can experience, Seth is almost like a normal person.
He talks slightly more and acts more relaxed and is generally easier to be around. In his
depressed mood he's much quieter than usual, incredibly tired and irritable and tends to
cry a lot. His manic episodes make him more talkative and energized than ever and he often
finds the need to go outside and run it off.

[Likes] People, Animals, Quiet, Beds, Blankets, Warm things, Summer, Inside, Music,
Reading, Computers
[Dislikes] Crowds, Needles, Blood, Loud noises, Being cold, Storms, Complicated
things, Maths, Science, English, Spiders

[Other] Seth is on anti-depressants for his Bipolar Disorder. 
[Phrase from the rules] Floof-di-frickin'-Poof :|
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18 March 2008, 06:31 PM   #5
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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I accept myself. XD
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18 March 2008, 06:44 PM   #6
[Moderator] [Forrest Marlette]
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[Name] Forrest Marlette (Marr- Lett)
[Age] 16
[Gender] Male
[Sexuality] Gay

[Appearance] Forrest is really tall and skinny, giving him a gangly and bony look to him.
He's six foot five, and about 100 pounds, more or less. He has scary pale skin, and dark
dark dark brown hair, so it's a big contrast. He has really really really really pale
greyish blue eyes, giving himself a ghastly type appearance. His hair is very messy, as is
everything else about him. He doesn't really like keeping himself looking neat, but he
likes keeping everything else neat.(Is that enough?)
[Personality] Forrest suffers many differend types of phobias and a slight case of OCD.
He's scared of almost everything, including love, sudden movements, noises, sights, and
smells, large crowds, water, sand, the dark, nightmares, deep sleep, large animals, birds,
bugs, flying, heights, and many other things. He can be very obsessive about how things
are organized, how things sound and look like, and where things are. He has sudden urges
to reach out and touch things and people.

With people, these conditions can often get much worse. Even if he's only with two other
people in a big room, he can still feel pressured and even more uptight than usual. This
makes it very hard to befriend him. He can also be a huge perfectionist, and he hates it
when he doesn't get his way. He's getting much better at this, though. But, if you do
befriend him, he will probably become the most loyal friend you can ever ask for, maybe to
the point that it's annoying. He also can take what you say very seriously, so it's hard
to crack a joke around him without him freaking out about what you said.
[Likes] Animals, writing, art, music, perfection, himself, guys, friends when he actually
makes them, the list he keeps of his fears, his journal, comfortable furniture,
[Dislikes] All the things he fears(I don't want to list them again. D, people thinking
there's something wrong with him, when people he loves are sad, not understanding things,
etc. D:

[Other] Not that I can think of. u_u
[Phrase from the rules] Floof-di-Poof. Fuck yeah. ;D

I hope that's okay. D:

18 March 2008, 06:48 PM   #7
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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Pchaw. 8'D
Accepted. n__n
-eats crackers-
x- Seth Monday -x x- Not That You Would Understand -x

19 March 2008, 02:58 PM   #8
Guest Poster
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[Name] Laine Towwerson[Tower-son]
[Age] 13.
[Gender] Girl
[Sexuality] Straight.[[Homophobic D:]]

[Appearance] Laine is very small but wishes to be smaller. Shes 5 foot  and weighs 97
point 8 pounds.Her natural bleached blonde hair is usually pulled back into a sloppy bun,
or has her bangs cliped back.Her hair being so white makes her skin looks really dark, but
its not really. She never tans, only burns so shes hardly ever outside.Laine has 2 small
faded purple eyes, a trait she got from her mother.She should be wearing glasses but she
has very low self esteem, so its seldom when she does.She is often wearing checkered color
shirts, her favorites being hot pink and black.Over that she usually wears a raincloud
jacket[[seriously little rainclouds with faces]], with rubber bands along her wrists.Her
pants consist of capri jean pants.She has them in all different colors so its all she
really wears. She was never one to wear shoes so shes often seen in flip-flops or stripped
socks. Half the time just bare foot.[[Hope thats long enough for a paragraph D:]]

[Personality]Laine here suffers from anorexia. So she rarely ever eats. She wasnt
big to start with, she just didnt want to be. She saw the way the "fat" kids at her last
school were treated and didnt want it to ever happen to her.She grew up in an alright
home, mom and dad both home, it was just her older brother Adam that made it hard.Wasnt
the best influance shall we say. But she looked up to him, just as every other little kid
looks up to an older sibling.
Shes often seen doodling away in her hot pink plastic covered notebook.I am in no way
saying shes good, but its how she spends her spare time.[[that was tottaly out of the
subject D:]]
Shes usually jumpy when around other people. Afraid of being judged.But if you get used to
her sudden movements and jumps, she makes a great friend. Laine was always very talkative,
Even when she was little. Was often put out for it, but it never stoped her none the
less.SHe  loves to run around, shes never outside, but loves to run. Is often breaking
things from running into them.She is homophobic. No its not bad, shes just shakes when she
sees one.Another thing, she HATES having her picture taken,hateshateshates. SHe freaks out
when ever it happens
[Likes] Cats,soup, being clean,boys, the name Zane,limes,and sherbert.
[Dislikes]Judgemental people,dogs,cameras,cheaters,liers, the name Kendal and garden

[Other]Not that I can think of :D

19 March 2008, 03:28 PM   #9
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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Accepted. n_n 
x- Seth Monday -x x- Not That You Would Understand -x

19 March 2008, 03:36 PM   #10
Guest Poster
:oo yayyy!
I really thought you would deny it cause i made it so short D:

19 March 2008, 03:41 PM   #11
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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No, it's fine. n_n
x- Seth Monday -x x- Not That You Would Understand -x

19 March 2008, 04:37 PM   #12
Guest Poster
[Name] Sherii Elise Strapford

[Age] 16

[Gender] Female

[Sexuality] Bisexual

[Appearance] Sherii has silky smooth brown hair, straight and shoulder length, with a side
sweep. She has two different colored eyes, but only slightly. One is dark navy blue, much
like the bottom of the ocean, and the other is pale blue like the sky on a sunny day. She
hates that they're different because it gives her a somewhat lopsided appearance, or so
she thinks. She has constantly tanned skin (cough fake tanner cough). She's a little over
average height, about 5'8. Her weight is 96 pounds. Her cheeks are slightly gaunt and she
usually has purplish bags under her eyes, but she covers them with concealer. Her clothing
style is pretty much whatever happens to be in style at the moment, though she always adds
her own touch of personal flare to whatever she's wearing. Her face is very pretty but
classic, so she piles on a lot of excess make up. She has thin cuts along her wrists,
arms, and the insides of her thighs.

[Personality] Sherii is very outgoing. She generally will become friends with anyone and
was immensely popular at her old school. She will be nice to everyone when she meets them
and has no problem leaping into a conversation. If you become her enemy, however, she can
be very mean. Sherii is a type of person who could be considered as "shallow," however.
She does not have a very deep personality, goes shopping a lot, and judges a lot of people
depending on their looks. She is surprisingly intelligent and excelling in most subjects,
except science. She has a way of getting her way with people through flirting. She also is
a cheerleader and acrobatic, and works out a lot. 
The reason Sherii is enrolled at the Mottershead Correctional and Educational Facility is
because she has a lot of several self-esteem issues. She is dangerously bulimic and
anorexic, abuses prescription drugs, and she also cuts herself. The way her parents found
out was though several near-death experiences; she was hospitalized after being found
passed out when throwing up, and was later hospitalized again after she overdosed on
Aspirin at a friend's house. Against her wishes, Sherii was sent to Mottershead
Correctional and Educational Facility. 

[Likes] Acrobatics, knowing inside jokes, gossiping, listening to her iPod, playing with
her hair, Fridays, chick flicks, jock boys, Panic! at the Disco, Johnny Depp, California,
ice skating, partying, celery.

[Dislikes] Humming, high calorie foods, dogs, Mexican food, bright lights, blood,
sleeping, frisbee.

[Other] She has an orange kitten named Cadillac who she brought to the school with her.
[Phrase from the rules] Erm... Floof-di-poof, am I correct?

20 March 2008, 09:12 AM   #13
[Administrator] [Seth Monday]
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Accepted. x]
x- Seth Monday -x x- Not That You Would Understand -x

20 March 2008, 09:43 AM   #14
Guest Poster
Geez all the guys are gay!!! D:<

20 March 2008, 04:16 PM    #15
Guest Poster
[Name] Olivia Jade Burton [Age] 17 [Gender] girl [Sexuality] Straight average height [Appearance] Olivia has soft straight brown hair at shoulder length with black highlights.She has green eyes that seem to go brown in the sun.She has pale skin that makes her eyes stand out. Olivia is 5'1 and Her weight is 102.Her cheeks are partly plump. hides her cutting scars with long sleaved shirts but if she does not she will wear arm warmers.She has a scar on her ankle. [Personality] Olivia is quiet but starts to talk only when she feels good. You find hermostly talking to herself when alone.She has a deep personality that tends to scare people. She does not like being in large crowds which make her Tourette's syndrome more easy to see.She has not cut since 2001 and is glad.She cleans things allmost all the time because she suffers from OCD.She loves making things and is very creative.Olivia suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder.She loves to study people and looking up words.Olivia is smart.One day she got thrown out of high school when she locked her door and did not come out that is when she came to Mottershead Correctional and Educational Facility to be with people like her. [Likes] Rock,black,red,writing,muffin,her ipod,writing etc [Dislikes] when things are dirty,cutting erges, etc [Other] She takes anti-depressants [Phrase from the rules] Floof-di-poof

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