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Jason Mooker, a legend Chapter 1

1 February 2008, 07:09 PM    #1
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Jason Mooker woke up with a bad feeling deep inside. Today is the first day of his last
year in middle school, and he is very afraid. You would be to if you would have been made
fun of all your life! Slipping out of bed, he starting thinking about what could go wrong.
 I bet he could conjour up a list that is about 5 inches long! Jason walked along the
steep hallway of his house, heading towards the bathroom to get ready for school. When he
opened the bathroom door, Amber scurried by him and went into the bathroom, shutting the
door in Jason's face. "Hey Amber! I was there first!" He called, annoyed. Amber barelly
opened the door and said, "So? Now I am here and you have to wait Stink! HA!" Stink is
what Amber called Jason. "JERK!" He screamed through the door. "What is going on?" Came
his mother's voice. Shyly turning around, he answered, "Amber keeps on hogging the
bathroom! I'm going to be late for school!" Jason's mother stared at him, then sighed.
"Jason, you must understand, getting ready for the day is a girls biggest job. She will
complain if she doesnt think she looks good!" Jason frowned. Why does his sister get
whatever she wants? Just then, Jason's dad came around the corner, and yelled, "Jeena!
Get ready for school! We have to go!" Jeena's door opened, and out came is sister. "Dad,
I'm ready! Let's go!" And followed her dad out to the car. Jason was soon let in to the
bathroom. But he was going to be late.
    About 20 minutes later, Jason was rushing to school, his knapsack banging against his
side when he ran. When he was at school, Josh popped beside him, and said with a sigh,
"Why are you always late, Jas? This fued between you and your sister has gotta stop!"
Jason smirked at his undernegleted friend. "Easy for you to say! You are a only child!"
Then he sighed. The 2 minute warning bell came on, making Jason jump. He gathered his
senses and started running through the halls to get to his class. Luckly, he didnt run
into the hall monitor or a teacher. He was still late to class though, and had gotten a
detention slip. Everyone was snickering at him, which made him feeled embarrased. Jason
walked to the back of the room, and sat down with a plop. As soon as he sat down, he
jumped to his feet. Laying on the seat, was a dumb little tack. Even more embarrased, he
threw it away, and sat back down. A girl beside him smiled. Let me say that Jason already
had a crush on the first day of school, and she was it!
Her hair was long and blonde. She had baby blue eyes that sparkled in the sun. 2 red
ribbons were in her hair, holding up 2 long piggy tails. Her outfit was a silky smooth
purple dress, with straps and a purple bow on each strap. She had on purple leggings and
golden slippers. Almost like a Angel. He thought. Soon, class had started.
      In about the middle of Biology, the second glass of the day, Jason was caught
day-dreaming. I mean, he couldnt help it. He kept dreaming about the beautiful girl that
was in homeroom. His dream kinda went like this:

He walked into homeroom, one monday afternoon,and thier was the girl in a wedding
dress. Jason was muscular and absolutely handsome. Her friends were putting on the
finishing touches on her sparkly, white outfit. Smiling, she stand up and walked to where
Jason was standing. She stared in his deep brown eyes, and said, "Jason, will you be

That's about when he was caught. And next thing he knew. He got hit with double detention.
Which is, by the way, pretty bad!

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