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8 November 2007, 09:24 PM   #16
Guest Poster
that would be cool, but i got enough nerdy friends lol

8 November 2007, 09:39 PM   #17
The Founder
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lol u mean your bro
hey yall was up

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8 November 2007, 09:44 PM   #18
Guest Poster
lol him too ^_^ that was a good one

10 November 2007, 05:19 PM   #19
Guest Poster

Its 5:59am. Billy’s alarm clock will wake him up in a minute though. Billy is awake
though and he can’t sleep, he’s awake because he is currently dating the girl of his
dreams. He’s been dating her for more than 10 months now. His life could not be even
better, except for the fact that her girlfriend is going away for 2 weeks and
leaving him alone. A minute passes and Billy’s alarm wakes him up. Billy rushes out
of his bed, takes a shower, and gets dressed. He rushes down stairs and says good
bye to his mother. “Billy where are you going?” asked Billy’s Mom. “Mom I’m
going on
an all day date with Rachel.” Billy answered. “Rachel? Oh yes her.” Billy’s mom
in a shrew voice. “Mom, are u still mad that she accidentally broke your vase?”
Billy asked. “Oh of coarse not honey, it was only my great grandmothers vase.”
Billy’s mom said in a slightly (1) lament voice. “Good bye mother.” Billy said as
left his house. 
     11 minutes later, Billy drove to his girlfriend’s house. He didn’t need to walk
out of his car, because she was already sitting outside in front of her house,
waiting for him. Rachel got in the car. “Hey love.” Rachel said. “Hey ray.” Billy
said. Then Rachel and Billy kissed slowly, and then they got faster. Billy put a
hand on Rachel’s face and continued kissing. They kissed until they couldn’t hear
the car, they kissed until they felt like they were both floating in space, and they
kissed until they heard a loud honk. HONK! The noise came from the car behind them,
waiting for Billy to start his car. “HEY COME ON, MOVE IT YOU CRAZY TEENS!” yelled
the impatient driver behind them. Billy stuck his head out of his window. “I’m so
sorry sir, if I were you, I would be yelling too. Don’t worry I will start my car,
and my girlfriend and I will not try to bother you anymore...” “JUST MOVE ALREADY!”
the driver yelled back in (2) debacle. “Sorry sir.” Billy sat back down. Rachel
laughed. “Wow, you always make me smile my nerdy boyfriend.” Rachel rested her head
on Billy’s shoulder and grabbed one of his hands. Billy continued driving and put
his arm around her shoulder. They both were very relaxed and (3) opulent. Billy
leaned his head on his pretty woman. “I love you so much.” Suddenly Rachel’s cell
phone rang. “Hello?” Rachel sat up. “Oh my gosh, hi how are you!” Rachel yelled
blatantly. Billy’s ears started buzzing. “That hurt. Who’s on the phone?” Billy
asked. Rachel didn’t answer, she was still talking. “Oh I can’t believe it’s you,
haven’t talked to you in years!” Rachel said excited. “Rachel, who are you talking
to?”  Rachel still didn’t answer. “I’ve missed you so much.” “Who’s On the
Billy said (5) impetuous “Why are you yelling?” Rachel replied. “Sorry, who are you
talking too?” Billy said more calmly. “It’s okay love. I’m talking to my old
his name is John, he was my closest friend, He moved away last year.” Rachel
answered. “Oh okay.” Billy put both hands on the steering wheel and listen to his
girlfriend talk to a guy he had never heard about. 
     11 o’clock pm. Billy drives to his friends house, Francis. Francis has been
friends with Billy since they were little kids, and Francis is Billy’s only friend.
Billy is a Nerd, but that never bothered him. Billy has a great house, good grades,
and a beautiful girlfriend. His life is perfect. “Francis, I’ve got a problem!”
Billy said entering his friend’s house. “Your date not go well?” Francis asked.
our date was fine, we took a walk around the park, went to the museum, had dinner.”
“Wow, sounds like you had a horrible date.” Francis said sarcastically. “No it was
great; it’s just that Rachel was texting her old friend from that moved almost 75%
of the time of our date.” Billy sat down on Francis’ chair. “It was like she was
more (6) zealous with her friend than me on our date.” Billy said. Billy’s phone
began to ring. “Hey Ray what’s up?” Rachel responds. “Hey Billy guess what, my
friend John is going to meet me at my cabin tomorrow. His family camps the same
place my family does, isn’t that awesome!?” Billy was shaking. “That’s awesome
honey! I’ll call you later okay? Have fun at your cabin tomorrow, bye, I love you!”
Billy said very (7) Grandiose. “Bye Billy.” Rachel hung up. “She didn’t say I
you back.” Billy sat back down. “Oh don’t worry about it Billy.” Francis calmly
said. “Hey why don’t you sleep over at my house today?” Billy looked up at Francis.
“Sure, thanks man.” Billy replied. After an hour and a half of talking, the nerds
were both asleep. Francis slept like a baby. Billy on the other hand was having a
nightmare. He was dreaming about his girlfriend talking with her friend john. But
they were not actually talking, they were holding hands, cuddling under the night
sky, and kissing. He thought of all the dates that he had with Rachel, but he
dreamed them with john in their date instead of him. Then finally, Rachel and John
got married and lived happily ever after, with three children. “No Rachel!” Billy
had just woken up. He was sweaty, and cold. “I’m not going to loose you Rachel.”
Billy said to him self. 
     It’s now 6:30 am. Billy walks up to Francis at the kitchen table. “Hey Francis
guess what?” Billy asks. Francis looks up drinking his milk. “You and I are going to
see Rachel.” Francis spits out his milk. “What? Why!?” Francis asks. “I’m not
to let john steal my woman!” Billy said in a ( mandate voice at Francis. “So this
situation is very (9) elusive for you?” Francis asked. “No, I’m (10) nominal
Francis.” Billy said. “If you were Billy you wouldn’t be doing this then.”
replied. “Be quiet, now come on, let’s go, now!” Billy yelled. “Wow, I knew this
was going to start out (11) hapless.” Francis tells his mom he’s leaving, and they
both get into Billy’s car and drive to Rachel’s Cabin. 
     3 hours later, Billy is wide awake; Francis on the other hand is in the back
sleeping. Suddenly Billy steps on the breaks. “Francis we’re here!” Billy shouts.
“Well it’s about time Billy.” Francis goes back to sleep. 10 minutes later, they
walk to Rachel’s Cabin. Billy knocks on the door. Then a tall blonde Teen with a
built body and nothing but a towel on opens the door. “Hey, who are you? Where’s
Rachel?” Billy asks. “Oh, I’m John.” The teen replied. “Oh my gosh, they have
already slept together!!!” Billy cries. “Shut up Billy.” Francis yells. The teen
answers back. “Oh I’m sorry the Whataburgers are not here they went for a walk. They
should be back any minute. Hey who are you guys anyway?” John asks. Billy shakes
hands with John. “I’m Billy, Rachel’s BOYFRIEND, and this is my friend Francis.”
Billy said (12) admonish. “So John, why are u half naked in the Waterburgers cabin?”
Billy asked. “Oh sorry, the water is out at my cabin, so the Waterburgers let me use
their water while they went on a walk. You guys can come in if you want; ill be
right back, I’m going change first.” John goes up stairs of the cabin to change.
Billy and Francis are sitting down waiting for John. Then Rachel’s mom walks in. “Oh
my, Well isn’t this a surprise, hello Billy” Rachel’s mom answered. “And hello,
Billy’s friend.” Francis answers. “Francis, its Francis.” Francis says. “Oh
Paul its Rachel’s boyfriend Billy.” Rachel’s Dad shakes Billy’s hand. “Hello
How are you, and hello to, um, your friend who’s name escapes me.” Billy’s dad says
to Billy.” “My name is Francis” Francis responds. Rachel walks in. “Billy what
you doing here?” Rachel hugs Billy. “Really what are you and your friend doing
here?” Rachel asks again. “Come on Rachel don’t tell me you forgot my name too!?”
Francis asked. “I couldn’t stand to be parted from you my love.” Billy replied.
Rachel smiled. “Billy that’s so sweet.” Rachel kisses him on the cheek. “Aw,
so sweet isn’t it honey?” Rachel’s Mom shouts. “Yes that is sweet; you’re a good
Billy.” Rachel’s Dad responds. “Gosh, thank you Mr. Waterburger.” Billy smiles. 
”Billy sweetie, where are you going to sleep?” Ask Rachel’s Mom. “Well they’re
sleeping here.” Rachel’s dad kicks them out of his cabin. Billy and Francis walk
back to the car. “Well at least they gave us a tent to put up.” Billy says. “Billy,
shut up.” Francis responds. 
     Rachel and John meet up with them. “Hey love I’m sorry my dad can be over
protective, but the good thing is that he likes you.” Rachel says to Billy while she
puts her arms around his waist. “Hey man, me and Rachel are going for a hike; you
want to come with us?” John asks. “Sure DUDE, I’m down. Come on babe lets go.”
pulls his girlfriend and they start walking. 10 minutes pass. “Hey Rachel, remember
when we first met?” asked John. “How could I forget?” Rachel and John start
laughing. “I want to know how you met.” Billy asked. “We’ll tell you later
John said. Billy holds Rachel’s hand. “So babe, you tell John our love story?”
asks. “No not yet.” Rachel responds. “Oh John you should tell them the time when
fell off that bridge trying to save that puppy.” Rachel says. “Or how about the time
when I got our math teacher her job back.” John said. “Or when you and I ran that
marathon.” Rachel said. “Or our first date when we were going out Rachel.” John
said. “What!” Billy yells. “Rachel, you went out with this guy?” Billy asks.
oh.” Francis said to him self. “Yes I dated him a year before he moved.” Rachel
responded. “What! And you didn’t tell me?” Billy yelled. “I didn’t think it was
big deal Billy.” Rachel said. “Oh sure Rachel, but it didn’t seem like a big deal
when you kept texting him on our date!” Billy shouted. “Billy we’re just friends,
why you making such a big deal out of this!?” Rachel yelled back. “Because, I’m
boyfriend and I think you should stop spending so much time with John, and focus on
us more Rachel!!” Billy screamed. Then it was silent. “Well, I need to use the
little boy’s room, so I’ll just go find me a tree way over there.” Francis said
walking away. More silence. Rachel gets tears in her eyes. Billy’s eyes are wide
open as he notices the tears on Rachel. Billy’s heart sunk. “Rachel, I’m
Rachel walks down the hill pulling John with her. “Rachel wait!” Billy yells back.
Rachel turns back. I can’t believe you don’t trust me!” Rachel continues to walk.
“Rachel….” Billy says. “Just leave me alone…” Rachel says crying still walking
the hill looking away. Billy stands there watching her go down the hill. Billy falls
to the ground. Francis comes back. “Hey come on, let’s go.” Francis said. “I’m
stupid!” Billy yells holding back his tears. “Yeah you are, but you made a mistake
it happens to the best of us.” Francis said. Billy looks up at Francis. “Hey can we
just sleep here tonight?” asks Billy. Francis smiles back. “Sure, I’ll set up the
tent too don’t worry.” Billy and Francis walk down the hill. 
     8 o’clock pm. Rachel is having dinner with her family, and John is a guest.
After dinner, everyone is off doing their things, and Rachel and John are sitting
outside, talking. “You okay Rachel, you haven’t spoken, you know since the incident
earlier today.” John asked. “I don’t know, I can’t believe how jealous he was.”
Rachel said. John looks at Rachel. “Well can you blame him?” John replies. “What do
you mean?” Rachel asked. “The whole time we were texting yesterday, you didn’t even
mention Billy. You didn’t even mention you had a boyfriend.” John continues. “Even
when we got to the cabin, you never told me once about Billy. And if I were him, I’d
be jealous if my girl was hanging around a guy that looked like me.” John says. “Yeah
I know.” Rachel responds. Rachel looks up. You know, when I first met Billy, he
protected me, and made me feel safe. He made me happy. When the school had a dance,
instead of going with him, I went with some other dude, who later blew me off for
some other girl. I was so sad, and I knew I made the wrong choice, even when I said
yes to go out with him. Then when I was all alone, he was there and he comforted me,
and when he kissed me, he made my pain and sorrows go away. And we just stood there
looking up at the stars.” Rachel looks back down. “Wow, Billy sounds like a great
guy Rachel. It’s hard to find guys like him. You’re lucky to be with a guy like
that.” John replies.  Rachel smiles. “He’s my love.” Rachel looks at John.
John.” Rachel hugs John. “No problem Rachel, now go to Billy.” Rachel smiles, and
sprints to her nerds tent. 
     Moments later Francis is asleep in the car still parked, and Billy is alone
inside the tent, crying. “I’m so stupid! I’m so sorry Rachel, why, why did I say
that!!” Billy cries out loud. Billy puts a pillow over his face still crying like a
young child. Billy wipes his tears. “You blew it Billy, you ruined you’re relation
with that awesome girl, and now she hates you!” Billy whispered to himself.
Rachel said. “Rachel? What are you doing here?” Billy asked. “Oh, you don’t want
here?” Rachel asked. “No, no I do.” Billy said. “Okay.” Rachel said sitting next
Billy. Billy and Rachel stay silent looking at the ground. Then Billy looks up at
Rachel. Rachel looks up at Billy. They stare in each others eyes. “Ray, I’m
Rachel hugs Billy crying. “I know you are, I know. I’m sorry too, It’s my fault, I
was too focused on John and not on you, I completely shunned you out Billy I’m
sorry.” Rachel continues to cry. Billy lifts Rachel’s chin. Rachel stares at Billy.
“Rachel you don’t have to apologize to me, I love you Ray, you’re the sun in my
the moon when I sleep, thank you for loving me.” Rachel smiles at Billy. Then Billy
and Rachel lips meet. And both of their broken hearts are fixed. Billy kisses Rachel
fragilely. Rachel puts her arms around his neck, and they are both gone lost into
each others lips. Finally they stop, and Rachel rests her head on Billy’s shoulder.
“Billy.” Rachel says. “Yes Ray?” “Thank you for loving me too.” Billy smiles,
her girlfriend, and they look up at the sky for hours, never letting go.
	Billy learned to trust his girlfriend, and even though this happened, their love
showed true. And they still are inseparable. And that’s how Billy the nerd got over
his jealousy.

10 November 2007, 06:13 PM   #20
Guest Poster
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10 November 2007, 09:07 PM   #21
Guest Poster
thank u ^_^

23 November 2007, 10:09 AM   #22
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that was long
hey yall was up

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25 November 2007, 08:50 AM   #23
Guest Poster
lol yeah i know ^^

25 November 2007, 12:25 PM   #24
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lol yup so any way how's everyone doin
hey yall was up

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26 November 2007, 07:09 PM   #25
Guest Poster
im doing good hey i got a signature up ^_^

13 February 2008, 07:08 PM    #26
Guest Poster

Its 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning. Jimmy wakes up he’s still sleepy, but he gets
up anyway. “Jimmy wake up!” Jimmy’s 8 year old sister yelled. “I’m awake Jill,
darn no need to yell at me!” Jimmy yells. Jill looks back at him, feeling (1)
complacent with her self for annoying her brother. “Your welcome” Jill replies with
a smirk on her face. Then she runs down the hall to the kitchen. “What a brat.”
Jimmy says to him self. 
     After an hour of getting dressed, Jimmy left and decided to take a walk, this
was a very (2) banal routine for Jimmy every Saturday morning. As Jimmy continued to
walk something caught the corner of his eye. He looked to his left and couldn’t
believe what he was seeing. A black furred Moose was eating grass a few feet away
from him. His fur was so black that the moose almost looked like a shadow to Jimmy.
The moose looked up and started walking towards him. Jimmy had never seen anything
so (3) aesthetic, well except for the girls at his school. Then the black moose was
in front of Jimmy. “Hey moose, what’s up?” Jimmy said petting the moose’s head.
moose looked back at Jimmy. “Why are you doing?” the black moose asked. “Just
petting your hea…” Jimmy paused. “AHHHHHH!!” Jimmy yelled. “IT’S A DEMON
Jimmy started walking backwards, still yelling and pointing at the moose. “Hey dude,
I’m not a demon moose, my name is Miles, I’m just a lost talking moose trying to get
back home.” Miles the moose responded. Jimmy was still backing off. “No get back
demon, I have holy water!” Jimmy takes out a water bottle and starts pointing it at
Miles. “Now don’t come any closer, or ill will have to spray you with my holy
water.” Jimmy said in a voice to make him sound more (4) augment. “Okay first off
that’s not Holy water, that’s Aquafina, and secondly can u just stop acting weird
and tell me where the police station is, I’m lost.” The moose said. Jimmy walks
further away from the Miles, but does not notice that he’s walked so far back that
he’s in the middle of the road now. A car is headed right towards Jimmy. The driver
is too busy on his cell phone to notice Jimmy. “Hey man watch out car!” Miles yells.
Miles snatches Jimmy with his mouth and pulls him away just in time. Jimmy looks up
at Miles. “Wow, you saved my life moose. I guess you’re not a demon after all.”
Jimmy gets up and pats Miles’ head. “No problem dude, but can you stop patting my
head, I’m not a dog.” Miles replied. Jimmy lifts his head. “Oh, sorry. So what’s
cool (5) guile talking moose doing in a place like this?” asked Jimmy. “Well I’m
lost, and I need to get back home to Moose Land. Now can you tell me where the
police station is?” asked Miles. “Well going to the cops is a (6) squander idea
Miles, if they see a talking black furred moose, they will call secret services to
do studies on you like an alien in area 51. Well actually they would probably freak
out, shoot you, and then they would call secret services to do studies on you like
an alien in area 51.” Jimmy said. “I’m guessing going to the police is a bad
Said Miles in a non (7) euphony voice. “Hey don’t worry you can use my cell phone to
call someone to pick you up. Oh no I forgot my cell phone is at home.” Jimmy said.
“Lets just walk back to my house and you can use my house phone” Jimmy said. “No
that’s fine.” Miles said ( discordantly. “Hey you saved my life it’s the least I
could do for you man” Jimmy said. “Alright, thank you. Well lets stop (9)
squandering, lets go!” 
      A few minutes later Jimmy and miles reach Jimmy’s house. Jimmy knocks on the
door. Jimmy’s little sister Jill opens the door. “Jill where’s mom and dad?”
asked. “They left to the store. Wow, Jimmy did you know there’s a black moose behind
you?” Jill said (10) provocatively at the moose. “Yes little girl, your brother
knows.” Miles said. “Wow, a talking moose, a talking moose, a talking moose!” Jill
said (11) redundant and (12) incessantly. “Jill you can not tell mom and dad that I
brought a talking moose to our house, wait, they probably won’t believe you. Okay I
don’t care if you tell mom or dad just stay out of our way okay?” Jimmy said as he
walked inside his house. Miles started heading toward the door. Miles can’t fit in
the door, he’s so tall and so wide, and that he would stretch the whole house and
the houses next to Jimmy’s if he tried to go through the door. “Just stay here and I
will get my phone.” Jimmy ran to his room. Jimmy comes back. “Here you go.” Jimmy
handed Miles the phone. Miles stared at Jimmy. “Dude, I have no fingers. Ill just
tell you my number, its ABC-MOO-SEFO.” Miles said. “Why are you telling me
asked Jimmy. “Because in my country, we use letters instead of numbers.” Miles said.
“Okay.” Jimmy hands the phone to Miles. “Mom… yes it’s me, sorry but I disobeyed
and went to America….. No need to shout mom!!! I’m sorry okay, can u just pick me up,
I’m lost and scared….I’m at 413 Green Road Lane. Okay bye.” Miles gives the phone
back to Jimmy. “Well they won’t come pick me up until tomorrow so I need a place to
crash. You think I can stay here?” Miles asked. “Fine but you sleep in the back
yard!” Jimmy answered. 
     That night, Jimmy sneaked a tent in the back yard with out his parents
noticing. “Well good night Miles.” Jimmy headed toward his house. “Wait Jimmy, your
not going to let a 15 year old moose stay out here alone, are you?” Miles asked.
“No, I’ll sleep with you in the tent. Miles went in the tent and made room for
Jimmy. The moose’s giant antlers ripped the top of the tent. “Sorry Jimmy.” Miles
said. Jimmy looked at Miles. “It’s fine, so Miles how did you get here?” Miles
pondered. “I took a plane to see America; I wanted to see how Americans lived. My
parents had forbid me to go on the plane trip to see America but I didn’t listen to
them. So my planed crash, everyone died, I survived and that’s how I got here.”
Miles responded calmly. “Oh my gosh, everyone died!” Jimmy asked. Miles started
laughing. Miles laugh was so loud and powerful that all the trees in Jimmy’s back
yard dropped all their leaves. “I’m just kidding, everyone was alright, and we moose
are very strong. They left America by getting rides from their friends and family, of
coarse I disobeyed my parents and I didn’t want them to find out, so I tried to find
my way home by my self, didn’t work out good.” Miles said. “Yeah if it wasn’t for
finding you in the woods Miles, you would still be lost.” Jimmy responded. “Yes thank
you very much” Miles replied. “Hey do you have a Myspace account?” asked Miles.
looked at Miles. “Yeah man I do, why do you have one?” Jimmy answered. “Yeah, hey
you want my Myspace username?” asked Miles. “Sure, give it to me later. So Miles, do
you have any girlfriends?” asked Jimmy. “Yeah her name is Fluffy.” Miles responded.
Jimmy laughed. “Fluffy? That’s a terrible name for a girl!” Jimmy continued to
laugh. “She may have a weird name, but she’s a junior in high school.” Miles
responded. “How did you get a junior to go out with you Miles?” Jimmy said
astonished. “I’m very charming.” Miles said. Jimmy laughed. Jimmy and Miles talked
for hours. They were talking about girls, movies, and they both found out they had
similar interests. They both liked dirt bikes, they both collected comics, and they
both had a craving for chocolate. 
     It’s 9 am. Jimmy’s parents left for breakfast. And Miles parents will be here
any minute. “Miles you turned out to be a cool dude, hey when you get home don’t
forget to email me.” Jimmy said. “Well when my parents will probably ground me for a
month so when I get my punishments over ill email you okay?” A Moose shaped vehicle
drops from the sky and lands in Jimmy’s driveway. “MILES LETS GO HOME! YOU’RE IN
TROUBLE MISTER!” yells Miles’ mom. Jimmy and Miles laugh. “I told you, well ill
to you later Jimmy.” Miles said. “Yup, see you later Miles.” Jimmy replies. Miles
looks at Jill. “Bye Jill.” Jill hugs Miles. “Bye Miles, I’ll miss you.” Jill
Miles goes in his moose like vehicle, and he flies off in the sky and back to his
secret country of Moose Land.

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