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5 November 2007, 06:14 PM   #1
Guest Poster
here is where u can put stories that u wrote, or from other people or websites (please
mention if its not ur story)
so yeah be creative ^_^

5 November 2007, 06:17 PM   #2
Guest Poster
How Billy the Nerd Got the Girl of His dreams

Its 5:59 A.M, Billy is still asleep but his alarm will wake him up in a minute. A
minute passes and his alarm goes off but his alarm is special, his alarm wakes him
up with the Star Wars theme song. He bought it on EBay. “Billy, are you awake yet?”
his mother yelled. “Yes mother, I just woke up” After he showered, Billy went down
stairs for breakfast. “Mother can I have my pancakes?” asked Billy. “Yes my
“MOM! My nick name is the (1) Cerebral and only my friends can call me that!”
Actually, Billy didn’t have that much friends, he only had one. But everyone in
school still called him “the cerebral.” Believe it or not, Billy is a NERD! 
     After breakfast, Billy waited outside for the bus. When the bus arrived, Billy
sat next to his friend, his only friend, Francis. “What’s up Cerebral?” said
Francis. “Nothing much Galactic Commander” Suddenly, Billy looks up and sees the
girl of his dreams. Rachel Wataburger, the most popular girl in school and the
prettiest girl in the whole school. Billy has had a crush on her since Elementary.
“Hey Cerebral, you looking at Rachel stupid burger?” asked Francis. “Dummies like
her belong in a box.” “I know you don’t like her because she’s popular
Billy said. Francis continued. “If losers like Rachel were categorized in a library,
she would be in the (2) genre for dummies.” Billy is annoyed. “Okay I get it, you
don’t like Rachel.” Francis still continues. “How come it takes more than one
to screw in a light bulb? Because popular girls like Rachel are so dumb!” Billy
yells, “Enough, wow you’re just like my mom, (3) reclusive, you need to get to know
new people and stop judging them.” Francis was a little mad. “I bet you couldn’t
Rachel to go out with you” “Oh really? I bet I could!” Francis smiled. “Ask her
the dance!” Billy yelled out loud “What your crazy! She won’t go with me!”
on the bus stared. “Shut up you dork.” One of the teens on the bus said.
Billy blushed red with embracement.” “Fine Francis, ill ask her to the dance.”
“Good, but she’s still going to say no to you, it’s just how life is.” Billy
“Francis you’re, you’re, you’re such a (4) fatalist!” Francis smiled. “Good
you (5) nihilist!” Billy thought. “Stop (6) belittling me you, you, dork!” The
teenager in the seat behind them was annoyed from their arguing. “Would you dorks
stop arguing?” The teenager sat back down. 
    The bus reached school, Billy was determined to ask out Rachel. He walked up to
her locker. Some football jock was talking to her, but Rachel didn’t seem to like
his company. Billy rushed to help her. “Josh leave me alone; go to the dance with
someone else you creep!” Rachel yelled. Josh was relentless. “What’s your
Josh asked. “Hey!” yelled Billy. “The lady said no!” “What did you say you
Billy stuttered. “I I said to leave her her alone.” Rachel goes to Joshes face.
“Yes, leave me alone!” Josh gets tired. “Fine what ever.” Billy yells back.
and why don’t you use less of that (7) kinetic energy you use to play football and
study more you ugly ape!” Josh looks back. “Shut up you nerd!” Billy turns red.
sir.” Rachel laughs. “Thank you, Josh hits on me all the time and no one has had the
guts to tell him to get lost.” Billy smiles. “Well just call me Dr. ( Panacea when
football jocks make you sad.” “What?” Rachel asks. Billy turns red. “Panacea, it
means something that cures everything.” Rachel thinks. “Oh!” Rachel laughs.
funny.” Billy blushes. “No, no I’m not, wait, yes I am” Rachel laughs again.
“So, do
you have a name?” Billy stares at her. “Yes I do, all humans are born with them, so I
heard, and my name is the cerebra…” Billy pauses. “My name is Billy.” Rachel
hands with Billy. “Well nice to meet you Billy, my name is Rachel” “So Billy, did
you just move here?” Billy looks down. “Actually I’ve lived in this town since I
in diapers.” Rachel is surprised. “Wow really? I’m sorry I’ve never noticed you
before.” Billy smiled. “Forget about it.” Rachel starts to smile at him. Billy is
getting nervous. “What?” Rachel answers. “Wow, you have pretty eyes.” Billy
“Yours are nice too.” Rachel and Billy stare at each other which seems like an
eternity. Everyone around them feel (9) latent. The warning bell sounds. Rachel and
Billy turn their heads. Rachel walks up to Billy. “Well I got to get to class. I’ll
talk to you later Billy. Oh ya…” Rachel takes out a pen and writes down her email on
his arm. “There’s my email address so we can talk some more okay?” Rachel starts
walking away. “Talk to you later.” Billy’s heart is beating so fast. “Bye
Billy started dancing to class. 
     After first period, Billy looked for Francis and wanted to tell him about what
happened. “Francis it was awesome, Rachel and I talked for a while, and she thinks
I’m funny!” Francis turns toward him. “That’s nice, but did you ask her to the
dance?” Billy didn’t move. “Well no, but I’m going to wait, and get to know her
better, then when the time is right, I will ask her to the dance.” Francis slams his
locker. “Don’t ask her to the dance!” “Why?” Francis looks at him. “If you do,
going to forget about everything you ever had, and give it all up for her!” Billy
gets a little irritated. “I’m not a (10) Martyr Francis, I thought you would be
happy for me!” Francis sighs. “I am happy, but what if you completely forget about
me, and I don’t want you to get hurt if she says no, your not exactly charming or
(11) idyllic.” Billy looks up at Francis. “Hey Francis don’t be so (12) abhor,
not going to forget you, you’ve always been there for me.” Billy nudges Francis arm.
“Come on Galactic Commander lets get to study hall.” Francis laughs, and they both
walk to study hall. For the past few days when Billy gets home from school, he talks
online with Rachel for 5 hours straight. They get to know each other better and
better every passing minute. 
     Finally the school dance is today. Billy is going to ask Rachel Whataburger to
the dance. Billy walks to Rachel’s locker. “Hi Rachel, how are you doing?” Rachel
smiles back. “Hi Billy, oh my gosh guess what!” Billy is a little worried to answer.
“What?” Rachel hugs him and says “I’m going to the dance with Kyle!” At that
Billy’s heart breaks in two. “Oh, I’m happy for you.” “Oh what were you going
say?” Billy stands there holding back his tears. “I’m going to the dance too, but
got no date so I’m going with my friend Francis, hope they don’t play to many slow
dances.” Rachel laughs. “Nice, well see you at the dance.” Rachel leaves. Billy
walks with his head down to his class. “My heart feels so (13) degenerated.” 
     Its 7:30p.m, the dance has started 30 minutes ago. Billy and Frances walk
together to the entrance; this was going to be their first dance they have ever been
too. They looked very handsome. Both of them were wearing casual cloths and were
wearing their contact lenses. Girls kept waving at them also. Francis whispered to
Billy. “Hey, you think I should try to ask a single girl to go dancing with me?”
Billy shouts. “No, you are here with me!” “Sorry, I was just kidding and being (14)
hypothetical.” Billy looks down. “Wait I’m sorry, even though I’m here with out a
date, doesn’t mean you have to either. I just wish I could have gone with Rachel.”
Francis looks in the crowd of dancers. “Hey who was Rachel going to the dance with?”
Billy sighs. “She’s going with that skateboard dude Kyle.” Francis pokes Billy.
that girl that Kyle’s dancing with doesn’t look like Rachel.” Billy looks up. It
wasn’t Rachel. “Where’s Rachel?” Billy wondered. 
     Billy decides to go looking for her. He spends 40 minutes trying to find her.
He figures that she went home. Billy walks out side. Suddenly he hears a sound. Like
somebody was crying. He looks to the left of him, its Rachel sitting outside on a
bench crying. “Rachel, what’s wrong, why are you crying?” Rachel turns her head.
“Nothing, go back to the dance, I’m fine.” Billy sits next to her. “Rachel, I
your (15) fabricating to me, what’s wrong, I want to know?” Rachel starts bawling in
his arms. “Kyle only went to the dance with me to make his old girl friend jealous!
He told me he really wanted to go with me and I believed that loser! I’ve never been
so embarrassed, and everyone saw it happen!” She continues to cry in his arm. “Hey
forget about that loser, it’s his lost, he lost the chance to be with a great girl,
he’s a loser for hurting your feelings, and you deserve better than him. Now stop
crying please Rachel, Dr. Panacea is here.” Rachel looks up and smiles back at
Billy. “You are such a nerd.” Billy lifts her chin up and looks in her eyes “Rachel
I love you.” Rachel sits up. “You do?” Billy continues to look at her eyes. “Yes,
love you Rachel. When I see you, the sun comes out, when you smile the heavens open
up, and when you laugh it makes the aliens of planet x tremble, and me too. I love
you, I’ve always have loved you.” Rachel smiles with her head looking down, then
lifts her head up and looks deeply into Billy’s eyes. “Oh Billy, I love you too.”
Billy and Rachel stare into each others eyes, until finally their lips meet. Rachel
laughs. Billy puts his arms around Rachel, and they stay outside for hours holding
each other looking up at the stars. 
	Billy finally got to be with the girl of his dreams. Rachel and he continue to date
after the dance and they become inseparable. Billy’s relationship with Rachel didn’t
affect his friend ship with Francis, but they don’t hang as much. That’s okay
though; Francis decided to keep the contact lenses, now he’s got all sorts of lady
friends. And that’s how Billy the nerd, got the girl of his dreams.

5 November 2007, 06:25 PM   #3
The Founder
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wow u wrote all that good story
hey yall was up

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5 November 2007, 06:30 PM   #4
Guest Poster
thank u ^_^

5 November 2007, 06:30 PM   #5
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lol so did u copy that from sme where
hey yall was up

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5 November 2007, 07:06 PM   #6
Guest Poster
well i copied and paste it from my diary on kupika. i still wrote the story ^_^ 
it was an assignment from months ago, and i was writing yesterday a sequal to that story,
cause i had another assignment to write a story.

6 November 2007, 09:29 PM   #7
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Last edited by ‹Supercalafragalisticespialadocious.›, 6 November 2007
i am writing a story wit my frind i hope u like it here it is its only chapter 2 

Hermione woke up to a knocking on her door 

"hermione time to wake up"it was draco "if you dont want to be late for class youd better
get ready"
she stood up and walked over to the door.she opened it and let him in.

"you could have just let me sleep...they wouldnt of noticed i wasnt there."she said
smiling and grabbed her wand.she
cast a spell that changed her clothes and made her hair nice and flat.she put on some
lip-gloss and they walked down to
there first class.

when they got there the class had already started but the teacher didnt bother them to
much about it.they lied and said
a first year was skipping potions.the proffesor nodded understanding.

hermione sat in an empty table on the left side of the room..draco sat with blaise  on the

"so whats up with you and granger"he whispered to draco
"none of your buessness"he said glaring at him
"i saw you two on the train" he said smirking at draco
"you tell anyone and i swear ill kill you"

end of conversation.....

during independant work the door opened and McGonagall walked in with a tall black haired
boy in slytherin colors
walking behind her.
he looked a little confident for his first day.

"proffesor this is mr.cody perish he will be joining your class.i will leave him in your
capable hands.

with that she walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

well then mr.perish you can sit in the empty seat by ms.Granger.he looked around found the
seat and went to sit down.
hermione looked at draco who definatly wasnt happy. she smiled trying to let him no that
he should stay calm.he took
the hint and 
looked back to his work.this transaction was not lost to cody.

"so what are we working on" he said smiling to hermione
she told him everything they'd been told so far and they had a few smiles,with hermione
looking at draco every now and
but he stayed focased on his work.

she sighed.

"whats wrong"cody asked
"nothing"she replied smiling at him
"are you sure"
"yeah"they both smiled 

she looked over at draco...'SURE NOW HE DECIDES TO LOOK!'she thought,....

oh yeah...he was mad


she turned around to  find cody behind her
"do you think you could help me with my potions homework"he said...he looked a little
"umm...sure if you want...come by the heads dorm around 8:00 ok"
"see you later tham"she said walking away
"see ya"he said after she was gone


every one was talking about the new kid..he was from america.she stared over at the
slytherin table only to find those
icy blue eyes staring at her. draco jerked his head to the door signaling her to meet
him.when she noded he got up and
walked out of the great hall.
a little while later she got up and left.

she walked out of the doors and turned the corner only to be pulled into the shadows and
pushed against the wall.

"you know if you wanted the to talk you didnt have to go through all this trouble"she said

"what the bloody hell was that all about."said draco
"what do you mean"
"i thought you were smarter than that"
"ohhh your talking about cody...draco dont be jealus ok...hes nothing special"
draco scoffed
"then why are you seeing him later"he said
"im helping him with his potions can stay there with us if you want" she
said smiling and roleing her
he kissed her with much passion then dropped his arms...he smiled and they walked  to
there commen rooms for they both
had a free period.

unaware everything they had just done was seen by some one else....

hey yall was up

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6 November 2007, 09:52 PM   #8
Guest Poster

6 November 2007, 09:59 PM   #9
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thankx u like we workedon it together
hey yall was up

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8 November 2007, 06:50 PM   #10
Guest Poster

     It’s 5:59 A.M; his alarm clock will wake Billy up in a minute though. But Billy is
awake, he’s awake because he’s got a girlfriend now and not just any girlfriend, he
is currently dating the girl of his dreams, he couldn’t be any happier. A minute
passes and his special edition star wars alarm clock wakes him up. “Billy! Are u
awake?!” asks Billy’s Mother. “Yes mother, I’m awake! Thank you! I love you!”
mother is shocked, Billy never tells her he loves her, unless he is going to his
Dad’s house for the weekend, or when he wants something. After taking a shower Billy
ran down and consumed his breakfast as fast as possible. “Honey, slow down, is there
something wrong?” asked Billy’s Mother. Billy swallowed the rest of his food in his
mouth. Then Billy got up and started washing his plate. That was very surprising to
his mother too, he never cleans his plate. The only thing that is clean about him is
his room. “That was very (1) benevolent of you honey?” said Billy’s Mother. “No
problem mother, well I better go, the bus comes in 4 minutes.” Billy said. “Billy
wait...” Billy’s mom said worried. Billy continued to walk. “GET BACK HERE NOW
ROBERT SMITH!” yelled Billy’s mother. Billy knew this was going to be (2) egregious;
his mom never yells his middle name. “What did I do Mother?” Billy’s Mom calmed
down. “That’s what I want to know, did something happen? Are you failing a class,
are you in trouble, why are you acting so nice, what did you do!?” Billy’s Mom sat
down. “Mother I’m acting so nice because I’m in a good mood.” Billy said with
relief. “Why are you in a good mood?” Billy’s Mom questioned. “Mom, because this
semester My Girlfriend Rachel has more classes with me” Billy answered. “Girl
friend, when did you get a girlfriend?” Billy was amazed. “Mom, I’ve been dating
Rachel for more than 4 months now!” Billy’s mom starts to chuckle. “Oh yes I
remember, I thought you were joking about that, oh well that’s a relief. Well have a
good day at school.” Billy’s mom starts to laugh harder. “Thanks a lot MOM!”
storms out of the house in embarrassment. 
     Billy’s bus reaches school a little late. So he has no time to talk to his
friends, well actually he doesn’t have enough time to talk to his one and only
friend, Francis. Even though Billy is dating the prettiest girl in the whole school
and the girl of his dreams, Billy is still a nerd. And Rachel, Billy’s girlfriend
has lost a few friends too, but she doesn’t care, she loves her nerdy boyfriend too
much to care what other people think. But Rachel is still the 2nd most popular girl
in school, so she still has a lot of friends. Billy is late for his 1st hour class,
but Billy doesn’t care about that, because his girlfriend is in his class and he
can’t wait to see her again after the holiday break. 
     “Billy, glad you could make it” said the teacher in a very (3) tirade voice.
“Sorry Mr. Phillip.” Billy said. “Yes well ill let you off with a warning Billy but
next time try to be on time.” Mr. Phillip said it very (4) histrionic. “Yes sir!”
Billy said in a (5) parody way. Suddenly a faint giggle in the class appeared. Billy
turned his head, he knew who that was. “There’s my girl” Billy smiled. He then
to where his girlfriend was sitting. Billy put his arms around her and wouldn’t let
go. Rachel laughed “Hi handsome, I’ve missed you so much my love.” Rachel said with
relief. Then their lips met. They continued to kiss until they were both gone, they
kissed until every one around them was latent. They kissed until the teacher slammed
his hand on the desk. “That is enough, this is a classroom not one of your (6)
illicit teenage closet parties!” everyone in the class started laughing. “Sorry
about that Mr. Phillip.” Rachel said but staring at Billy at the same time. “Well
don’t let it happen again” Mr. Phillip said in a very (7) genteel voice. Mr. Phillip
continued his teaching. Rachel held on to Billy’s hand and put her leg over his. Then
she rested her head on his shoulder. “So My love, how are you doing?” Rachel smiled.
“Well my dear, I am doing fine now that you are here with me.” Billy said as he
stroked her hair. Rachel blushed. “That was a very ( copious and romantic thing to
say, I love you” Billy smiled back. “I love you too.” Then Billy and Rachel’s
met again, but not that long, because they didn’t want to get in trouble, but long
enough to feel both of their love. Billy looked deep into Rachel’s eyes. Rachel
looked back at Billy and smiled. “So my love…” Rachel said with enthusiasm. “What
did you get me for my birthday?” Just then Billy’s heart was beating so fast, and
Billy’s face made a look that was priceless. “What?” Billy asked again. “What did
you get me for my birthday?” Rachel said again with a big smile in her face. “Ha ha,
your birthday right, umm you know I can’t tell you that silly not until your birthday
comes.” Rachel rested her head back on his shoulder. “Fine my love, I can wait until
tomorrow.” Rachel smiled. Billy was feeling like someone had poured a (9) noxious
cup of harmful chemicals into his body, and he was about to explode. “Yes, tomorrow
you will get your gift my love.” Billy said in a worried voice that only a nerd
could make. 
     After class, Billy told Rachel he forgot something in his locker and had to go
get it. He kissed his beautiful girlfriend good bye and rushed too his friend
Francis like a mad man!  “Francis! Help me!” Billy yelled in despair. “You forgot
about Rachel’s birthday didn’t you?” Francis said unsurprised. “Yeah, how did you
know?” Billy asked. “Well duh you’re Billy.” Francis said opening his locker.
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Billy asked. “For get it, what are you going to
Francis wondered. “I don’t know, oh man I feel so (10) abject.” Billy said falling
to the floor. “This is very (11) wantonly.” Billy said with his head down. Francis
sat next to his (12) despondent friend. “Hey, don’t be so gloom, after school I’ll
help you find Rachel a birthday gift. Okay?” Francis said in a very (13) acute but
still help full voice. Billy looks up in suspicion. “Really?” Billy asked. “Yes,
you’re my friend, and I hate to see you sad, I want to help you and make sure
nothing bad happens to you.” Francis responds. Billy grins. “No really, why do you
want to help me find a gift for Rachel?” Francis yells back almost in a (14)
sacrilege way. “Okay fine, I also need to stop by at the store any way to buy some
new socks. Gosh are you happy now! You are so (15) fastidious Billy! You are never
satisfied!” Billy smirks back at Francis. “Yup.” The warning bell rings. “Well
you after school Francis. Bye.” 
     After school, Billy is outside by the school holding on to his love. Rachel
laughs “Billy were going to miss the bus, we can cuddle and stuff when we get on the
bus.” Rachel smiles. “I know but I’m not ridding today, I got to go to the store
help Francis find some socks.” Billy said. “Socks, why can’t he look for some socks
by him self?” Rachel asked. “Well it’s Francis, you know how he is, but I’ll see
tomorrow okay, and I promise to come earlier so you can tell me all about your
holiday break okay my love?” Billy said in a very smooth and (16) lucid voice.
Rachel kisses Billy one more time. “Okay have fun, bye my love.” Rachel leaves and
gets on the bus. The bus leaves. Suddenly Billy sprints to Francis car. “Hurry lets
go!” Billy yelled. “Okay, gosh hold your horses.” 
     11 minutes later, Billy and Francis make it to the store. “Hey girls like
jewelry, right Francis?” asked Billy. “Yes they do, hey this necklace is nice, and
it’s only fifteen dollars. “Really, let me see.” Billy stares at Francis.
I don’t think Rachel would like a giant Dora the Explorer head dangling from her
neck!” Billy yells in an annoyed voice. “Sorry, well look around and fine something,
ill be in the junior men’s department looking for some fuzzy socks that match my
fuzzy bunny slippers.” Francis says. 20 minutes later Francis returns with a new
pairs of socks in his hands. “Any luck finding Rachel a birthday gift?” Francis
asks. “Yes, but I can’t afford anything! Oh man, what am I going to do?” Billy said
with grief. Francis thought for a while. “Billy don’t worry I’ve got an idea.”
Francis said. “You have an idea, great that’s just fantastic.” Billy sighed.
worry, this is a good idea, and besides, you need a birthday gift anyway, it’s
better than nothing.” Francis replied. Billy stood there thinking about it for a
while. “Fine, what is your birthday gift?” Francis did not answer his question.
“Billy, don’t worry it will be fine, just tell her to meet you at the football field
at 8 o’clock tomorrow.” Then Francis bought his socks and left the store. 
     It’s the next day, 3 minutes until 8. Billy is waiting for Francis patiently
before Rachel comes first. Suddenly Billy gets a phone call. “Hello?” Billy
answered. “Hey Billy its Francis, I’m going to be a little late.” Francis said.
“Late, you can’t be late; oh no I can see Rachel walking toward me already.” Billy
replied. “Well good luck, just try to stall for a while okay?” Francis said. Billy
sighed. “Okay, bye.” Rachel walked upped to Billy. “So Billy…” Rachel put her
around him. “What’s my birthday gift?” Billy stayed there, and took something out
his pocket. “Happy birthday Rachel!” Billy yelled. Rachel just stood there. “Oh,
thank you Billy for the wonderful, birthday card.” Rachel said with a little sigh.
“Okay honey, I’m sorry, I forgot about your birthday, and I went yesterday to the
store to find you a gift but everything was too expensive, I’m really truly sorry.”
Billy begged. Rachel looked at the card, and then she looked up at Billy. Rachel
then put her arms around Billy’s neck and looked deeply into his eyes. “Billy, It’s
fine that you forgot my birthday, I love you Billy, and it’s going to take more than
a forgotten birthday gift to get me mad at you.” She slowly moved her face toward
Billy and gave him a kiss. “I love you my nerdy Boyfriend, I always will.” Billy
smiled and stared at Rachel’s big brown eyes. “Thank you Rachel, I love you too,
happy birthday.” Billy said. “But next time don’t breathe so hard in front of my
face, you fogged up my glasses.” Billy said. Rachel laughed then continued to kiss
her nerdy boyfriend. 
     “Billy wait!” Francis yelled running down the football field. “Francis, I’m
kind of in the zone right now.” Billy said. Francis grabbed both of their arms and
dragged them to the other side of the foot ball field. On the ground they could see
a picnic set up and a little candle light. Billy was shocked. “Francis, you actually
did this for us?” Billy asked. “This was very nice of you Francis.” Rachel added.
Rachel and Billy sat next to each other on the picnic blanket. “Yes it is nice, but
it’s not over yet.” Then suddenly a sound of thunder came about, and appeared in the
sky were fire works, shining the night time sky. “My Uncle works at a Fire works
company, and he was happy to help out.” Francis said with a smile on his face. Then
Francis wished Rachel a happy birthday and left them alone. Billy looked at Rachel;
she was smiling with tears of joy in her eyes. “I hoped this made your birthday
special.” Billy said. “Happy birthday my love.” Rachel looked back at him, “I
you so much.” Billy kissed his pretty woman, Rachel laughed, and Billy put his arm
around Rachel, and they sat there looking up at the fire works. Holding each other
tight and never letting go.
     And that is how, Billy the Nerd, Got his pretty woman, Rachel, his one true love,
an awesome birthday she would never forget.

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lol cool new story!!!!!
hey yall was up

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8 November 2007, 06:57 PM   #12
Guest Poster
thanks ^+^ lol 
hey tomorrow im going to put my last story up 
its called

8 November 2007, 06:59 PM   #13
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lol do u know a nerd named billy
hey yall was up

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8 November 2007, 09:09 PM   #14
Guest Poster
nope lol ^_^

8 November 2007, 09:22 PM    #15
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do u wanna know one???
hey yall was up

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