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Proffesor Minerva McGonagall (Maggie Smith)

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McGonagall is famous for three things: firstly, she was a very strict, no-nonsense teacher
of Transfiguration, held in respect (and some fear) by all students; secondly, she is an
avid Quidditch fanatic; and thirdly, she is one of the few Animagi of the century, her
Animagus form being a tabby cat with markings near her eyes resembling her square
spectacles. These first two facets demonstrate the conflicting sides of her personality:
on the one hand, she is strict, severe and unsmiling, while on the other, she longs for
her house to be victorious in a trivial sporting event. 

Minerva sees other forms of magic less elegant and more simplistic then the art of
Transfiguration. This thinking generally applies to Divination, a subject McGonagall
dislikes greatly, and seems to think low of the Divination Professor Sibyll Trelawney. She
is infamous for giving vast amounts of homework. She shares a lot in common with the
character Hermione Granger, whose descriptions cross frequently with each other. There
have been a few incidents when Minerva showed her softer side. An example is when she gave
permission for Harry and Ron to visit Hermione in the Hospital Wing when she was
petrified. She had a tear in her eye when she said this. She also giggled and blushed when
a tipsy Hagrid kissed her. 

No one could have ever been in any doubt as to who was in charge when Professor McGonagall
was teaching a class – even Dolores Umbridge was treated with very little respect (and a
good deal of contempt) when attempting to assert her authority in McGonagall's classroom.
She tolerates no misbehaviour and commanded the attention of the whole of her class.
Unlike Professor Severus Snape, she is also careful to take an even-handed approach to
discipline with all pupils, punishing those from her house even when this could mean
losing the House Cup.

23 February 2008, 10:23 AM    #2
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she looks soooooooo strict!

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