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Share your stories/graphics here.

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Share Graphics and Stories here!
Just post the links for stories, and just post the graphics here :D

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WastedDreams (It is a poem i did)
wasted dreams crys in the dark
you feel bad don't you? i do two
but i can't say it no one feels
right to me by myself i don't 
feel safe sometimes the sky sets
and i am in the dark i love it but i 
need some one to be with me who's
like me but that is starting to seem
unreal like fairytales that tell you if
you wish hard you get what you want well
i did that and i didn't get a damn thing
i fight with myself for i still can't win the war
 i have shed so many tears i can't keep 
count  the shadows feel home to me
still you can't drag me out oh you can't
drag me out  becuse i got so mush ammo   
to take a whole city out but i will keep
it in like i aways do    tossing and turing in my
sleep dreaming of things that i think won't
happen wasted dreams lost hopes sink
like a sunken boat I put up a wall oh
i put up a wall so no one can get in 
I open my mouth to speak but
nothing comes out wasted dreams
lost hopes cumble like dust in the wind
you can't said what you don't mean
as the srowd falls your  the
one to blame  The world is 
out to get me oh the world is out 
to get me I keep my heart locked not
becuse i was scorned by love
i am scorned by the world
so i keep it locked with wire and other things so
no one can get in Never does the feeling of sliping
away go way all these soppy love songs are annoying
 me i want dark songs that tell of what me and other
  people are feeling

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