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Fanfic ^-^ (( no lemons limes watermelons or anyother citrus froots u know ))

19 May 2007, 06:21 PM   #1
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Naruto was at the ramen store on a hot summer day.
"CMOOOOON! I swear i'll pay it back but DOUBLE just give me rameeennnnn! I'm broke
please!" HE put on his best puppy eyes that kiba probably couldn't even beat. The girl at
the counter sighed regretfully. " Naruto i'm sorry but ramen costs MONEY. IF you have NO
money you g-" "GET NO RAMEN!" he yelled. " i know but.. ERRRRG! I'll be ba-" Naruto leaped
off one of the chairs and nearly fell flat on sasuke. " Hey BRAT watch where your going! "
naruto glared at him with dagger eyes. " YOU WATCH IT GOT IT?! YOUR THE ONE WHO SHOULDNT
HAVE BEEN STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ME YA KNOW!!!!" Naruto looked down on his empty puch and
made an i-feel-like-pouting-and-i-dont-know-why-and-i'm-upset-so-i'll-eat-you face at his
pouch. Sasuke immediatly changed moods. " Hey brat, you broke? " Naruto glared at him
again. "AM NOT! i have enough money to buy kakashi sensei SEVENTEEN NEW RELEASES OF HIS
HENTAI BOOKS YA HEAR!" Sasuke turned his eyes into slits as he snatched away his pouch and
turned it inside out, handing it back to him. " Okay well maybe a lil but-" Sasuke pushed
him aside. " One large bowl of ramen..." He said griting his teeth slightly embarrased. "
Hai! " They set a large bowl of steamy ramen on the counter. ' he did that in spite of me
that showoff!" he thought. Sasuke shakily lifted the bowl and handed it out to naruto with
his eyes shut. " Here.." Naruto lightened up and smiled so intensely it mustve hurt. He
lifted up chopsticks into the air and stabbed them into the ramen. When it was about 2
cenemeters from his drooling tongue sasuke stopped him in his tracks. " Hey! I paid for
it, so we share-" Naruto  nodded without even listenin and crammed as much as he could
into his mouth. Sasuke sighed. " Didn't you here me idiot! i said to share!" Naruto gulped
and stuck his tongue out. " I cant help it it eat alot. " Naruto sluped another chunk of
noodles into his mouth ans sasuke groaned. " I waste my money on you, when i say to give
me some too......" Sasuke kissed naruto and licked the ramen off the tip of his tongue and
let go slowly. " then you should give me some too...."  Naruto was like a statue for 15
minutes and began to shiver as his face turned into a cherry. "
sa-sa-sa-sa-s-s-sa-SAKUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA CHAAAAAAAAAAANN! " Sasuke got gave naruto
another long kiss. " Gotta run my Naruto Kun. "

The ramen people sat there watching..... the real victims of this story.... PEACE!!

19 May 2007, 08:05 PM   #2
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Mommy!  the text brick hurts my brain!
make it stop! PLEASE!

19 May 2007, 10:11 PM   #3
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i didn't write it
say hello to nai-chan's LAME PARAGRAPH SKILLS
bad grammar
love it
kiss it
date it

19 May 2007, 10:30 PM   #4
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c'mon...don't post other people's writing as your own!

24 May 2007, 08:18 PM    #5
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nai chans my friend, she doesn't have her own email adress, 
she told me to post this
* hides*

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