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The Desert Arena

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You didn't think all stars were equal did you? Some are bred and molded into machines, yes. But those who aren't as strong, or perhaps don't afford a feasible amount of power, or simply have interesting abilities, are dragged here. A Star's death is a beautiful thing. So beautiful, the world ought to see it. And it will. For any patron who has the means to travel, they may come and sit a distance away from the fight. Fight? Oh yes. Star against Star. Star against Human. A hard slab of Desert rock that was carved from a mountain and set upon high towers. Everyone adores a good show. And the Queen of the Dessert, Divine keeper of the Nile, Cleopatra, has made the Arena fair use to any nation willing to bring a star as tribute. A Grigori. Gamblers, brawlers, merchant men. All paid handsomely if they are to find a star that gives off brilliant entertainment. Win or loose. If your star explodes, you are paid. If your star wins, you are paid. For such an easy system, this is where most Star Hunters make their money. Sometimes there are other means of entertainment. But mainly good ol' death-bouts. But the Radiation? Never fear- As the Queen's magician's have made her Colosseum safe for all human-kind with a floating cover of magic over the audience to protect them from the gas.
The Mighty Hunter Orion. Enslaved. Greek. Lights the Nile from Dusk to Dawn. "Not until Forever. That's when i'll stop chasing you."

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