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( Be detailed, or not.)






(Pictures help)
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Name; Nine

Age; 15

Sex; Female

History; Nemo has been pushed around in her house for years, one day she finally got out
on her own. She stays where ever she can when she can. She's a great thief when she needs
to be. She hasn't gotten any friends so tends to be shy. She's been abused mentally and
physically, and doesn't think very highly of herself. She tries her best to  put others
before herself but at times when she's feeling frisky or playful she'll pretend to be
stubborn and take something or yous or paw at you. (Well update later or something.
Probably wont but I have no idea what to write here and I'm just going with the flow.)

Likes; Milk, yarn, climbing trees, naps, being held or pet.

Dislikes; Fish

Weakness; Nice people

Powers; Cat like ability?

Personality; Shy at first playful, protective over things she claims as hers and she's
also loving.

Appearance; Picture down below.
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Name; Zach

Age; 13

Sex; Male

Zach grew up in a harsh home, so he was always reclusive. One day, he found the
CreepyPastaWiki and started reading. He read so many. He found one that stuck out. Jeff
the Killer. He wanted to become him, so he did. Burnt his eyelids out. Cut his smile in.
Everything. That's when one day, Jeff found him, and took him into the world of
CreepyPasta. His two best friends are Jeff and SlenderMan. And he's dating Jeff.

Likes; Jeff the Killer, CreepyPasta, killing

Dislikes; life
Weakness; Jeff's puppy dog face

Powers; Can teleport, projects voices in his enemies head and slowly makes them crazy,
fire powers

Personality; Insane, creepy, can be an adorable puppy around Jeff


I can't get a picture ugh. 

Jet black, unkempt, spastic hair. Burnt out eyelids with grey eyes. A permanent, cut
smile. Wears a grey hoodie and black jeans.

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Name; Jethro


Sex; Male

History; Jethro never had a bad past, but he did have a life changing moment. It was like
any other day at school, met with his friends and went to lunch. Except today was the day
the school was supposed to be repaired due to structural integrity issues. Before they
knew it, the ceiling had collapsed onto them; but thanks to Jethro, he lifted the debris
enough for his friends to get out. Once they realized he couldn't get out, he simply
smiled and said "It's been fun you guys, I'm sure as hell going to miss you.", his body
gave out on him and the building collapsed. Felling tired he fell asleep, but he didn't
think he'd wake up at all. He woke up in the middle of nowhere, with a cross burned into
his right hand. He found a stone path and started walking down it, hoping to find his true
purpose in life.

Likes; Friends who'll be there, music, food, swords

Dislikes; Ignorance, pop music of any kind

Weakness; Always puts his friends before his well being

Powers; Inhuman swordsmanship, heightened senses, moves silently, night vision

Personality; Generally the silent one in the group. Doesn't like to be the center of
attention; if he is, he'll just vanish away out of sight.

Appearance; Can change into this 

But his true form is this:

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There's supposed to be two pictures here or just one??
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I only see one. o-o You can message me both if you'd like.
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17 May 2013, 04:38 PM   #8
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Nice! ^-^
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name: Zidane
race: neko
sex: Male
history: Zidane had a nice family but in the end he ended up in the hospital because his
parents died in a car accident only cloud survived. After sevral hours in there, he
escaped due to the fact that the doctor he had was crazy
skills: he uses dual blades, magic, and he can change into a kitty.
Personality: He is friendly, but shy when he first meets someone. He is kind, and
Likes:friends, fish, hanging out, and wandering aound places.
Dislikes: people trying to hurt him or his freinds, someone trying to remove his tail,
stealing his fish and other catches
Weaknesses: tranqued, being attacked from behind, loseing his weapons(he uses magic with
his weapons), and being frozen like a statue or like a frozen bodie

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You can make your own topics. That would help a lot actually. cx 

And that last character is quiet interesting.
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19 May 2013, 11:13 PM   #11
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X3 glad i didnt put my dante one on here lolz

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Name; Arizona

Age; 16

Sex; Female 

History; Living alone with an alcoholic father that tends to be abusive was never her
style. Soon after her father visited her in her bedroom one night she found herself
running away from home with only a bag with little to nothing in it.

Likes; Males and Females. Attention, acting silly, and having fun. 

Dislikes; Serious conversations, and people who don't know how to have a good time

Weakness; Topples people. ;D

Powers; She has none

Personality; She's friendly at first then seems to become attached to people easy leading
into something she hopes will be romantic. 

Second picture. Might change it.
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14 June 2013, 12:29 PM   #13
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Nice x3

14 June 2013, 07:44 PM   #14
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Lol, I'm going to change the top picture soon. cx
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Name: Hook

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Shapeshifter Mage


Background: was born with the ability to change forms into animals, but as he grew he was
able to turn into less animals and now he can only turn into a human and a wolf. As this
occurred, he discover a second ability. He could manipulate light, but soon, he was only
able to manipulate it a little (As described in abilities) He lived in a isimple home on
farmland with his parents, who he inherited his powers from. they passed away they day
before he left to explore the world, 6 years ago.

Abilities: Can change form from wolf (in picture) to human (in picture). Creates a
defensive bubble of light around him that spans 2 meters high and 2 meters in all
directions (Wolf form, it starts from a meter then forces out, pushing anything away)
Creates a shield on his arm thats an oval, it spans 1 meter across and 4ft tall (He is
6ft, just to put it in perspective of how it looks) and a sword of light which is 3 ft in
length. Both are yellow and see through. When he is angry (once in a blue moon) He can
create full armor for both human and wolf form  in addition to this, he also has random
bolts of lightning that random fly from the armor, which burns whatever they hit. In wolf
form, his bubble can turn into a light storm, which is a tornado of light that burns most
objects and caused then to fly around him (basically a tornado, but bright) In human form,
he is able to throw the sword and drag whatever it hits to him, if it is an object like a
brick wall, he can drag himself to it. (The armor generated isbasically a liquid coat of
light that is solid yellow, but it isn't see through like the shield, bubble or sword)

Personality: Is extremely protective of the person he considers his 'owner' (This will
generally be the person he likes and is closest to him. He is protective to the point
where he will sleep on your lawn) He is cautious around strangers and prefers to be on his
own otherwise, either with his books or hunting. He is very hard to anger, but when he is,
he goes into a rage best not to get close to, human form or wolf (When he i angry, his
light abilities 'expand' as described above, he only really gets angry when someone
threatens or hurts his 'owner')

Likes: Hunting (But for play, he catches something then releases it) Sleeping, cuddling,
scratches behind the head/ears, parks. Using his light bubble to push people away when
he's upset or in a fight)

Dislikes: chocolate, physical confrontation (He doesn't mind acting big to scare things
off, he hates physically fighting though, and always apologises for hurting people)
Rejection, being hit/yelled at. Getting angry

Weaknesses: He is overly trustworthy, despite being cautious, once you have his trust, you
have it, and its near impossible to get rid of it. When he gets scratched behind the ear,
he turns into more of a dog than a wolf, where he flops on the ground and does nothing but
enjoy it. He is afraid of darkness (ergo the light sheild glows, but he cannot cast from a
place of no or low light)

Extra: The shields are strong and impregnable, for a time, they weaken as abuse goes on,
or as his anger lessens. They shatter when they have taken too many hits. his sword cannot
break, but he finds it hard it defend with. He's trained to use swords and sheild
effectively. His lightbubble, sheild, armor, storm or sword cannot touch the flesh or
clothing of his owner, she (yes, only 'she') Is immune to it all.

((Sorry if its a bit big, he's a complex character realy, I would have had more but these
seems to hate me and only posts up some stuff, so Iunno if even this message will goup,
this is about the 8th time ive editted haha))

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