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Character Log [II]

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Here you will create your characters.

Type of Creature (if not human):
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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Name: Vidal Harp
Age: 17
Hair: White
Eyes: Gray
Type of Creature (if not human): Risen, a ghost who has regained their physical form.
Talent: Can see the dead and interact with them as though they are living. When in dreams
he takes on his ghost form meaning he can fly, move threw walls, and turn invisible.
Weakness: His memory isn't very good and he isn't the greatest and fighting.
Personality: Clever, quick-witted, wise-cracking, foolish. 
Past: Vidal died when he chased after a girl who he thought was falling off a cliff. The
girl was a ghost and instead he ended up falling and dying. After wandering through
purgatory for years he was able to return to the world of the living as a ghost. There he
spent his time trying to find the girl he tried to save. After many years of him wandering
he came into contact with a strange orb that brought his physical form back. Now as a
Risen he was contacted by Insomniac Investigations because they needed his talents. 
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
Ven/ "Sophia, where did you go?" (Vampire)

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Name: Rinasuki Tsukiyomi
Age: 16
Hair: Purple-gray
Eyes: Purple
Type of Creature (if not human): Witch
Talent: Can cast spells and speak to animals.
Weakness: Sometimes has short attention span, scatter-brained.
Personality: Smart, foolish, giggly, easily distracted, nice.
Past: Rinusuke was an orphan at a young age, unable to remember her parents. She trained
very hard in her witchcraft abilities, but she was always disruptive to the public class
she was put into, so she had to leave the school. She wandered across the country, helping
out whoever she could with her skills. She was discovered by Insomniac Investigations and
invited to work there, since she had no home or way of making money and her talents would
be useful. She agreed to work for them, and now lives in an apartment provided by the
company and has just begun work.
Zareneth: Were-panther.
Neru: Vampire.
Kana: Demon.
Aradia: Witch.
Melanie Lytling: Phantom.
Miko Arisa: Vampire.
Rinasuke Tsukiyomi: Witch.
Mikaru Serenade: Fallen Angel

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Name: Blake Payne
Age: N/A (looks around seventeen years old)
Hair: Steel blue
Eyes: Cerulean blue
Type of Creature (if not human): Living Doll/Puppet
Talent: Walk talk and thinks for himself without a puppet master to control him. He
can also manipulate puppet strings and attach and detach them onto anything and anyone to
control them.
Weakness: He can be quite slow and has clumsy footwork.
Personality: Blake is a strange boy. He has manners, and seems to only speak when
being spoken to. He's a great listener, but can give off a sort of creepy vibe to others
due to his constant staring and emotionless facial expression.
Past: Blake was created in a toy shop by a toy maker who always wanted to be an
inventor of the first life size self-working puppet doll. His creator had succeeded in
creating Blake. He had taught the boy how to speak properly and how to walk. Unfortunately
his creator had died not long afterwards as the project had took years to make. Blake was
now alone in the back of the toy shop, until the Insomniac Investigations found out about
the project of the living doll, and invited him to work for them.
Fully-formed Naga

Oliver Johnson. Phantom.
Sin: Envy
"Jealousy can drive humanity to do unusual things"

Payne. Living Doll/Puppet

Thompson. Living Clockwork Doll
"If I seem worn out, then properly wind my key"

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11 January 2013, 07:15 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Name: Willow Mayberry
Age: N/A 
Hair: Blackish blue
Eyes: Light brown
Type of Creature (if not human): Shinigami
Talent: Willow can raise people from the dead, recall different people's pasts, and
can hack into anything that uses technology.
Weakness: Willow can sometimes have her emotions take control of her and she can't
control her powers or control what she wants to do.
Personality: Willow is quiet, sadistic, strong, and intelligent. She can also be
viewed as cold hearted and cruel when she is actually just trying to stick to herself so
she won't get hurt.
Past: Willow was orphaned when she was only three months old and was adopted by an
abusive family. She was abused quite a lot while living with her adoptive family and she
finally killed them after a while because she had always wondered what their screams
sounded like since she had heard hers every day of her life. She never knew who her real
mother or father was so she lived alone on the streets and would scavenge for food but she
died in a blizzard. Willow became a Shinigami after that and she always liked hearing the
screams of the people that she would reap and she would even raise them from the dead so
she could do it again. After a while she met someone that had a similar past to hers and
she began to know them. After her first real friend died the Insomniac Investigations
discovered her and she signed up to be part of the team. She has been working for them
ever since.

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Name: Lenore White Age: Seventeen Hair: Albino white Eyes: White Type of Creature: Vampire Talent: Very swift and quiet like a mouse, though sometimes squeaking too loud to a easy giveaway. Weakness: Love, friends and family. Personality: Quiet, strong, smart, resourceful and averagely kind towards others, even when trying to change. She is bad at lying and it is heard others can't seem to see through her, a strong side of hers. Past: Not knowing much about her past or even her life anymore, it was a time when things naturally came to her. Though she didn't expect the team of people to choose her of all, which she seemed scared at first. But soon agreed later on when finding out for the better of things, without understanding the conditions of her staying. Working with them at a younger age did a lot of things to her, but even today she looks back on her old life... and laughs. Picture:

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