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The Masquerade factions are like families that govern the parties. There are three in

The Royal Family: This faction is made up of The King and Queen, all their relatives, and
all of the family's staff. This faction tends to be more stuck up than most. They are also
cannibals, but only in secret.

Deagon Company: Lead by a rather strange and manic man named Deagon, this faction prides
theirself in industrialization and steam powered products. They like to think that they
are the best at what they do. They are also quite fond of slavery and some people believe
that Deagon and his closest followers are vampires.

The Garrets: This faction consists of a widespread group of common workers who strive to
outrank Deagon Company. The Garrets hate Deagon Company and are not very fond of the royal
family either. They also practice necromancy and alchemy.

I will most likely add more to this page eventually.
Samax/ "Truth is, I don't know myself." (Human)
Clover/ "Oh hello there, nice to meet you." (Mouse)
Daniel/ "It was the only way..." (Human)
Sevin/ "Come see my new invention!" (Vampire)
Vidal/ "So what if I'm dead?" (Risen)
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