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Character Creation

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11 October 2012, 08:04 PM   #1
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Make a rp character Pleasee ♥

Christian/neko part human/18

Sin and Rin/They have a strong connection between the underworld and today/Vampire

13 October 2012, 04:21 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Alois Taylor Traningham


Half neko

A quiet, gentle and senstive boy he is. He's calm, he never gets underpressure and can
become very pessimistic and hard to talk to. He doesn't really understand the outside
world, and it becomes very hard to what others think. Alois has never spoken his mind and
isn't the type to speak up or say anything if something is wrong. He will overwork
himself, and if others are sick, he gets worried about them that he doesn't realise his
own harm himself. Overall, he's a one-of-a-type kind of person. You will never realise
it's beauty until you've seen the ugly. He usually wears girl clothes because people
overlook, treat him and see him as a girl. They foten misjudge him of his gender, and gets
in a lot of trouble with that.

Alois was in a car crash at a young age, around ten years old. He had gained horrible head
trauma, he could barely speak or go to school, and his bad health kept him from doing any
physical activity or making friends at school. He was a fragile being, being as he was.
And soon after his parents had passed away of cancer, he began to depend on his own and
stayed by himself all of the time. He never went outside unless it was something
important, but never has he ever made contact with anyone. He lives alone in a large
apartment complex, no one knows where he gets the large amounts of money from. 

Will get...

13 October 2012, 04:53 PM   #3
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I love it!! Very touching you're in

Christian/neko part human/18

Sin and Rin/They have a strong connection between the underworld and today/Vampire

9 December 2012, 06:28 PM    #4
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Last edited by NinjaKiwiMonster, 9 December 2012
Name: Tyson
Age: 17
Species: Human - Love/Pain horror
Personality: He is quiet and out of the way, the boy who sits at the back of the class and
says very little but sees everything and understands everyones pains, without having to go
through them. He can be outgoing when he will takes him, or he is under the influence of
alcohol. He also  is very caring, and likes to take pain from others.

History: Horrors come into being by major emotional turmoil causing death. Are caused by a
spell going wrong and morphing the soul of the caster and/or of those around the spell
caster (mage, witch etc) or they just spawn into being. Tyson was killed in a traumatic
part of his life, where days before he was in a car crash with two of his friends. All of
which were drunkand he was the only one to survive the crash. He had been in the back
seat, duct taped down to the chir as a prank which ended up saving him. Days after, he was
released from the hospital after sustaining minimal injury and was on his way home via
taxi when a homeless man tried to mug the Taxi driver and Tyson. The Cab driver said
something in a strange language though, but was stabbed mid sentence, and half the taxi
disintegrated into nothing along with the homeless man, but Tyson found his spirit half in
the realm of spirits, which is what also saved his body, but it also caused him to go from
being a normal human to being a half horror.

Extra Notes: He is an active feeder, he chooses who he takes the motion of pain or lust
from in order to fuel his horror side. He cannot create his own food source. He can hurt
other spirits or undead beings, but living things he cannot do physical harm to, but can
scare (not that he does). He has a sword.

Pictures: I'll get the sword and person up ASAP sorry

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