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Setting: There's the western&Eastern lands. -Each are owned by different lords. -They are made up of villages. There's the forest and the dark forest. -Forest is normal with happy creatures for the most part. -Dark forest is a place full of death,poison,bandits and exiles. That's the gist of it anyhow. Character Application, Name: age: species: Picture: personality: Other:

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Name:Neila Age:18 Species:Part Cat Part Witch Picture: Personality:She's very secretive and loves money and food.She can be very sarcastic she may come off as rude. Other: Her village was killed by a man with the bone face. The purpose for her traveling is to find him and kill along with bringing her little sister back.

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Name: violet smith

personality:quiet, smart, very polite,kind, loves animals  
Other: her mom was an angel who got raped by a devil. she now live with the smith's who
are very upper class but still kind.

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Name; Charlotte Alice Kiah Redmen Age; Sixteen Species; Succubus Picture; Succubus form: Personality; Quiet, gentle, smart, clumsy, forgetful and easy going. Most like a maid, she is very obediant but mostly calm and likes to cook and clean. She doesn't know much about the world and isn't used to her own self yet. Other; Charlotte doesn't really know most about her past but her murdered parents in front of her lives. Abandoned by the age of four, she lived on her own for the rest of her life without relying on others so she has a cracked personality.

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Name: Fizz Harris
Age: 15
Species: Human

Personality: Fizz is a really bubbly girl, she's always excited for something,
either making new friends or going somewhere new. She's never really bothered by much, not
usually caring about other people's opinions of her, so she isn't afraid to be herself.
She's both lazy and productive, depending on her mood.
Other: Fizz has a dark past, she distracts herself with many things so she doesn't
think about it. She'll only open up to few people about it, although, when she does it's
really quite hard for her.

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Neila walked through a village looking for the cheapest booth to get fish from.She walked around hand on her hand on her sword she had a guy feeling something bad was going to happen today, so she wanted to get out of this village as fast as she could.She was headed to the Dark forest rumor has it that the man she sought out hid there.

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OOC: This is where we start? c:

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yes ma'ma

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Charlotte gracefully touched the grown, her wings spreading out as if they were yawning, and slowly crossing together and disappearing leaving her in her regular state. Licking her fingers from her early feast, she looked around. Lost.

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billy(an orphan walked up to violet) "ms. violet will u read to us today?" billy asked.
"of course billy. i always read on sundays" violet answered staring at the young boy. "ok
let me go round up everyone then." billy said starting to walk away. "thank you billy."
violet said while sitting down in the rocking chair. 

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