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***Title: Oh, What a Wonderful World (JK NOT THE REAL TITLE)

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11 July 2011, 03:28 AM   #1
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I got inspired to write this little story. The title is not the real title. I put it
because I wanted to.


Anyways, I wrote this in like ten minutes. Go me! A page and like one paragraph after
that. I am so proud of myself. But anyways, its about a girl named Dana Weston went to a
concert with her friend, Victoria, with back stage passes. That's not all I promise. I am
still trying to figure out some things, but I just don't want to give too much away.
Besides the fun part about reading is figuring all of it out.

Comment and enjoy!

	“Dana you won’t believe what happened!” screamed my friend, Victoria on the
phone. Actually, I really only heard static, but I guessed that is what she said. I pulled
the phone away from my ear, and if I could I would have gave Victoria my death glare.
Apparently, I have a really scary death glare. I did it once to a girl who was about two
years older than me, and she freaked out. 
	“Damn, Victoria. Do you know what time it is? It’s three in the morning! I have to
get up in three hours to get ready for school,” I say, getting angrier. Victoria
	“But I to stay up to win something, on the radio,” said Victoria. I was so confused.
Who the hell would have a contest at this time of the day? I lay back on my bed, while
Victoria continues. “Anyways, I won.” I snorted. Victoria had always tried to win a
stupid radio contest and she lost every single time.
	“Yeah, right. What’s it for anyways?” I asked. “And your parents would never let
you go anyways.” Victoria’s parents were very protective of her. She was never allowed
to go away besides school, and even then if she asked to stay home she could have. I heard
her do her secret laugh. This can’t be good.
	“I did win and I’ll have you know that I’m not going to tell my parents. It’s all
about the plan,” Victoria said. I rolled my eyes. Two years ago she wanted to go to a
concert. She gave money to her other friend, so she would buy the ticket. Thinking that
her parents had no choice to let her go since she used her own money, she was excited to
go. Once her parents found out they didn’t let her go. Needless, to say I thought that
was the worst plan on the entire earth.
	“Okay….so what does this have to do with me?” I asked. Victoria and I have become
really close since we entered high school. I have snuck into her house a couple of times
and we even walked to Walgreen’s one time, and she almost got caught. I loved her being
rebellious, because then she was actually a normal teenager. But sneaking out to go to a
concert? That was a whole different story.
	“Duh, you are coming with me on this concert. Back stage passes, too,” said Victoria.
I groaned. Victoria and I used to like the same music. But then she became obsessed with
Justin Bieber, and then after that she became obsessed with metal rock. I have no clue
what she was obsessed with now, but I could only hope it was something that I would like.

	“Who are we meeting?” I asked. I would probably go on this concert anyways, just to
make Victoria happy. Besides I would do anything for that girl not to get caught by her
	“Well….in case you didn’t notice –” started Victoria, but then she got caught
	“Dana Kimberly Weston what the fuck are you doing on the phone?” asked my dad while
opening my door and peering in. I jumped up from my bed and stared down my dad. For years
I always knew my dad had the better hearing at night than my mom. My mom would tell me
stories that my dad had always heard me or my sister crying, never my mom. I hung up on
Victoria. She was going to be pissed at me, but she would understand on the bus.
	It may seem like I had the perfect parents, but actually I don’t. I was not allowed to
have my laptop in my room past my bedtime. I was a junior in high school and I still had a
bedtime. Yet, I was allowed to have my phone in my room any time I want. Like I am not
going to communicate on that ever. I sweetly smiled at him, but I knew he could see me. 
	“Sorry, but Victoria called me about something winning a contest on the radio,” I
said. My dad turned the light on at that moment. When I could finally see again, I saw my
dad was seriously pissed at me. I swallowed.
	“Dana there is a time to talk on the phone and a time to not talk on the phone,” said
my dad. “Besides you have school tomorrow, and even a math test. You need to pass some
of these tests or else you will be failing.” With that he turned my light off and closed
the door. I blinked.  

12 July 2011, 10:18 PM    #2
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How is it even possible for my worst story that I have ever written is one that I
actually have ideas on? -_- It pisses me off. But I guess I can handle it. I am trying to
make this story as realistic as possible, and trying to make it funny and original. If you
don't agree with something please tell me.

This is rated PG-13. Some parts are rated PG and maybe even G, but hey most of it is going
to be PG-13. Which includes cursing, fighting scene (I love using their words somethings
XD), and some other stuff. XD

Comment and enjoy!

	That was another thing about my parents. They didn’t really like me. My sister was
older than me by about two and a half years and some odd number of days. But she was the
golden child. She has the perfect grades, always listened to my parents, never got in
trouble, and she got into one of the best colleges. My parents said they didn’t care
about grades at all. They said as long I was going to school and learning something it was
completely fine. I usually got C’s, and for once I wanted my parents to yell at me about
it. To even ground. But they didn’t. They just said good job you passed the class! 
	When they saw my sister’s report card, everything would change. My dad was so proud of
her and everything. Ever since that one study came out, my parents blamed it on my sleep
about my lacking grades. I was always a night owl kind of person. I would stay up until
the sun was rising, but I wouldn’t wake up until noon or even past noon. I tried to
explain to them that I had a sleeping disorder. They didn’t believe me.
	I was actually very surprised though that my dad didn’t ground me. Every little thing I
did from listen to my music too loud to changing the channel on the TV when my dad was
clearly sleeping they would ground me. One time before my dog was put down I couldn’t
have ice cream until I walked her. I didn’t want to walk her without my sister. It was
just something we always did, together. I put up a fight. They never did this to me
before. My dad and I came to an agreement though, if I was the dishes than I can have ice
cream. I said okay and besides I was just going to throw them into the dishwasher. My dad
said that there weren’t enough dishes. So I washed everything by hand. I filled up the
damn dishwasher too. I was righteously pissed off, and he left me five tins to wash even
though I know for a fact we only used one that night.
	I turned my phone on silent, knowing that either Victoria would call me back or text me
back, but I didn’t want to talk to her. I wanted to get my sleep, but even I knew that
was impossible for me. Once I fell asleep I couldn’t fall back asleep until an hour
later. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. I tossed and turned for the whole night,
thinking how much I am going to kill Victoria on the bus ride to school tomorrow. 


	I walked to the bus stop alone. My neighborhood was so missed up. There are two bus stops
and they are apart by three blocks, and they don’t even go on the same bus. It used to
be on the same bus, but then it got too crowed, so now its separate buses. I go on the bus
that is silently farther from me, because Victoria goes on that bus. Besides I used to get
a ride to the bus, and even after that I used to walk with my one friend, Lindy, to the
bus stop after that. Besides I like the bus driver that I have. He never once complained
about us, even since we are really loud on the bus sometimes.
	When I reached my bus stop Victoria comes out of her dad’s car. She gets a ride to the
bus stop, since her dad goes that direction for work, but he doesn’t have enough time to
drop her off at school. She quickly walks over to me, and she’s trying to hide her
smile. Victoria is wearing a really cute outfit today too. She’s wearing skinning jeans
with a blue shirt with riffles. Victoria is really skinny with black hair and really dark
eyes. She is Puerto Rican, and she always argues with me that her hair isn’t black.
	“Why the hell did you hang up on me women?” asked Victoria. She always calls me
women. The first day I met her, back in fifth grade, she used that word a lot. I thought
it was so funny, so it stuck with me. I always call her girl, but saying it differently.
My friends get pissed at me when I say it, but whatever they can go suck it.
	“My dad caught me on the phone,” I said, and then I shrugged. “I didn’t get in
trouble, surprisingly, but he did seem disappointed in me.”
	“And they wouldn’t let you take a phone call that will change your life forever?”
asked Victoria. I sighed. She was always this dramatic about everything. I live life like
whatever, but when something pisses me off I can be a little dramatic.
	“Everything I do changes my life,” I said, which is true. Everything I do changes my
life. I exactly don’t believe in fate, but I believe whatever happens, happens for some
	“Well, whatever,” said Victoria and I know she feels defeated. Victoria is a very
good liar, but she can never lie to me. I can read her like an open book, and Victoria
hates it with a passion. She also hates that I judge people before I actually know them,
but then she says that I am usually right about whatever I said about that person. I blame
it on me being a Pisces. 
	“So, you never really did answer my question last night,” I said. She blinks, trying
to remember where we left off with our conversation. Right then the bus comes and we get
on the bus. We sit at our usually seat, ever since freshman year. We never sat in the
front and never in the back. Okay, four seats away from the back. But it our seat and
everyone knew it. Victoria got the window seat like usual.
	“Oh, right,” said Victoria, remembering where we left off. “Ever since Justin
Bieber’s new CD and him breaking up with Selena Gomez, even though they are supposedly
back together again, I have been obsessed with him again.” This happened often. Victoria
would say she was over some singer or band, but then a few months later she is obsessed
with them again. I knew that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up, but I never knew
they got together again. 
	“Okay, so what does this have to do with the concert,” I started, but then I wanted
to smack myself. “Oh my god. You did not win back stage passes for his concert.” Truth
be told I didn’t even though that he was going on tour, but whatever. Victoria nodded
very fast with a huge smile on her face. 
	“So Justin Bieber tweeted, about this one radio station giving them away, but it was
supposed to be really late at night. I noticed it, so I stayed up half the night,” said
Victoria while smiling brightly at me.
	“Remind me to kill you,” I said. Victoria sighed and tasked at me. She knew that was
coming soon.
	“I need to pretend that I am staying at your house for the night, so we can go to the
concert. You can drive and I will pay for gas,” said Victoria. I sighed. Just recently
her parents let her sleep over at my house. They liked me and they actually trusted me
with Victoria. If only they knew some of the things we did. The one reason I didn’t
drive to school was because I didn’t want to pay two hundred dollars to park my car in
the school parking lot. Also, I didn’t have a job, so I only got gas money when my
friends wanted to go somewhere.
	“Victoria, I don’t think this is such a good idea,” I said. I looked at the window
and realized that we were only at the third bus stop. We weren’t even half way there.
Victoria sighed.
	“Come on you can meet JB, and I can meet him,” she said. “You know he is my future
husband.” I sighed. A lot of girls have said this before and where as that gotten them?
Free tickets and then crying themselves to sleep every night, because Justin Bieber turned
them down. 
	“I don’t like Justin Bieber, so no,” I said. Victoria sighed again. I knew she
still had a pretty good amount of time to try to convince me. Eventually she probably
would. It meant the world to me to keep my friends happy, but I wasn’t going to take the
risk of Victoria being grounded for life or me even.
	“Fine, Dana, but I know you will go,” said Victoria. She even knew which scared me.
For the rest of the bus ride we talked about random stuff. I looked at Victoria and
realized that she never went to a concert before. She didn’t deserve this lacking
teenage life.

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