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24 April 2011, 11:11 AM   #1
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yeahyeah. it has leaves and stuff. and bunnies. :<
"O-oh," the rabbit had already eaten half of the portion of chopped up carrots that Taku had put in the bowl. "You mustn't eat it so fast," the boy said, twisting a lock of black hair. The fluffy tiny animal hopped over to Taku stared at him. The boy blushed, he was so shy that even when animals stared, he was embarrassed. He ruffled it's fur and let go softly. The bunny hopped away and Taku opened his mouth and thought better of it. The day was having a sunset anyway.

25 April 2011, 11:40 AM   #2
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Kiernan sat up in a tree--enjoying the sunlight that fell across his skin.  He had set
his sheathed weapons away in his backpack that hung off of a branch at the moment.  He
glanced down to see a boy talking to a rabbit and chuckled.  "How cute," he murmured.

OOC:  I can't even see what your character looks like.   XD

25 April 2011, 01:35 PM   #3
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And there was his only companion, frolicking away in seconds. Taku sighed, and pulled his legs up. The sun sunk into the hills in slow motion. The sunlight slowly disintegrated and was replaced shadowy screens. The boy shivered as a draft blew forward. He had done it again, he forgot the leave the forest earlier again. There was so much things in the wild that was more of a predator to him than mere people. Taku whimpered and thought about the bunny that he had seen before.

25 April 2011, 05:01 PM    #4
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Kiernan winced as the cold wind nipped at his skin before he grabbed his backpack.  He
put it around his shoulders before dropping down.  He landed about thirty feet from Taku. 
He glanced over to the neko boy and frowned--realizing that the boy was shivering. 
Kiernan then quickly gathered some dead leaves and branches before setting the pile on
fire.  "If you're cold, you can warm yourself by the fire," Kiernan said and smiled warmly
at the other boy before sitting himself by the fire.  He slipped his backpack off and set
it behind himself before glancing to see if the other boy was going to come near the fire.
 He was sure that he probably startled the neko by appearing so suddenly, but Kiernan
refused to let somebody freeze in the forest by themselves.

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