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Tales of Boarding School

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                              Tales of Boarding School


A bored expression on my face, I sat in the stretch limo, face pressed to my fist. Across
from me sat my stepdad, Rick, his arm (disgustingly) wrapped tightly around my mom. Smiles
were plastered to both of their faces, as if we were hitching a joyride to Disneyland,
which I wouldn't enjoy with them anyway. 
    "Well, sweetie," my mom lilted with a honey-sweet tone which made me feel like
gagging, "you're finally going to Kandover Academy! And all the way from home - you'll be
in Boston, a cool city all by yourself! Aren't you excited?" I rolled my eyes.  
"Yeah," I replied drily, "if you count 'dreading out of my mind' as excited." Rick threw
me a filthy look, wrinkling his nose.
 "Watch your tone with my wife." He spoke warningly, his steely grey eyes cutting me with
a sharp look. "You have no right to speak to me or my darling that way." He growled. That
was the straw that broke the camel's back. I straightened my position, and began yelling
at him. "She's my mom, too! You don't own her! And she asked me if I was excited, so I
told her the truth! I'm not excited at all to be shipped off to this
stinking boarding school with all these snooty kids, just because you can't stand having
me around! I want to stay home with my friends!"  With that, I threw my shoe at him, and
stormed out of the moving limo, running all the way back to Illinois.  

Okay, confession time. That part about me going all tempermental didn't actually happen-
it's just something I wish I had the guts to do - to express exactly how I felt, and
attacking Rick. To be honest, all I muttered was a bitter : "Whatever.", earning myself
another dirty look. "Oh, both of you calm down. You guys argue more than Tom and Jerry."
She giggled. I threw her a disgusted look. Ever since my mother had married Rick Hamill,
(yes, the Rick Hamill, world-famous billionaire owner of FN Enterprises and TC
Corporations) she had acted like a ditsy blonde instead of the pretty, intelligent
reporter I knew her as until I was twelve. The rest of the ride was spent in silence,
until our chauffeur pulled up to a gorgeous, modern building complex, lit up in the
glamorous nighttime. "Well honey", Rick faked sweetness to impress my mom, patting my
back. "Welcome to Kandover Academy." My mom squealed with excitement. The three of us
walked up to the building, my mom and stepdad smiling, and I personally fearing the worst.

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I like it so far.

Just one thing when a new person talks start a new line.

But other than that its pretty good.

Keep up the good work!

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 Kay, thanks! :D 
Will post chapter one soon.

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Your welcome.

I can't wait!

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 Thanks. :D

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Love it!I sometimes wonder what would happen if I just threw a fit or ran away whenever
people make me angry

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 That's what I think many people wonder, which was why I wrote that part in. 
Originally, I intended her to just throw a fit and wish she ran away, but that's
unrealistic, so I decided I'd put in what most people'd do.

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