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22 July 2010, 05:42 PM   #1
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After playing the beta for halo reach what was some of the things that interested you
about the game,and what was one of the biggest things that you disliked. Also if you never
played the beta are you planing on buying the game when it comes out in September?

22 July 2010, 09:54 PM    #2
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They killed it. The graphics are better but why is the grenade a big bomb >.>. I like the
new mini game where u have to destroy alpha beta and charlie was it?

Battle Rifle - Weak as hell now it just does one shot instead of three

Grenade Launcher : WTF  its a homing grenade on a body  once u grab it u cannot lose.

Assault Rifle: I had to waste 2 clips to kill someone! head on >.>

New Button configurations : Lol really?!?! did they had to put the beatdown but to rb?
Half the time i was their saying wtf is wrong with my b button xD

New Special Abilities: I dont like em its just not strategy anymore with them. I had a guy
use that defense thing. I waited for him to get off of it then assassinated him

Graphics : 10/10

Gameplay 6/10

Mini Games 8/10

New configuration of weapons : 4/10

Special Abilities : 0/10 

I play really good im not a noobb so i know what im talking about when i say these things.
Everyone is titled to their opinion so respect mines and i will respect yours.

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