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Chapter one.~Get to know him --My everything.

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16 March 2010, 08:33 PM    #1
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He blinked once before sighing in discontentment, last night hadn’t been as bad as
most. Just the normal dull ache inside his head. Sitting up he noticed that his room
was as warm as his heart. Frost had settled last night and he hadn’t remembered to
turn his heat on, or better yet, to close his bedroom window! He trudged over to the
window and fumbled his fingers around until he found a handle, he gripped the frigid
metal and twirled it until the glass was withdrawing back with a strained creak and a
crunch of frost. Without really caring about what he saw outside he turned for his
bedroom door, and left the icy cavern he called a bedroom. Slipping out the door he
steered his bare, boxer clad body into the bathroom and began his morning battle
against curls.

	Once he had emerged from the bathroom, his now pin straight, black hair was
cascading down his face framing his bright green right eye with expert precession.
With a simple flick he cleared the hair from his left eye and left for his bedroom
to get dressed. Barley five minutes had gone by before he emerged, clad in semi
tight faded, light blue jeans, and a bright red tee with a cartoon robot saying
‘Bee Boop’ with a heart on the tip of its antenna.	

	He didn’t pause for breakfast, he only took a travel mug filled with some mixture
of Coffee, water, sugar, and milk; kissed his mom on the cheek, yanked a black hoodie
down over his body, picked up his knapsack and went out the door. The cold air came
at him from all directions, but he was use to it, besides, it would be warm in a few
hours.	It was mid march in Atlantic Canada, and a particularly warm one at that. Even
if Aiden was now shivering, there was no snow on the ground. Aiden simply slipped out
his Ipod, popped in his headphones, flicked the screen on and hit play, without
really bothering to pick a song. He lifted his feet slowly, not making much of an
effort to get to his destination, After all, it was only school. Aiden could see it
growing closer in his eyes, the large brown bricked building he was condemned to 7
hours a day. Now, don’t get me wrong, Aiden didn’t mind school, just the bullies
were not his thing.

	The bell had rung by the time he was getting in the schools humungous front doors,
he zipped straight to his locker, grabbed his books for English and History then he
was off. Aiden sped up the hall way, there were not many kids left in the halls, the
ones that were shared his problem, they were late. Without really taking in any of
the scenery Aiden went into his home-room and sat in his usual seat next to Paige,
Alex, Roman, and Scarlet. It was funny how his four friends and him looked so out of
place. His school was filled with Jocks, Preps who got knocked up before they
finished school, Stoners, and the Dorky kids who grew up to be millionaires, His
school just so happened to be absent of average or normal of any kind. But then
there was Aiden and his friends, They were the only “Scene” or “Emo” kids in
the school. Aiden sat down and smiled over at Roman who was doodling in his English
note book. The five friends sat down and waited for the bell to ring signalling
first class.

	English was amazing, Aiden, Paige and Roman had sat in the front left corner like
usual, but had not communicated at all, with the exception of shy glances between
Aiden and Roman. Mrs. Leana, their tall, thin red headed English teacher had saw
Aiden give roman one of the shy looks, and only smiled softly, not minding their
silent communication. By the end of glass, Aiden had learned that Shakespeare was
quite possibly his idol, Mrs. Leana was his favourite teacher, and that Roman was
really cute when he blushed.
	English was over before he knew it, and he and Roman were on there way to history.
Mr. White had assigned them a worksheet to do, and they were permitted to get in
groups of two to do it. Aiden had immediately turned to face Roman and they began
working on their sheets, finishing twenty minutes before everyone else, and 30
minutes before class was over. The two boys simply set there sheets aside and
started teasing each other, messing up each others hair, and talking for the rest of
the class. Alex and Scarlet sat behind them laughing at them the entire time.
	Break had come with a sharp ring of a bell and Aiden was packed up and out the door
with Roman before anyone could blink, there was only one think crashing through
Aidens mind; ‘bathroom.’. Aiden sped down the hall as record speed, pulling
Roman along, and made for the bathroom, it was empty with the exception of 5
cubicles, 3 urinals which Aiden stood and unzipped right in the middle of to relieve
himself, and sinks with mirrors which Roman instantly busied himself in front of,
fixing his hair. Once Aiden has finished he zipped up and came over to the sink next
to Roman, he washed his hands and dried them thoroughly before adjusting little parts
of his hair. Roman himself had finished with his hair and was just waiting for Aiden
who he enjoyed watching stand on his tippy-toes to get a better look in the mirror.
Aiden was about 5'6 and the boys washroom had a minimum of 5'8 height theme
occurring. But Roman wasn’t about to complain, he thought it was cute to watch
Aiden struggle.


	They were on their way home before the five friends had a chance to see each other
again. Aiden and Roman could be seen in a deep conversation about the use of kraft
dinner against pirates, Paige was talking to Scarlet about nails and Alex was just
shaking his head and laughing at them, before any of them knew it they were at
Aidens house, Roman was leaving the group with Aiden after a sad goodbye. Aidens mom
was going to be gone the entire weekend, and she had wanted one of his friends to
stay with him. Knowing how good the two boys got along, and after meeting Roman, she
had no problem with him staying with Aiden all weekend.

	Once they had gotten into Aidens rather large house, they threw their backpacks
into his room and Aiden went to go talk to him mom before she left. Roman on the
other hand, left for the bathroom and made sure he didn’t smell, had good breath,
things like that. He came out when he heard the sound of their car leaving to see
Alex sprawled out on a couch, flicking through the T.V. Guide, Roman sat on another
couch and cuddled into himself. Aiden, not really seeing anything interesting just
flicked on some cartoons and went over to sit next to Roman. Roman raised his
eyebrows curiously, but before he could ask, Aiden had his head rested in Romans
lap, and he was looking up into his face. “Roman?” Aidens voice was a soft

	“Yeah Aiden?” Romans voice, was just as soft, but a bit louder, as he wasn’t
concerned about the empty house hearing him.

	“...What do you want for dinner?” Aiden blushed out his words, Roman knew from
the start that’s not what he wanted to say.

	“Anything Aiden, Lets Just order pizza? I’ll pay.” Roman smiled at Aiden
while he continued to blush and he nodded, taking out his wallet and fishing his
cell phone out of his pocket. Dialling the number with swift precession he as walked
into the kitchen he continued to order the pizza, knowing what Roman wanted as
toppings, olives, pine apple, and onion. But he has always settled with Aiden to
replace the onion with red pepper. Aiden walked back to see Roman hanging his head
off the sofa, letting his hair dangle down so the cat could play with it. Aiden just
stood their in a fit of silent giggles at Romans behaviour. Roman on the other hand,
was smiling because he knew he had cheered his best friend up, and every time Aiden
giggled he got butterflies the size of jumbo jets.		


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