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That dance - script

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22 December 2009, 10:14 PM    #1
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SO my drama teacher always picks the stupidest plays to do for school. I wrote a play
myself to see if she would do it insteado f her other crappy ones. critiques please
Scene: A regular school hallway. It’s decorated in posters advertising a dance coming up
in the near future. A table is off to the side near the front

As the curtains open: Two groups are on separate sides of the stage. A group of girls on
the right and a group of guys on the left all just talking softly about random things.

{The girls look over at the guys several times and giggle, the guys just kinda stand
around not really talking}
Amy: Mia! Come on! The dance is only a few days away, and you know that he can’t ask
Lisa: [nods in agreement] yeah! This is a girls ask guys dance... remember?
{Mia looks confused for a moment but nods and takes a deep breath. She walks over to the
group of guys and taps Alex on the shoulder. He looks back at her then the move to the
center of the stage.}
Mia: So um...about the dance...I was...well...I was kinda hoping...that’d like
to um... go the dance... with me 
Alex: [looks surprised] I...I’m sorry...I’m...going with someone else.  
{Mia looks all sad and turns back towards her friends but then just runs off the stage
crying .Amy and Lisa follow her. Alex shrugs and goes back to his group  Katie and Sophia
watch them leave but stay where they are.}
Katie: So... I’m guessing you haven’t asked anyone to the dance yet. Have you?
Sophia: [shakes head] No not yet. [glance at other group] But I was thinking of as-
Katie: Great! Then I know just who you should ask! [Point at Tyler] Ask Tyler! He’s
totally popular and pretty hot and he probably won’t go with anyone else. I can totally
tell he’s waiting for you to ask him.
Sophia: Well actually. I wanted to 
Katie: I bet you weren’t even going to go were you? I mean seriously Soph! A lot of
people like you! I don’t understand why you act this way!
Sophia: [sighs] Fine Kat...I’ll ask him
Katie: Great! [starts heading off stage with Sophia] So I was thinking you should ask
Tyler: What was that about?
Alex: [shrug] nothing really. I was just asked to the dance...again.
Michael: What is that now? Like five?
Aiden: No it has to be at least ten by now.
Tyler: [boastful laugh and slaps Alex on the back] Nice going buddy! Too bad I’ve been
asked twice as many times as you.
Alex: But I really don’t care about that...So who do you even want to ask you?
Tyler: Well duh! Of course I want Sophia to ask me! She’s hot.
Michael: [rolls eyes] is that seriously the only reason you want her to ask you? That’s
stupid! I want Amy to ask me. Even though she tries so hard to be like Mia She is totally
different and I like that side of her.
Tyler: You’ve been awfully quiet Aiden. What do you think?
Aiden: Well actually...
{The Bell rings cutting the conversation. The lights go down for a moment. When the lights
come on again, Sophia, Katie, and Mia walk on stage carrying books. They clearly just came
from class.}
Katie: So... Soph. Have you asked Tyler to the dance yet? I mean the dance is in like two
Sophia: Oh well actually...
Katie: You haven’t have you?
Sophia: No...It’s kinda cold today. Don’t you think?
Katie:[rolls eyes] Whatever Soph! Just do it soon okay? [walks off other side of stage] 
Mia: Sophia? Do you even like Tyler?
Sophia: Not really no. He’s so full of himself.
Mia: Then why did you tell Katie that you’d ask him to that dance?
Sophia: Well She didn’t really give me a chance to say no...And she seems so into
hooking me up with him so I could say no.
Mia: Just tell her that you changed your mind then?
Sophia [shakes head] I don’t think I could. I already said I would. I’d hate to go
back on my word like that.
Mia: Really Sophia, You need to tell Katie the truth.
Sophia: I really can’t.
Mia: Fine then. I hope you have fun with Tyler then. [Gives a weak smile then walks off
Sophia: [sighs] What am I going to do with myself. 
{Sophia starts walking away not paying attention to where she’s going. Aiden comes in
from the other side reading and bumps into Sophia. Both dropping their things.}
Aiden: Oh gosh! I’m sorry. [gets on hands and knees starting to pick up papers and
Sophia: It’s alright [Joins him on the floor] It’s my fault anyways. 
Aiden: Oh no. It was mine. 
Sophia and Aiden: I wasn’t watching where I was going. [look at each other surprised]
{ Tyler comes in and looks at the two}
Sophia: Well um... I’d better get going. [Stands up with papers and binder in hand.]
Aiden: Yeah me too. [gets up] I’ll um... talk to you later. 
Sophia: Yeah sure. Bye {turns and walks off stage.]
{ Aiden turns to leave the other way but Tyler hooks his arm around Aiden’s neck forcing
him the other way}
Tyler: Where do you think you’re going?
Aiden: Um... I was going to go to get lunch...but I don’t think I am any more am I?
Tyler: No you are not. I have some questions.
{Tyler brings Aiden over to the table and sits him down.}
Tyler: Okay so start talking! Do you like Sophia?
Aiden: Well um I
Tyler: You know what? I don’t even think I want to know! 
{Tyler grabs Aiden’s arm and begins to pull him off stage}
Tyler: It doesn’t matter anyway. You don’t have a chance with her!  Maybe you should
try to get Katie to ask you
{The lights go out for a moment. When they come back on Amy and Lisa are seen giggling in
almost the exact same outfit. }
Amy: Okay Lisa! I have to know!  You said you know who’s going with who to the dance!
Lisa: Okay, Okay Amy! I’ll tell you! Okay so I know that Mia and Sophia still don’t
have dates. 
Amy: Duh! Everyone knew that!
Lisa: Hey! I wasn’t done yet! Katie totally asked Henry and he said yes! 
Amy: No way! Got any more? 
Lisa: Okay. Um...Well I guess I’m going with my boyfriend of course and you asked
Michael earlier. Um... Oh! Marie is going with Vlad!
Amy: Oh my gosh! That’s crazy
{The two girls go closer to the lockers and whisper quietly. Mia comes in angerly with
Alex close behind her.}
Alex: Please Mia! Just listen for a moment! That girl who was going with me before Found
someone else! Is your offer still open?
Mia: {freezes in spot then turns around and slaps Alex.] I am no one’s second choice!
[turns back around and walks away]
{Alex touches his face and sits on the table sadly. Aiden walks by and sees Alex.}
Aiden: Woah! Alex! What happened to you?
{ Lisa and Amy look over at Alex and Aiden and get a little closer trying to over hear
Alex: [sighs] Nothing really. Just got myself into something bad is all.
Aiden: [takes a seat beside Alex] Mind telling me what’s wrong?
Alex: Well I really like Mia, but for some reason when she asked me to the dance I
panicked and said I was already going with someone else. I never even had a date! Now
I’m trying to say yes but I can’t seem to do it right. I guess I’m just going
Aiden: Ouch! Sorry to hear that... Maybe you just need to clear your head. Let’s go
outside for a bit.
Alex: Yeah Sure. I guess. I’m not really sure if it will help though.
{ The two boys get up and leave. Amy and Lisa look at each other and smile}
Lisa: Oh I think Mia will want to hear this.
Amy: Totally. Let’s go find her!
{The girls run off stage in search of Mia and the stage goes black again. When the lights
come up Michael is on the stage jumping around. }
Michael: The dance is today! The dance is today! And I have a date with Amy! {repeated
until Tyler comes on stage and drags him off.}
{ Katie and Sophia walk on to the stage. Katie looks angry}
Katie: What do you mean you still haven’t asked him?!?!? I mean seriously! The dance is
today! I bet someone else probably asked him already. Now I guess you’ll be stuck with
that geeky friend of his, Aiden! 
Sophia: [angrily} Okay seriously! I have had enough of this! I don’t like Tyler! He’s
gross and I don’t want to ask him out! And never say anything bad about Aiden again!
He’s sweet and nice and funny and totally cute!
Katie: {chuckles for a moment} Finally!
Sophia: What? What are you talking about?
Katie: Well duh I know you don’t like Tyler! I don’t even see why anyone likes him.
He’s so full of himself. I’ve been waiting for you to stand up to me. Ever since that
class we had about passive people I just felt like I needed to help change you.
Sophia: I still don’t get it.
Katie: You’re just so timid and do whatever people tell you too. I wanted you to
actually say what you want yourself before you end up doing everything everyone says.
Sophia: Well then Thanks.
{ The two girls hug and Mia, Amy, and Lisa join them on stage.} 
Lisa: Hey! Good news guys! 
Amy: Totally good news!
Mia: Somehow these two got me and Alex together! I’m so happy now. Apparently he’s
liked me for a while. Now I guess It’s just Sophia who needs a date.
 {The girls moves off to the side like at the beginning and the guys come in from the
other side and stand where they were at the beginning.}
Tyler: [laughs loudly] Hey guys! Look at that! Sophia is totally looking at me! I bet
she’s going to come and ask me out now. { Aiden looks at Tyler unsure if he should say
Katie: You can do it Sophia! We’re rooting for you. [She gives Sophia a light push
towards the other group]
Sophia: Thanks guys. 
{Sophia crosses the stage nervously Tyler nodding confidently. She goes closer to Aiden
almost completely ignoring Tyler. }
Sophia: Um... Hey guys, can I borrow Aiden for a moment.
Michael: Yeah sure go ahead. 
{ Sophia and Aiden move away from the group slowly.}
Aiden Um... did you need something?
Sophia: Well um...actually...I  um..I really really like you. I’ve kinda liked you since
you first moved her last year. So I um... I was wondering if you had a date to the dance
tonight. It’s alright if you do. I am really last minute. I know that but I still ho-
{ Aiden leans in and kisses Sophia softly}
Aiden: I thought you’d never ask. I kinda liked you for a while too.
{ Tyler looks at Sophia and Aiden confused}
Tyler: Wait a second... She asked Him? What the he-
Michael:  Okay then! I’m going to go see Amy now. 
{ Tyler storms off the stage. Everyone else gathers into the middle area. The lights go
out and the play ends.}

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