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14 December 2009, 03:46 PM   #1
Guest Poster
Riiiight, so K.co.uk is, erm... dead? So I did orginally say this on K.net but there
wasn't that much feedback so I'm just gonna stick it out to the whole K.com community &
see what you all have to say. ;D 

Basically, leaving K.com as it is - making no changes here, simply, because it works. But,
how about creating K.co.uk into a community for the people who want a more penpal focused
community rather than the social networking kind of site K.com has become? 

So basically, just take the invite only off K.co.uk & making sure it's clear that:
K.com = Social Networking
K.co.uk = Penpals

Can't be too hard, can it? Anyway, views?

14 December 2009, 03:50 PM   #2
Joined: 21 May 2008
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Last edited by Oroborus21, 14 December 2009
i never liked the intent of K.co.uk the rules that were expoused seemed silly and a bit

like basically there was to be no talking about politics, religion, or anything
controversial as i understood it.

that was the biggest reason i never tried to join it

i like your idea of having a place for people who want to be actual penpals. that was the
reason i found and came to kupika in the first place. but i dont see how that could
sustain or be the ouvre behind a whole website.

i propose that I simply make a list in Kupika Magazine club K-Zine for people who wish to
be penpals. People can either post their mailing addresses there or put that they would be
interested in being a penpal and let people contact them for their address and they can
decide if they want to share it with that person or not. done.


14 December 2009, 04:13 PM   #3
Joined: 14 Apr 2009
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I would quite k.co.uk, though, since I am not looking for penpals.
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14 December 2009, 05:41 PM   #4
Joined: 6 Sep 2007
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Hi Jo, I know I agreed with you about this over at K-Net, but I don't agree now that it
is even worthwhile.

I found far better snailmail penpals in 10 minutes on actual cultural/language focused
websites than 2 years on ethnocentric (read: US-centred) Kupika.com.

Personally I can't see even 'starting fresh' on something like K-UK working, because who
would be the main influx of visitors to Kupika.co.uk? People from Kupika. Who are
the people on Kupika? 9/10, the people who love social networking and having meaningless
conversations with fairweather friends.

Either the site would be practically extinct, people would not get the idea that it is a
site for quality correspondence and talk as they do here...or both.

I originally found a link to Kupika on a penpal site. This suggested to me the idea that
Kupika was also a penpal site.

I should not have trusted this suggestion.


PS) Posting a link to Kupika on a DRESSING UP GAME site was target audience suicide.
Complete and utter suicide. I don't even know what the rationale behind this was
(quality over quantity, SURELY?)

I don't know when this happened in terms of when new social networking features were
added, but my gosh.. surely if we were writing a book about the downfall of Kupika, this
would have a page to itself..
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15 December 2009, 12:31 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Oroborus21, I didn't mean just have it as a way of meeting snail mail penpals. Sorry for
not making that clear. What I actually meant was basically have it as a website where you
could meet other people and become penpals but online - which would open it up for people
who don't really want to give out their address online. 

However, after reading Lyncheh's comment it made me think. I understand your point, about
the whole Kupika/Kupika things & so the idea probably wouldn't work. So how about we just
get rid of Kupika.co.uk all together considering no one really goes on it, the forums for
it are full of spam & it's just wasting money. Wait, it is wasting money isn't it? 

I did actually find the link to Kupika.com on that dress up site, however, I only joined
because I wanted to meet people who could become penpals online - that's what the link to
it said or something at the time... After joining I realised that the main idea of the
people on it was to make BM4Ls with the all & create it into a weird social networking
site where no one actually really knows each other but they're BM4L. @__@ 

The book is actually quite a good idea... hmmmmm. (;

15 December 2009, 03:57 PM   #6
Joined: 14 Apr 2009
Posts: 477
I can't remember how I found k.com...I think I was on a sugar high.
Pointless comment is pointless.

19 December 2009, 01:50 PM    #7
Joined: 8 Aug 2009
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i dont no much all i know is that it takes time to make an account and its safer

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