I just wonder whether i have improved at all...also my first topic here Login to Kupika  or  Create a new account 


I just wonder whether i have improved at all...also my first topic here

11 December 2009, 10:24 PM   #1
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‹sketch~♥a colourful catastrophe♥›">

‹sketch~♥a colourful catastrophe♥›">

just 2 oekaki from the past month..my parents don't exactly get my art or really know how
much drawing means to me so i thought i would put it here and ask a few questions. (they
prefer to spend money on my sporty sister instead of getting me the art lessons they
promised me for my birthday..instead they get my lil sister a surf ski..)  

1. if any one has seen my earlier stuff. have i improved.
2. does this style that i prefer have a name?
3. how do i get text to stay in the picture? it gets annoying XD
‹sketch~♥a colourful catastrophe♥›">

11 December 2009, 11:03 PM   #2
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You're improving. Very much so. Your parents need to think twice about how much money
they spend on sports equipment. If art means that much to you, they should at least get
you some lessons.
To be honest, your style of drawing is kind of cartoonish-anime. I really don't know how
to describe it. ^^;;
I still don't get the text thing. xD
But you're doing wonderful, just keep practicing. I can tell you, from my first oekaki
here, to my most recent one, practice helped my ass in so many different ways than just
one. It pays off. c:

I bet you don't know what I'm lololing about.

11 December 2009, 11:34 PM   #3
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aww, thankyou soo much, there another person who agrees with me that i should have stuff
that makes me happy as well *hugs* 
well, i guess its back to the drawing board (literally) to keep practicing 
i shall have to continue my quest to figure out the text tool ...ONWARDS lol
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12 December 2009, 12:36 AM   #4
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:3 If you love art, you should invest in it. When I was small I liked to draw, but I
always drew as a hobby and such, and then I got better and better until I convinced my mom
that I wanted to take classes at school. 

I think you should scan in artwork done in pencil and paper first before posting up
oekaki. It's not the same-- digital and traditional art. Most traditional artworks tend to
look better than those done on the computer. :D 

Keep practicing! And also, you don't really need a teacher to teach art. ^^;; Teachers are
there to give feedback and to explain how to use a medium of drawing/painting. I think you
can teach yourself that. =D -is a self-taught- I also study other people's arts to get
better. ^^

12 December 2009, 01:42 AM   #5
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wow thats a really good way of looking at it. thankyou for the feedback and i might take
the advice~i think i shall post some of my traditional art as well
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12 December 2009, 01:39 PM   #6
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YOUR WORK ROCKS SKETCH. i know neeed to spend some money on a tablet. your improving very
much...and so am i!!!!! everyone does

13 December 2009, 03:32 AM    #7
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‹sketch~♥a colourful catastrophe♥›">

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