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10 July 2009, 04:37 AM   #1
The Founder
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C&C are in short Comments & Criticisms. 


In the rules I have said mindless comments such as "awesome!"/ "that's so cool!" are
absolutely not allowed in this club. 

There are many types of ways to comment about the picture in a very /helpful/ way that
does not only seem like it's a post to up your post count. However it all leads down to
the three simple things that you must mention. 

The format of a very good comment would be: 

- what do you like about it? 
Go into detail, give evidence that you have analyzed it and not only skimmed over it. 
- what don't you like about it? 
Don't be afraid to say what you don't like but please, please give a reason as to what is
wrong with it.
- what tips can you give them to help improve? 
Everyone wants an idea what could make it better. 

If the art seems to be without any fault, than say what you like about it and you can ask
question on how they got the drawing to achieve that certain effect. I'm sure artists
would love informing you of a task that they have done. 

If the art does not seem good at all, just say one thing good about it or don't post at
all. The last thing people need to hear is that their art is completely horrid and they
should crawl back in a hole where they belong. 


Criticism can be given to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, level of skill. Once you
post art up you are not only calling for comments/praise but also for criticism. It is
almost impossible to slide by. 

Criticism is /not/ flaming or bashing of any kind. Leave personal levels out of it. Don't
bash it because you don't like the context of the drawing. It's not about what the drawing
is about, it's about the drawing itself. 

However, criticism can be the bad, the good, the excellent, or maybe just the plain

Here are what you need to think about when giving critiques: 

- analyze their art
You need to make sure you've seen it through and through before you have your opinion on
it. It's like reading a book three pages in and then going to debate with that amount of
knowledge. It's stupid and it's embarrassing, don't do it. 

-don't sugar coat it, but don't give it raw either
Everyone hates bluntness. So don't try to make it so harsh on them. Everyone takes
criticism in their own different way. And unless you have been criticized you know that
it's harsh. 
Don't sugar coat the criticism, make it to the point. You're trying to help them so you
don't try to make light of things. 

-instruct people based off on your own experience or knowledge
It's more solid to help people if you yourself have gone through the problem. For example,
if Person A had a problem with shading, I would instruct Person A how to because I am more
skilled in that area. 

What I'm saying is, use your experience/knowledge to help others. Don't base it off shaky
grounds such as: 

"The picture is flat, I don't think that's how you shade..." 

And if I encounter any problems I will be sure as to edit this post.

13 July 2009, 03:20 AM   #2
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I must question whether using "red lines" are allowed to use as visual guides to what
could be improved in an image? I've found it really effective as I know what to do where
to improve and find it easier to explain when I can't put it into words. I have seen
people take it a bit too patronizing since it's someone drawing all over their work
pointing out what's wrong in bold and bright red lines.

I know that the harshest criticism is the most helpful but this club seems to be a bit
more text-based on criticism. so I'd thought I should ask if putting it into a picture is

13 July 2009, 03:51 AM   #3
The Founder
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Yes, it's fine. 

I have done that, and I've altered someone's picture to show my point. Just make sure that
you do include somewhere in that post that you are only taking the picture for a visual
aid and not to make them feel worse or bad. 

You may do so if that is the most effective way for you to help the artists.

13 July 2009, 05:07 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Ahh my first post here!

Oh okay, I'm glad we can do red lines because I love those >:3
Thanks for making this club by the way, I'm really excited about it, haha.

17 July 2009, 02:42 PM   #5
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Could we scan pictures as well?(like stuff drawn on paper?)

17 July 2009, 03:31 PM    #6
The Founder
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
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Lil L: 

That's fine. As long as it is some form of art it doesn't matter what medium you use.

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