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To Die of Love

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21 April 2009, 06:36 PM   #1
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	I walked down the street, unable to find the bookstore. Why did I forget the name?
Why’d I have to be such an idiot? I wish I knew. I had been looking for this store for
hours just for this one book. I didn’t even want to be out this late.
	I tripped over something in the dark. A beer bottle. Typical. This town had no class.
Litter was everywhere. And my own dad did it. I wish I never had to come here. But with
the death of my mother, I had to. 
	Fourteen years ago, my mother, my father, and myself went to the little area of Lake
Geneva, Wisconsin. We were on a magnificent boat at night, until some drunk men came and
took it over. My mom was pregnant at the time, and when she started going into the labor,
one of the men freaked and shot her. I was only three myself. That night my mom lost the
baby and her life.
	At first I lived with my grandma until my dad pulled everything together, then I moved
out to Indiana. My grandma lived in Florida, so the switch in weather was terrible. I hate
rain and snow. And it happens all year round! But my dad needs me, so what can I do? 
	My father was around forty-five, but he looked older. He looked like he was sleep
deprived. He has auburn hair like my own and glasses. I don’t remember my mom well, so I
can’t say too much about her. 
	As I walked in the dark, I felt someone following me. I looked around. No one. Odd,
because whenever I feel someone’s presence, I’m right. But I was alone on this empty
street at midnight. I had to get this book by tomorrow, or I’d have to share with
someone in my class. My honors class. I don’t want to be close to any of them. I mean,
no offence to them, but I’m already loser=ish enough. I kept walking though I still felt
like someone was with me. Not god, I know that much. When was he ever there for me? When
my mom died? I don’t think so.
Behind me I heard footsteps, and I was positive that someone was there.
	“Whoever is there, show yourself now!” I shouted.
	“Awe, but I love myself a nice game of cat and mouse,” a man’s voice said behind
me. I knew enough self-defense that would at least keep me safe until I either got to a
store or got out my pepper spray. ”Names Claude. What’s yours, beautiful?” I kept
silent. “Come on, love, I’m not gonna hurt you,” he whispered.
 	“Just leave me alone,” I commanded. He grabbed my arm gruffly and I winced. I stared
at his young face. He looked to be around eighteen or so.
	“What’s wrong, sweetheart? Don’t want to play?” he asked quietly. He grinned and
I saw long sharp teeth, the k-9’s. 
	“W- what are you?” I whispered.
 	“Your death, my sweet,” he replied, sinisterly. I was scared and amazed at the same
time. What was this man? I wasn’t planning on finding out. I hit his hand hard and ran.
He was quicker than me. “This is gonna be fun,” he murmured. I kept running, though my
legs felt like stone. Where was I going to go? Home? How? I had gotten lost stupidly, and
had had too much pride to call someone.
“Just leave me alone. I don’t want to die!” I cried. Did I want to live? I had an
opportunity to see mom. Should I take it?
	I felt someone else there. Great, two, just what I needed. I started to cry helplessly,
not knowing what to do.
	‘Dear mother, I think I am to join you soon. Dad, I’m sorry,’ I thought. I tripped
once again, and this time my head hit the ground hard. It felt like the breath I had just
taken was gone and like the world had just broken. Now I was screwed. Totally helpless.
	“Ha-ha, good try dear, but not good enough,” the man said, kneeling beside me.
	“Enough, Claude. She’s going to die as it is. I don’t want to harm anyone or stay
and be caught. Let’s go,” an unfamiliar voice called.
	“Right now?” Claude whined.
	“Yes,” the other man said.
	“You’re lucky girl. Next time, Dmitri won’t be here to save you,” Claude snapped.

	“There won’t be a next time Claude. Now let’s go,” Dmitri commanded. There
wasn’t going to be a next time. My life was over. Even the other guy knew it. 
	I laid there, ready to die, when I was picked up by strong arms. An angel taking me to
heaven? No, God wouldn’t be nice to me now.
	“Stay safe, I’m not going to be here to protect you all the time,” Dmitri whispered
in my ear. What? When was this man ever there to protect me? I opened my tired eyes slowly
to protest. The man was actually a boy, around my own age, seventeen.
	“What?” I whispered. I was placed on a bed gently. We were in my room.
	“You heard me. Now sleep Leah,” Dmitri whispered, shutting my eyes. I easily drifted
in the world between sleep and consciousness. It was a gray haze. But all I saw was the
boy, Dmitri. I didn’t know him, but he obviously knew me.

This is only the first chapter. tell my if u like!

21 April 2009, 07:51 PM   #2
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oh man! CRAZYY!!! This is awesome! Keep writing!!

22 April 2009, 08:19 AM   #3
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thank u!!!!!!!!!

24 April 2009, 09:31 AM   #4
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woah that is REALLY good!!!! good job!!!
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24 April 2009, 05:19 PM    #5
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thank u a ton!

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