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DORM ROOM 42 BESH :T Mitch/Tilar

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11 September 2008, 07:21 PM   #1
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But yeah this is where all the magic happens
With Mitch wearing his pink housewife apron

Stuff happens on that kitchen counter


12 September 2008, 01:22 AM   #2
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 Or when my mom falls asleep.

12 September 2008, 02:17 AM   #3
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Tilar finally finished unpacking. "Whew." He huffed, sitting on his bed. As far as he
knew, he was lacking a roommate.
 It didn't exactly bother him, but it would be cool to have somebody to talk to. 

He drew his drum sticks from his tote bag that was sitting on the floor my the foot of his
bed, and began drumming on his legs to no specific beat.
 After a moment or two it began to hurt and he layed them beside him. "God I'm bored." He
complained aloud.
 "Maybe if I go to the main office they can tell me if I get a roommate.." He

He looked out the open dorm door and watched kids walk by, waiting to see if anyone would
come in.

[I hate you for making me start. .___.]

12 September 2008, 06:08 PM   #4
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[You love me C:]

Mitch sighed, lugging his bags across the hall. He knew where his dorm was, it was the
same one as last year. But he knew he had a different roommate. He got a new one every
year, all of them had a habit of either switching or getting expelled before they could
spend another year with him. He knew it was hopeless, but he couldn't help but wish that
this one would last longer. He also couldn't help but hope he was cute, but he had been
through too much to take it further than hoping and wishing, for anything.

When he arrived in front of the oh-so farmilliar green door of room 42, and kicked the
door open, stumbling in, grinning at who must be his roommate. "Hey, man. Are you early or
am I late?" Mitch said, dumping his stuff on his bed. Last year they had taken out to the
bunk beds in his room because his roommate had fallen off of the top bunk and gotten a
pretty bad concussion towards the end of the year. "You're not gonna switch or get
expelled or something, are you?" Mitch asked, grinning.

12 September 2008, 09:02 PM   #5
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[Only sometimes :3]

Out of boredum, Tilar picked up his drum sticks again and and began to drum on his legs
again, softer than before. 
 He was mentally pleading for a roomate when a boy kicked the door open. Tilar couldn't
help but smile. The kid was adorable.
 He watched the boy dump stuff on his bed. "Nope. I promise." He grinned back, guessing
that had happened before.

"Oh, and I'm Tilar." He was still smiling when he stood up, walked to the door, and closed
it for the guy. "And you are?"
He sat on the edge of his new roommate's bed, starring at the contents spilled onto it.
Tilar dropped his drum sticks beside him.

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12 September 2008, 09:32 PM   #6
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"Hello there. Mitch." He said with a grin. "Drummer, huh? I play sax." He said, pulling
out his collection of biographies and horror books and putting them on the empty desk next
to his bed, then unloading his laptop and shoebox full of CDs and games. He hid his DS and
games in the bottom drawer, knowing that the dorm advisers didn't want anyone to have that
kind of thing and that they never checked the drawers. Well, at least not his anyway.

"Hm, so... You're my new roomie?" He paused for a second. Duh, this Tilar guy was his new
roomie. Then he grinned. "You've got no clue what you're getting yourself into." Mitch
said, chuckling knowingly.

12 September 2008, 09:44 PM   #7
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"Hey." Tilar watched the boy unload a series of books and games. He himself had brought a
Gameboy. It was in his hoodie pocket. 
"That I am." Tilar grinned, "And I think I can handle it." This kid thought he was
something. "Psh." Tilar thought. 
 Tilar watched Mitch unload a bunch of other things before he said anything else, "So,
where're you from? I was born in the UK, but I didn't stay there long. When I was about 
nine, I moved to Washington." He missed the UK. His grandparents still lived up there and
he planned on visiting them soon.

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12 September 2008, 10:41 PM   #8
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"Heh. Almost all of my roommates have either switched or been expelled or concussed or
something before they could spend a second year with me." Mitch shrugged. "I've got a list
if you wanna see it." He grinned. He probably sounded really stupid, but he didn't care
much. He sounded stupid no matter what he said.

"I was born in Florida, but when I was two I lived in Germany with my uncle till I was
seven, then moved to Ireland with my crazy aunt for a few years, then Sweden just for a
little bit with her, then I came back and lived in Maine with my Mum until I came here."
He smiled softly. "I've never been to the UK, though, I've always wanted to go. London,
maybe." He looked over at Tilar and pulled his notebook out of his backpack, flipping it

 Mitch's smile grew wider."You know that being my roommate includes helping me plan this
year's big pranks, right?"

13 September 2008, 12:05 AM   #9
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"That'd only be a problem if the left because of you." Tilar chuckled. "A list? Ok,
that's not good." He grinned.

"Wow. I've only lived in the UK and America." He grinned. Tilar had a small hint of an
English Accent from living in and visiting the UK so much.
  Tilar scooted closer towards Mitch and peeked at his notebook. "What's this for?" He
thumped the cover of it. 

He watched his roomie's smile grow. "Really? Well I'd be glad to help." Tilar grinned.
Pranks. He hadn't played a prank in forever. But he was amature-ish.
 Put plastic wrap over toilet seats; Stuff of that nature. 
  Tilar got the hint that Mitch wasn't exactly an angel.

13 September 2008, 12:31 AM   #10
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Mitch smiled stupidly. Tilar's voice was cute. His voice was wierd, he sounded like a
little kid who hit puberty a tiny bit too early, his voice slightly deep and scratchy with
a mixture of a couple different accents.

"Prank plans and ideas. And in the back, random lists. Places I want to go, things I want
to do, people I wanna meet. Someone who can last more than a year with me is on the top of
that one. I've got a ton of these things, I fill them up pretty fast."

"The pranks I do are usually for no reason at all, but they're definitely pretty well
planned out." Mitch yawned and looked at his watch. "Hmm... I think I'll wait a bit longer
to do my opening prank, to make them think that all those detentions straightened me out.
I need a nap." He said with another yawn, getting his oversized pikachu plush that he used
as a pillow and setting it aside, throwing his neon green  comforter over his bed. "We'll
discuss those matters later." Mitch said as he pulled off his baggy cargo pants so he
could sleep in his boxers, then slipped under the sheets, and he was asleep.

When he woke up, it was dark. "B'aw, fuck. I need to stop doing that." He said as he
checked his watch. 10 PM. "Hey, Tilar. You up? I'm hungry."

[Lol Mitch is pretty impulsive and changes his mind/moods really fast 8D Stfu I can have a
male version of Alaska if I want to :/]

13 September 2008, 12:44 AM   #11
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[LOL. ..Oh, I thought Alaska WAS a male..xD]

"God, the only lists I've ever made were a list of homework and my Bucket List." He
laughed a bit. He'd started his bucket list a few months back and he hadn't really
accomplished much from it.

"Opening prank? You weren't kidding, were you?" Tilar grinned. Of course he wasn't. 
  "Alright." Tilar nodded. He was a little tired, too, but he probably wouldn't do much
sleeping. He never did on the first night. 
 Tilar pulled his shirt up over his head, tossed it in a corner, and layed down, laying
his Gloomy Bear on his chest. He studdied the plushie's pink figure.  
 There wasn't much else to do; He could hear Mitch's faint breathing which ment that he
was asleep.
 Tilar got up and walked over to Mitch's bed and grabbed his drumsticks, which were laying
my Mitch's leg. Mitch looked pretty cute. Tilar smiled and walked back to his bed,
dropping his sticks in his tote and grabbing his Gameboy from the bottom of it. He pushed
a small button and the screen lit up. Mario. He loved the original games from when he was

Apperantly, enough time psased. Tilar jumped at the sound of Mitch's voice. "God, you
scarred me!" He whispered, grinning. 
 "And I'm hungry, too. Want something?" Tilar saved his game and put it away, his voice to
a higher level.

13 September 2008, 03:06 AM   #12
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"Yeah. That's gonna happen, mate." Mitch turned the light by his bed on, squinting.
"Yeah. You wanna sneak off campus and go to the gas station?" He asked, already pulling on
his flannel pajama pants and pulling on an old Threadless Tshirt. "Lets go, I need some
junk food." he said, taking some money from between the pages of his old dusty biographies
and shoving it in his pocket. He grabbed Tilar's arm and  dragged him out the door,
quietly walking down the hall and out into the dorm circle. He shoved his hands in his
pajama pockets, looking up at the stars above them.

"I never liked stars much. I don't know why." He mumbled, for no reason in particular. He
looked around as they neared the school's entrance. "God, they make this way too easy." He
said, looking down at his feet, only to see that he had forgotten his shoes. "Oh well." He
mumbled, smiling at his toes.

[Okay wtf is this shet D8 ]

13 September 2008, 03:26 AM   #13
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Tilar didn't really get a say in wheather he went or not. He quickly grabbed a BabyCakes
shirt and his wallet from his bag before being pulled out of the room. 
 "Agressive, are we?" Tilar grinned when they were out and his arm had it's feeling back.
He pulled the shirt over his head and shook his hair into his face, shoving
his wallet into the back pocket of his skinnies. He stomach growled. He didn't think he
was that hungry.
"Are you kidding me? I love the stars. And Mythology. I like constellations." Tilar smiled
up and the sky, wrapping his arms around himself. "Should've brought my hoodie." It got
colder at night.

 Tilar looked at his own bare feel as well. "Ew." He said. "My feet are getting dirty." He
huffed and looked straight ahead as the exited the school grounds. 
 "That was easy." Tilar thought.
 They walked in silence for a few short moments. The quiet didn't bother Tilar. 
  They walked up to the gas station. Only one car was getting gas and the owner of the
vehicle was inside paying.


13 September 2008, 03:44 AM   #14
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"Idunno why I don't like them. I always felt that they where better than me. They get to
be up there, bigger, brighter and higher than me. They're in a place I'll never get to go.
I don't know." He looked down at his bare feet. "I prefer biographies, anyway."

Mitch pushed the door open with a loud ding and waved at Steve, the clerk, and went
over to where the energy drinks were. He got four green Monsters and  went to observe the
Hostess products. Zebra cakes, Ho-hos, oatmeal cream pies, ding dongs. He took a few of
each, then went over and dumped his crap on the checkout counter. "Tilar, if you're
getting something and you want me to pay for it, hurry up." He called across the store.

"Brain food, huh?" Steve said. "What's the next prank?" 

"Post-poning it. Seeing if they think I've set myself straight or something. Suprise
attack." Mitch responded as the steady beeps of his stuff being scanned rang through the
lonely store. 


"I know." Mitch said with a grin. "Tilar, c'mon, they'll be checking to see if we're in
our dorms pretty soon." He didn't really care, but he didn't really want to get Tilar in
trouble, too.


13 September 2008, 03:53 AM    #15
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Tilar shook his head. "I can assure you that they're no better than you. Huge balls of
gas. Yea." Tilar grinned.
 Tilar followed Mitch in, and walked towards the Pom. He grabbed one and then grabbed a
case of Full Throttle, along with two candy bars.

He looked over to Mitch. "It's cool, I'm paying for my crap." He hated taking other
people's money. After Mitch was done paying, Tilar set his things on the counter, waited
as they were rung up, paid, took his change, grabbed his bag, and followed Mitch out the

Tilar didn't think it'd be a big deal if they were caught off school grounds, but he
hurried anyway.
 In a matter of minutes they were back on grounds. They made it to their dorm safetly.
 Tilar set his bag on his bed and sat beside it, picking up his Gloomy Bear and setting it
in his lap.


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