can u tell me what u think of this, or if it needs any changes!?!?!?! Login to Kupika  or  Create a new account 


can u tell me what u think of this, or if it needs any changes!?!?!?!

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6 June 2008, 08:17 PM   #1
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The forest so deep and dark
Fills my senses with hunger
Out there, I am free to be what I am
I am free to be myself
The pain in my body blinds me 
For a moment, but soon
My legs are bowing, my senses
Become acute
I feel everything around me.
I am a hunter of the night
People do not believe I exist.
Which is probably good for them.
They are at home,
Sleeping safely in their beds
While I roam the forest with my tail held high.
In the air, I hear a rustle in the bushes
A girl with the scent of another on her
A growl emanates from my mouth
And she looks my way.
I change back to what I was born to be
And hold her to me as she cries.
I feel rage crawl into me, but surprisingly
I keep it in check.  
I have to earn this girlís trust
Before she gets hurt.
Protecting her from my rage
Will be the challenge,
But Iím going to win.

7 June 2008, 11:58 AM   #2
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Pretty food... good. Sorry mistype... Yeah, its good.

7 June 2008, 01:06 PM   #3
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.... Woah... that is really good, its kinda mysterious which is rlly good. I dont think i
see any mistakes soo that bit is good aswell .
Really cool! :D


8 June 2008, 06:29 PM   #4
Guest Poster
its nice.. not in that flowery meadow nice but.,... nice

12 June 2008, 08:27 AM   #5
Guest Poster
It's nice!
Very deep meaning!

12 June 2008, 11:07 AM    #6
Guest Poster
Yay chiaki u joined!!!! *dances in the room saying oh yeah oh yeah!*

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