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My Ninja Story, PREPARE TO LOL!

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Naruto walked up to the ramen booth that evening. "One large bowl of Ramen please!" He said. he dug in his pocket and then handed the clerk a handful of empty air.... "oops, I COULDA SWORN I HAD THAT STUPID COUPON IN MY POCKET!!" "Naruto, what are you doing?" I asked he was spinning around in circles. IN FUDGEMONKIN' CIRCLES! "trying to find my coupon" Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket "Well I dont think chasing your pants is gonna help. Anyway Ramen's on me tonight." Naruto started dancing "Really? AWESOME!" I walked slowly to the counter "1 more large bowl of ramen please." I handed him the money. "well eat up." " Sure no problem!" he said. *slurssslurp slurp* " yum...." *BURP* "if i were like any other girl I'd knock you off that stool." I said *BURP* "that was good." said Naruto. "Wait, dont move" I said. I heard scribbling noises "COCKROACH" I growled and sure enough it came scurrying out of the wall. *shlink* I had thrown a fork at it and pinned it to the wall. "what was that?" asked Sasuke as he walked in the door. "a cockroach" I said "well technically its a cockroach with a fork in it." snickered Naruto Photo
Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket "a cockroach? A FRICKING COCKROACH? If your afraid of coackroaches how did you become a ninja? "I'm not afraid of coackroaches, there just evil, thats all." I said. "yeah right." he said. I stood up. "its true, I met this one, who jumped up on this rock, and then turned around and looked at me..." I turned away from Sasuke "and it said something." I told him. "okay, so what did it say?" he asked "it said...." I turned around in a flash and yelled " BOO!!" Photo
Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Poor Sasuke, that scared him so bad he did three backflips out the door. XD but it was still hilariuos! Yeah and Naruto, he fell off the stool laughing. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket FIN I awoke from my bed that morning and sat up. *yawn* I got dressed and went to the door, a beam of sunlight fell on my dresser. "oh of course, my necklace, i forgot, thank you sun spirit." I said and slipped out the door. It was roughly 5:00 a.m. I disappeared into a grove of oak trees, and sat down on a smooth boulder. I looked around. The oak trees were old, moss grew at their bases. Birds were singing their sweet morning tune, and I looked at my ring. A sparkling pink rose quartz, 2 pure white diamonds and sterling silver. I looked deeper into it "Naruto, This is no time for hide and seek." I said. no one answered "NARUTO!" The only thing that asnwered was a tiger that time. O_O...... "I seriously need to work on that" okay ,yes, so my talents with the ring are a little sucky...SO WHAT! "there you are! Ive been waiting for like, ever!" Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket " Why were you back there?" he asked. "I was meditating" I said. "oh, well lets just hope Sasuke's not too mad." he said. "why is that?" I asked, we were walking back to the Ramen booth. "cause your a girl, you couldn't possibly handle him!" "YOU WANNA MAKE A BET ON THAT YOU LITTLE TWERP?" I screamed "heheh...umm no." Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket "alright then." just before we walked into the booth, I tapped Naruto on the shoulder, and yelled "YOUR IT!" and ran off. "HEEY! NO FAIR!" he said as he ran after me. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket He followed me in a full circle, I was already back at the Ramen booth before he caught me. "god you're slow." I said. "AM NOT! YOU HAD A HEAD START!" he yelled. XP "Well here's your breakfast anyway. I said, handing him a steaming bowl of Ramen. *ssssssluuuuuurp* "yum!" *burp* Then like last time Sasuke walked in. meh...I fell off the stool. I was quickly tryng to come up with an excuse in my head, but i couldnt think of one. "about the cockroach thing..." he said, I got up, "that was the funniest thing in the world!" He said, SMILING! "NARUTO YOUR FRIEND'S GONE FREAKY!" I yelled. But then there was a poof and then there was a Rock Lee standing there. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket O_O "LEEE" I groaned and fell down again "how'd you find out about that?" I asked, getting up. "I was standing outside, watching." he said. "Oh...." I was freaked out. "Thats like the funniest thing in the World!" He said. I didnt really say anything back... "yeah I fell off the stool!" Said Naruto. "where did you come up with that anyway?" he asked. "Off the top of my head i guess" I said. "your a genieous" He said. "Well I dont know about you two but I got stuff to do." I told them to be continued~ My ninja story, PREPARE TO LOL! want to read the rest? thats a link to it.

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hehehe >__>

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hehe that was reallt funny xD                   

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the more updated version is a kupipage.

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