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Who would win: Kakashi v.s Orochimaru

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13 April 2007, 02:02 AM   #1
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Discussion...COMMENCE! o.o

♥Hatake Kakashi :
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13 April 2007, 02:06 AM   #2
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as much i hate 2 say it oruchimaru would kick kakashi

13 April 2007, 03:33 AM   #3
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 orochimaru would kill kakashi soooooooooooooo bad.......

13 April 2007, 03:35 AM   #4
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but what if kakashi can use tsukiyomi?

13 April 2007, 04:01 AM   #5
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That's true. o.o ~_~;; Um...I'm kinda new to Naruto but...is it true Orochimaru has
limited use of his arms and later on is entirely unable to use them? @_@;; 

Does anyone have the statistics for Orochimaru?? o.o;; Because I can't find them

13 April 2007, 04:32 AM   #6
Guest Poster
yes its true but later on he is able 2 use his hands again by healing them 
and maybe this will help

Orochimaru (大蛇丸, Orochimaru?) is a fictional character and a major
antagonist in the anime and manga series Naruto.

Orochimaru borrows heavily from Japanese literature — his name, as well as those of
Jiraiya and Tsunade come from the Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari
(児雷也豪傑物語, "The Tale of the Gallant
Jiraiya"), and the Orochimaru in that story was originally Jiraiya's student until he was
corrupted by snake magic.

Orochimaru is male, but speaks with a very formal female tone in Japanese to make him seem
more sinister. Because this cannot be reproduced in English, he is instead given a
masculine but quiet and high-pitched voice.

The young Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya, with their sensei, SarutobiOrochimaru is a
former student of the Third Hokage. Orochimaru and his former teammates, Jiraiya and
Tsunade, are known as the "Legendary Three Ninja"
(伝説の三忍, Densetsu no Sannin?) or simply the "Sannin".
His parents died when he was young, leaving him to fend for himself for much of his life.
While under the Third's tutelage, the Third recognized Orochimaru's natural talent, often
telling Jiraiya to be more like Orochimaru. The Third was aware of a malice and a lust for
power within Orochimaru, but chose to pretend not to notice for he hoped he could quell
this part of Orochimaru's personality. As the years went by Orochimaru formed a friendship
with Jiraiya, and all the while his desire for strength grew.

Orochimaru and a young Anko as his studentAfter spending many years learning under the
Third, Orochimaru began acting upon his inner desires of obtaining immortality in the
hopes that he could learn every jutsu in existence as a result. To accomplish this goal,
Orochimaru began abducting villagers and experimenting on them, trying to better
understand how the body works and what modifications it could handle. In one such
experiment, Orochimaru branded ten children with his own unique cursed seal in an effort
to see what its success rate was. One of the ten was his own student, Anko Mitarashi, and
she was the only one to survive. In another experiment, he injected the First Hokage's
genes into sixty babies in the hopes of replicating the First's ability to use Mokuton
techniques, as well as the First's ability to control tailed beasts. Orochimaru would not
be able to see this experiment through to its completion, though he believed all of the
test subjects had died. In reality, one subject, Yamato, survived, and retained the
First's abilities that Orochimaru had desired.

While Orochimaru carried out his experiments in secret, he also tried to acquire the
position of Hokage in the hopes that such a position would allow him easier access to
secret jutsu. As the Third approached retirement, he attempted to teach Orochimaru about
the concept that shinobi are only truly strong when protecting others, and that all
members of a village should be seen as a family. Orochimaru, however, scoffed at these
ideas, only desiring the title for the privileges it would provide him. Disappointed in
his student's viewpoints, the Third passed the title of Hokage to one of Jiraiya's
students who became the Fourth Hokage, denying Orochimaru the position he coveted.

Robbed of his only reason to keep face in Konoha, Orochimaru began to be less discrete
with his abductions and experimentations, allowing the Third to eventually discover what
Orochimaru was doing. Upon being found out, Orochimaru gave his former master the chance
to kill him, but the Third couldn't bring himself to do it, thus allowing Orochimaru to
escape. As he fled the village, Jiraiya, having come to think of Orochimaru as a dear
friend, tried to stop him and persuade him to return to Konoha, though Orochimaru refused
and turned his back to Konoha forever, acquiring a hate for his former home.

Orochimaru's severed left hand from his original body with his Akatsuki ringAfter leaving
Konoha, Orochimaru joined Akatsuki, where he was teamed with Sasori. While what he did
while a member of the organization is unknown, it is known that he tried to take control
of Itachi Uchiha's body so as to gain the Sharingan. Due to the Sharingan's abilities,
Itachi was able to counter Orochimaru's attempt and sever the hand that Orochimaru wore
his Akatsuki ring on. Having failed to take Itachi's body, Orochimaru left the
organization. When leaving the group, Orochimaru took his ring with him, and Akatsuki has,
perhaps as a result, attempted to capture him ever since. At some point in time, Sasori
inserted Kabuto Yakushi into Orochimaru's ranks as a spy, though Orochimaru soon became
aware of this and persuaded Kabuto to side with him. Orochimaru would go on to take over
the Land of Rice Fields. There he would create his own ninja village, Otogakure, filled
with ninja loyal to him. Orochimaru has also created a number of secret bases throughout
the Naruto world that he switches between on a weekly basis. As he goes from base to base,
Orochimaru takes his severed hand with him, the Akatsuki ring still on its finger.

The snake contract on Orochimaru's arms (purple skin is due to the sealing of his arms by
the Third Hokage)Being one of the Legendary Three Ninjas as well as a former member of
Akatsuki, Orochimaru is a very talented ninja. While he has only displayed a limited
amount of jutsu, it stands to reason that in his quest to learn all existing techniques
his array of abilities has become vast. Since his leaving Konoha he has done many
modifications to his body, resulting in his natural form being that of a giant white snake
composed of many smaller snakes. This form has the advantages of allowing him to stretch
any part of his body to great lengths, regenerate any wound inflicted upon him, and
otherwise use the snakes that he is composed of for attack. The culmination of his
research in immortality can also be found in this form, as it allows him to transfer to a
new body once every three years and escape the effects of old age. At the start of the
series, Orochimaru says to have used the ability twice, though a look within his
subconsciousness later on suggests he has used it more than that. His apparent interest in
snakes has also caused him to apply the snake summoning contract to his arms, allowing him
to summon snakes with great ease.

Orochimaru relishes conflict and unrest, becoming bored when neither is in motion. Ibiki
Morino, when first seeing Orochimaru as a child, claims to have been terrified at the
sight of Orochimaru, believing him to be a monster in human skin. Despite this, Orochimaru
has a knack for winning otherwise desperate people to his cause, filling the void in their
life with loyalty to him. He brands some of his most powerful subordinates with a cursed
seal that corrodes their body and free will in exchange for power. While many of
Orochimaru's subordinates seem to admire and respect him, the reverse does not seem to be
true. Orochimaru generally treats his subordinates as pawns, caring only for their ability
to further his interests. The only ones he shows any sort of care for are those he intends
to use as a host, and this too is only because they can prolong his existence.

Part I

Chunin Exam arc
Prior to the start of the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru approaches Sunagakure with a
proposition of joining forces in invading Konoha. After killing the Fourth Kazekage,
Orochimaru disguises himself as the Kazekage so as to give the illusion of approval by the
village's leader, and Sunagakure agrees to join Orochimaru's Otogakure in Konoha's

Before the invasion is set to begin, Orochimaru kills and impersonates a Grass Genin
entering the exams in the hopes of getting to observe Itachi's brother, Sasuke Uchiha.
During the second phase of the exams, Orochimaru attacks Sasuke so as to test the latter's
ability. During the battle, however, Orochimaru is forced to deal with Naruto Uzumaki,
whose fox chakra makes him an intervening nuisance. Recognizing Naruto as a potential
future threat, Orochimaru seals the demon fox's chakra, preventing Naruto from accessing
it and knocking him unconscious at the same time. After Orochimaru's attention returns to
Sasuke, Sasuke is able to hold Orochimaru back due to Naruto's example. As a reward to
Sasuke for holding his ground against him, Orochimaru brands Sasuke with his Cursed Seal
of Heaven, and disappears into the surrounding forest.

Orochimaru continues to monitor Sasuke's progress through the exams disguised as the Jonin
leader of the Sound Genin. Uninterested in his own followers' progress, Orochimaru begins
to worry about Naruto's influence on Sasuke. Because of this, Orochimaru decides that he
should remove Sasuke from Naruto as soon as he can.

Invasion of Konoha arc
Disguised as the Fourth Kazekage, Orochimaru watches the final matches of the Chunin Exam
with the Third Hokage, who has since reacquired the position of acting Hokage. When the
invasion of Konoha starts, Orochimaru grabs his former master and sheds his disguise,
revealing that he planned the invasion for the sole purpose of getting to kill the Third,
as well as kidnapping Sasuke. As the two begin their battle, Orochimaru resurrects the
first two Hokages so that the Third can experience what it's like to fight a former

As the two dead Hokages fight the Third, the Third, in his old age, runs out of options
and is forced to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal their souls. After the two
Hokages are defeated, the Third turns his attention to Orochimaru and tries to seal his
soul as well. Sensing what the Third is trying to do, Orochimaru stabs the Third in the
back with his Kusanagi, sapping the Third of the strength needed to fully seal
Orochimaru's soul. Doing what little he can, the Third seals Orochimaru's arms in an
attempt to make up for his allowing Orochimaru to escape years earlier. In doing so, he
takes away Orochimaru's ability to use jutsu, giving him what Orochimaru sees as a fate
worse than death. As the Third dies due to the use of the seal, Orochimaru calls on his
subordinates to help him flee the village, the Third's last act making Konoha's
destruction impossible for him.

Search for Tsunade arc
As a result of the sealing of his arms, Orochimaru is left in great pain, and seeks his
former teammate, Tsunade, in the hopes that she can restore his arms. Upon finding her,
Orochimaru offers to revive her dead loved ones in exchange for her helping him. Although
she considers the offer, after meeting Naruto, she declines, knowing that Orochimaru will
destroy Konoha if his arms are healed. As such, she attempts to kill Orochimaru, though
Kabuto Yakushi is able to prevent her from attacking him. In time, however, Kabuto is
defeated, and Orochimaru is forced to face not only Tsunade, but Jiraiya as well. In his
weakened state, Orochimaru is unable to put up much of a fight against the two and is
defeated. He flees the battle, deciding to resort to his last option: taking a new host.

Sasuke Retrieval arc
In a last effort to reattain the ability to use jutsu, Orochimaru sends his Sound Four to
bring Sasuke to him so that he can take over the latter's body. As he waits in earnest for
Sasuke's arrival, the pain caused by the necrosis in his arms, induced by the Third's
seal, becomes unbearable and makes his body unusable. Although he puts it off as long as
he can, hoping that Sasuke will arrive in time, Orochimaru is eventually forced to change
to the body of Gen'yumaru, a prisoner Kabuto had prepared for him. Sasuke eventually
arrives, though Orochimaru is stuck in his new body for the next three years, and so he
begins to train Sasuke to live up to his promise of giving Sasuke power.

15 April 2007, 12:03 AM   #7
Guest Poster
0_0, wow this is weird but, I think Katashi would win because of the sharingun....but
Orochimaru has that arm thing of his.......

15 April 2007, 12:06 AM   #8
Guest Poster
OMG, i think this is obvious but, now I know why Orochimaru wants Sasuke also, i think
that (I think it was in the manga or something) Orochimaru needs the sharingun and so he
needs Sasuke's body so he can use the sharingun to get at Itachi!!!!

15 April 2007, 12:10 AM   #9
Guest Poster
true but kakashi would lose
oruchimaru still has his tongue 2 attack

15 April 2007, 12:14 AM   #10
Guest Poster
0_o, isn't Orochimaru on kupika?Ask him now, even though he is off-line!!!!

15 April 2007, 09:17 AM   #11
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i think i will....
besides i need 2 show him a ninjutsu i learned

17 April 2007, 11:02 PM   #12
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Ummm..I think like...Orochimaru would win!!!! ^_^

18 April 2007, 12:00 AM   #13
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yeah i think so 2^^

18 April 2007, 05:40 PM   #14
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Much as i dont want to admit it...Orochimaru would kick Kakashi's ass!

19 April 2007, 05:04 AM    #15
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-Huggles a Kakashi Plushie- ~_~;; I don't think Kakashi would fall without a fight. It's
true Orochimaru has probably mastered more jutsu than Kakashi and is one of the
legendary Sannin...but he'd at least leave a significant wound on Orochimaru wouldn't he?
~_~;;; Legendary Sannin or not, Kakashi is still a formidable opponent with his newly
developed Tsukyomi among other things. Then again...the Third Hokage was killed by
Orochimaru...@_@;; Agh. I guess the only three who could really stand up against the
Otokage would be Itachi, Sasuke, and Naruto. ~_~;;;

Err...~_~;; By statistics I meant Orochimaru's age, the number of D-ranked, C-ranked,
B-ranked, A-ranked, and S-ranked missions he's done, and etc. -Bows- Pardon me
shinigami-119-sama! @_@;; I'll try finding it!

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