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Welcome to Sol

2 September 2016, 06:46 PM   #1
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Sol is a secret base out past Neptune, I am Commander Edwar Hallidow- I am in charge of
what goes on at this secret space station.  The things we do here are classified, we test
new technological equipment for military and civilian uses.  This can be new space fighter
designs or new shielding for settlements and/or space stations.  Currently, we have
produced new space fighters to test out.  

Our 5th test of the SFI-5, Space Flight Interceptor, has begun.  At the moment I sent out
5 fighters to test out battle formations and upgraded weapons system.  I walk into the
control room monitoring the flight test.  As I sit down I watch as the ships flying into
different battle formations without any problems.  

"How are we looking?" I ask.

"Everything is going well, Commander," staff member Cho answers.

After a few moments, beeping sounds can be heard.  I sit up and look over at the screen as
space crafts other than own appear on the screen.

"Commander, unknown ships inbound, sir."  Cho replies.

23 October 2016, 10:46 AM    #2
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Our fighters engage in space warfare with several unknown ships.  The enemy takes out
most of our ships except for one, piloted by Captain Liom Androls.  Liom manages to
destroy one ship before swinging around to re-engage the enemy.

"Captain, get out of there now!" I transmit to his ship.

"I can take them, Commander," Liom replies.

"I said get your ass out of there Captain, that's an order!" I sternly answer.

"Yes, sir," Captain disengages and begins his quick retreat to the base.

The enemy ships don't follow Liom back to base.  Just as the captain was close to the
base, several large battle cruisers appear.  

Staff member Cho yells, "Sir, those large ships are sending out more fighters."

"Everyone evacuate!" I order.  I push a button to Liom's ship, "Captain, several large
ships and more enemy fighters have appeared.  Get out of here! That ship is made so you
can travel to Mars.  GET TO MARS!"

Captain Liom replies, "What about you sir?"

I quietly reply, "I don't go until everyone else goes.  See you in the next life

Liom doesn't reply for what seemed like forever until I heard him answer, "Yes sir.  It
was an honor."   I watch as his ship fly away from the base before disappearing.

I watch as the large battle cruisers grow larger on the computer screen before sitting
back down in my chair.

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