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Annali walked into the lounge and sat on the sofa and crossed her feet. "This place is to cool." She opened a thick book and started to read, but then looked up. Not a lot of people were in the lounge. Well she thought there would of been more people socializing, but suprisingly not a lot of people were there. "Hmm, I guess this place isn't really popular." She looked out the window. "Nice scenery though." She sighed and went back to reading her book.
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Vincenzo grinned as he walked into the lounge, his laptop carefully tucked under one arm, notebook in the other hand. He had to type a paper, but wanted some company. Everyone was so engrossed in their own conversations there was no one to talk to, until he spotted a girl reading. He cheerfully approached her, sitting down and opening his laptop, flipping his notebook to his page of notes. He didn't say anything for a bit, before eager and cheerfulness to make a new friend over came himself. "Ciao! I'm Vincenzo...What are you reading?" He asked curiously.

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Annali looked at the boy who sat next to her. "Oh this is call Eldvittnet. It is a Swedish book." She placed a bookmark into the spot she was reading. She held her hand to him and smiled. "Your Italian right? Oh sorry where, are my manners." She laughed as her hand was still extended. "My name is Annali. It is very nice to meet you Vincezo." She placed her feet onto the ground and sat up properly. "Excuse my feet please."
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15 February 2014, 03:45 PM   #5
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Carl walked into the lounge with a notebook and a pen in one hand. He was surprised to
see it so empty. It was usually so hard to get a spot anywhere. He spotted a girl and a
guy sitting next to each other. He didn't recognize either of them, so he sat down at a
table and opened his notebook. It was time to make his annual list of things he would need
for the upcoming school year that he did not have already. "Hmm..." He tapped his chin for
a moment. "More notebooks, most definitely." He scribbled it down.

16 February 2014, 12:27 PM   #6
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"Karou Morgan." "Karou. Like, Kuh - Roo." Are you fucking stupid or something? "Yes, that's me." Finally. In the time it took the shaky lady at the desk to get her name and room number correct, Karou had already walked to the center of the lobby and looked around. It was nearly empty, save for two or three people. She plopped down onto the couch and shut her eyes, inhaling slowly. When she opened her eyes again, Karou observed the student lounge. It was small and seemed a bit cramped, but thank god there was a coffee machine on the far end, near the windows and the stairs to what she assumed led to to where some form of entertainment was. This place already just seemed... ugh.

16 February 2014, 02:50 PM   #7
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Hyacinth rolled her cart inside and lugged it up the stairs. Inside this building,
there seemed to be a lounge. Not her favorite place in the world, but it was pouring and
she needed to recheck her oxygen tank. The extra humidity screwed with her already CF-y
lungs and she needed to adjist it.

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"Si, I am. I've never been to Sweden, but I hear it's really cold!" He commented, cheerfully. "What's it about?" He asked curiously. Vincenzo shook his head, "I don't mind." He said, cheerfully, looking around the room, "Did you just get here too? I heard there were a lot of new students. I really like it here already. The teachers are nice. Except for the ones that give me homework." He said with a frown and a pout.

16 February 2014, 07:05 PM   #9
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After writing a few items on his list, Carl looked up. He wasn't surprised to see more
students coming to the lounge. It was rather popular. Stretching for a moment, he stood
up. "Time to get some coffee," he announced to no one in particular. He walked across the
room to the coffee machine. Grabbing a paper cup, he started to fill it with warm
caffeinated coffee.

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"Well so far it is about a woman named Flora Hansen. She calls herself a spirit medium, but she really is not. All she does is pretend she can talk to spirits. And so she later reads about a horrible murder and decides to call the police and say she has been contacted by the spirit. So That is where I am right now in the book." She nodded when he asked about being new. "Yea, I think I was one of the first to arrive." She laughs at his comment on the homework. "They always like to hit us with stuff on the first day. SO don't worry there will be plenty more."
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18 February 2014, 05:09 PM   #11
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"Well, I'm certain you being here has brightened my thought about being here, you know?"
Vincenzo remarked, casually with a grin. He couldn't help he was a bit flirty towards her,
he was a tad flirty towards everyone, becuse in a way, everyone deserved some sort of
love, and who was he to deny such a thing from someone. Besides, she was cute.  Though
piercings weren't really something he was entirely fond of. He looked around, "It looks
like more people are showing up.

22 February 2014, 03:26 PM   #12
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With a warm cup of caffeinated coffee in his hand, Carl walked back to the table he was
sitting at and resumed making his list. He took a sip from his cup. "Ahhh," he sighed
contently. "Too bad coffee machines are so expensive. I wouldn't mind a fresh cup every

25 February 2014, 05:16 AM   #13
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Annali laughed a little as Vincenzo complimented her. "I am not all that great." She looks around and the lounge and sees more people are coming in. "Yea, it's great since no one was in here awhile ago." She heard a remark about having coffee every day. Annali turns to the boy at the table behind her and smiles. "Did you know that coffee promotes healthy weight and it prevents the risk of having skin cancer. So why not go out and by yourself that coffee maker and save your skin!!" She laughs realizing she is just promoting the sale of a coffee machine.
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28 February 2014, 02:44 PM   #14
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Carl turned to the girl who had spoken to him. His eyes widened in surprise. "Really?" He
glanced down at his skin. Being a "ginger" meant he got sunburn more easily, so the
possibility of skin cancer was higher (or at least that's what he believed). "Maybe I
should ask my mom to send me some money for one." He grinned at her. "Thanks!"

7 April 2014, 03:00 AM    #15
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Annali smiled, "No problem. That's what I'm here for." She extended her arm out to the boy. "The names Annali Jaakkola. Nice to meet." She smiled even bigger. "Glad to see that lots more people are coming in here." She looks at Vincenzo, "So Vin, whats your last name?" She looked back at the other guy with her hand still extended. OOC: Sorry I haven't been on >.< and sooooooooo sorry that I replied with suuuuch
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