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Dorm: Zero & Avi

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(I won't add a pic....on phone and blahh)

A standard dorm.
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Zero set his red suitcase down beside a bed he would take, top bunk of
course as he set out a large plastic made wrap of his sheets and fluffy white blankets his
mother picked out for him. Childish? I think not.. Zero sighed for a moment,
rubbing his earlobe softly and thinking over his goodbyes over the phone, and somehow, it
seemed they sounded excited. Maybe it was just him, but he thought almost as if they
wanted him gone anyway. Away or not, he can finally stay in one place for more than a
month for his education, he was exhausted from moving all around.
The thoughts made Zero heavy in his head and not as light as his muscles tensed inside his
body, and soon he climbed his way up to the top and lyed back on his bed as his feet
dangled from the side and his eyes closed for only a split second. Thinking, Who will
my roommate be? Zero grazed his pink tongue over his thin lips before he opened his
eyes letting them roll back, removing a hat from his head and swinging his legs over the
top. Slowly, he looked over the bedside and reached down carefully, grabbing a bag of
stickers and posters as he spent his time neatly, decorating the wall above him with
glowing blue stars, Korean bunny stickers and posters of his idols Will I Am and Chris
Rock. Zero then hummed to himself, placing one earphone in his ear and letting the other
fall onto his chest as he ran through his iPod's music.

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OCC: can i just say that i absolutely adore your long post?? ;-;<3
and that i will reply with a hopefully equally long reply
once i finish doing a few things. x

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ooc: aww thank you, I'm so used to para on tumblr and idk I like
long posts js {/runs away} And no rush, do what you need. I am going to eat soon, so my
iPod can charge *^*

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OCC; i think i love you already. i adore long posts as well, but
sadly lack the creativity and descriptions to make mine very long. 
also, excuse the rudeness of my character; 
i've been told i make my characters exceptionally hard to approach, but what can one dooo.

ICC; Avi stormed his way down the hallway he was told led to his dorm, the normal
quiet thunking of his boots now a series of quick, sharp thunks as he took his
steps and paid no mind to quieting them. Handles pulled out on his two suit cases, they
added their own series of quiet thunks against the floor as they were dragged
behind him, unable to roll upright with the speed of which he was going. Needless to say,
he was making quite a bit of noise as he passed each door in said hall, looking for the
door that would have a number matching the one on the key he currently had clenched
between his teeth. Since being told forced by his parents to come to this school,
he hadn't been in the best of moods and his mood had steadily declined the entire trip,
plummeting and leaving him in an utterly foul mood when he was told that he would be
sharing a room.. with another person, there, it's in that direction, and yes, you
can carry your bags yourself. Finally finding the right room, he stood in front of it,
contemplating kicking the door down, or letting go of his bags to get the door. After a
moment, he decided the latter, letting go of one of his bags to try the door and, upon
finding it unlocked, figured his dorm mate was already inside, and threw the door

5 August 2013, 11:25 PM   #6
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ooc: yay... and I dont mind, I usually cant make mad characters or
anything ;A;

Music played Will I Am through one of Zero's ears, while the other hear was full of the
loud beating of his heart pushing up against his chest. He calmly closed his eyes and
blinked them open again as his chest rose and fell to his heavy breathing. Then, he swore
he might of been crazy, but outside the room he heard thunking of heavy boots in the hall.
Slowly, Zero removed the earphone and sat up, swinging his legs over from the edge as he
sat on the ladder top peering down just as the door swung open. His dark eyes scanned the
other's, his dark features and presentation. He felt both ears cloud up in his heart beat
as he stared down, pushing away earphones and looking down, a shocked face. His surprise
settled and he smiled, heartbeat racing wild. Oh, roommate. Zero jumped down,
landing perfectly on his feet as he looked at him. "I went and picked the top bunk, if you
dont mind. And uh, my name's Zero." He bowed his head quietly, looking up and shaking his

5 August 2013, 11:45 PM   #7
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Avi wasted no time standing in the hallway, instead marching right into the
room, steps growing silent against the carpeted flooring. As his eyes flicked around the
room, he had to clench his jaw to fight the grimace; not only did he have a room mate, one
with stickers and posters on the wall, but they had bunk beds. bunk. beds. That
knowledge making him unclench his jaw, lips turned in a scowl around the key between his
teeth; he knew he would fall off of that god awful twin sized excuse of a bed, he knew it.
Only after pointing out every flaw in the room -which took him no more than a few seconds,
mind you- did he snap his gaze to the other presence in the room, and he began to critique
again, starting with how the boy had jumped from the top. He listened as the boy said
something, but didn't really catch a word the boy said. Avi waited until he was done
speaking before flicking his fingers out of the fists they were in, the bags in his hand
tipping to the floor with a muted thunk of their own. Palm raised slightly, he
opened his mouth and let the key fall to his hand, lips remaining slightly parted as he
stared at the boy an 'i'm judging you' expression clearly written on his face. "Am I-" he
began slowly, "... bunk beds?" he finally questioned, that seeming to be the only thing
that held his attention.  

occ; i usually always do, 
that's probably because i'm generally mean myself. ;c
i just felt like apologizing ahead of time, jic you were sitting there judging me.

6 August 2013, 12:03 AM   #8
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Oh honey, I wont waste my time judging. No need for that

Zero felt his heart jump at the sight of the man, brushing curly strands of blonde hair
twirled around his gentle fingers. He forced a smile of course, seeing as the intimidating
other was looking at him oddly, an angry look casually. He flinched at the movement before
he let his hands fall to his sides, admiring his new roommate. Zero blinked his eyes,
looking to the bunk bed and smiling before losing his train of thoughts before he
swallowed hard and nodded. "Yeah, I'm your roommate. And yes, bunk beds. So- is it okay i
took the top? I can switch.." His eyes averted nervously, hands shaking. He smiled again,
rubbing the nape of his neck. "Whats your name?" Zero took a seat on the bottom bunk,
swinging his legs and looking up to him, dumbfounded.

6 August 2013, 12:38 AM   #9
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occ; gurl let me love youuuu.

Avi stood, silent as the boy talked, though he really had no interest in what the boy had
to say.. or what he was saying. "I'll take bottom," he muttered when the boy had stopped
talking, grabbing both of his bags in his hands once more and tossing them onto the lower
bunk beside where the boy was currently sitting, all without moving from his spot near the
door. The boy he was going to share a room with was so fidgety, he noted, and he wondered
briefly if he made the man anxious, the thought sending him a jolt of pride, or if he just
forgot his Adderal or something; no matter the case, the boy reminded him of a cat, the
kind that twined around your feet but skittered away when you tried to pet them. It was
like he had a pet, and the thought made the corner of his lips quirk in amusement. He
heard his name being asked, but decided not to answer; it's not like he had to be
friends with him, right? Instead he stood, making an impatient gesture with his hand when
the boy made no move to stand up.

6 August 2013, 12:49 AM   #10
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ooc: {/lets you love me} okay
bic: Zero eyed the boy but felt a little confident as he smiled and nodded,
scratching the itch behind his ear awkwardly. The boy reminded him of a drill sergeant, or
a soldier really. It didnt entirely freak him out, but then again, it made him realize
what a tough school life it would be. Zero cleared his throat, noting to himself to pay
attention or he would get lost. Now that he knew this boy wont talk or even share his
name, he himself was no use to him. But he got goosebumps at the sight of this boy
smirking, making him uncomfortable. He stood quickly at the gesture, moving to the side
before looking down to the left. "A-Anyway, I was already told your name. I just wanted to
hear it myself, i guess im a bit nosey then." Zero laughed it off lightly, retreating up
the ladder onto his bed where he put up more posters, filling anny white spaces. Including
 alarge frame with family photos and pictures of his past pets. 
Zero looked down to his roommate,peering over the edge curiously. "So, Avi. Uhm..." he
scratched the top of his eyelids, purking his lips out. "Did you live in the area? Have
you been here, in this state before?" Even if he didnt answer, Zero would continue to try.
He never really had friends at all so it's not likr he was a professional. Really, it may
be no use to befriend him, but still he would try to get close. Attempt to, no matter
what. Other than education, he needed socialization.

6 August 2013, 02:04 AM   #11
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Avi nodded his head a bit at the boy in thanks, moving to take the boy's
place. He heard the boy begin to talk again, but drowned him out, instead moving to grab
the mattress and put his sheets on them. Originally, he'd planned to bring his own -there
was nothing wrong with them, he'd insisted- but his pushy mother had insisted her own
self; telling him they wouldn't fit and running out and buying him sheets similar to his
own, but 1/3 of the size. He quickly put the sheets on, mentally thanking himself for not
throwing them away like he'd planned. That task finished, he threw his bags back on the
end of the bed, making note to put his things away later, and upon hearing his name,
looked up at the boy, forcing himself to pay attention to him. Avi raised an eyebrow when
asked where he lived; unsure whether the boy was overly-curious or simply trying to become
his friend- neither of which settling well with him, "Miami," he simply replied. 

occ; i had a bunch typed out and accidentally closed out of the wrong tab.
then i spent about ten minutes yelling and trying to get it to come back.
then i had to type it all up again.

6 August 2013, 05:21 AM   #12
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Thats okay, whatever {shrugs/}

Zero knew-considered and felt as though he was ignored, but he didnt really even try to
care, he could always talk his ears off every single day, I mean, their roommates now. He
looked around and kept his eyes on Avi, watching in on him and 'observing'. The guy didnt
seem entirely bad or heartfelt, but Zero could try to open him up. He hadnt before, but he
loved to try new things. Zero looked around and sighed, pulling a bandanna from around his
neck, red with Chinese symbols, he set it aside and nodded his head, recalling the place
'Miami'. Nope, never heard of it..
Zero picked out a small hand-held mirror, brushing his hair with his fingers and playing
with his eyes a little while wiping messy mascara off. After setting the mirror down, he
admired the room and smiled. "Were you born there?"

6 August 2013, 09:58 PM   #13
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Avi stared blankly up at the boy in lieu of answering; he just didn't get
it, did he? He looked down at the thing he was supposed to sleep on, wanting to just lay
down and nap, but deciding heavily against it. So instead he walked to the wall (because
i'm laying out the room right now. /; ) opposite of the beds, leading his back against the
wall, arms crossed in front of his chest, gaze back on the boy. He knew he should probably
try and talk to the boy -he would be seeing an awful lot of him, he assumed- but his mood
was far too foul over his treatment for socializing. Instead, he stared, hoping he was
conveying the fact he wasn't going to socialize with the boy.

6 August 2013, 10:23 PM   #14
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Zero chewed on his bottom lip, averting eyesight and trying to think of
something to say. Something to get him to speak. He scratched the top of his
head and pouted, leaning up against the bunk ladder and staring up at the ceiling where he
had placed Bob Marley posters and kitten stickers. Zero stopped his biting habit, glancing
to Avi and looking him up and down close. "Since you're not going to talk, I'm just going
to assume things.." Zero smiled hopefully, tapping his chin and murmuring, thinking of a
few assumptions. "Im guessing your an only child, never got along with your parents.
Delinquent." A chuckle escaped his lips as he crouched, staring up ar Avi. "Tell me about

7 August 2013, 09:39 PM    #15
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Avi continued his blank stare, but found himself actually listening to what
the boy had to say; but only because there was nothing else in this shit place to do other
than listen to boys who reminded you of kittens guess your life, he told himself. After
the boy stopped talking, Avi gave him a slow blink before replying, "Yes and yes." and
then a pause, an eyebrow raise, "Do I look like a delinquent?"

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