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Train Station

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Yao, dressed in his casual brown pants and collard white shirt without buttons and a milk brown jacket stood in the station by the wall near the ticket entrance was, back leaned on the wall as he looked around, still confused to wherever he had been for the past half hour, but as he tried to ask people, they shrugged him off and kept walking. "Tsk. Americans..." He murmured something more, but it drained out at the loud sound of a moving train pass, filled with so many people he couldn't imagine. He looked down at a map, hoping to find something easy, he was too lost.

15 April 2013, 10:13 PM    #3
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After another train had pulled up into the station, many busy people crowded out of the train and into the station. One of the less busy people was Casen. He had finished work about an hour ago and took the train home, or the tram as he liked to call it. He walked till he found the directory, illuminated like all the other signs in the station. Unfortunately, he hadn't memorized the way around the station like he had planned.

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