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Roleplay duels because Reasons

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Since it's out of the roleplay, and because we can, when we have our random battle for
fun we can choose whatever level we want to be (has to be agreed on, especially for one on
one) but still have only 100 gold to spend and the arena is basic:
Terry Arena
A crowd gathers around a large, beaten-earth circle with a single, medium-sized tree in the center as you fight.
Overdark Grove
With more trees than seems preferable blocking out the majority of the light, whatever this place was originally named, it soon became the Overdark.
Difficult Terrain
A beach. By a forest with thick undergrowth. No docks, no boats, no other people; the sand takes twice as long to run across, the narrow strip of normal terrain leads into bushes that provide no cover, and unless you can fight underwater...
The Teracess is a simple square room, large, with four supporting pillars. The east side has been crumbling for a while, making the roof accessible.
More to be added I guess. The duels will be in TC but for the fun of it I'm keeping a scoreboard here, along with "scheduled" duels or fights. Tournaments could also be cool until we start the campaign. ------------------------------------------------------------===------------------------------------------------------------ Player Character (Player) vs. Player Character (Player) Battle description Victor; estimated battle time, bets ----------------------------------------=======----------------------------------------
Arton (Tonton) vs. Vessa (Lunlun) Level one fight in the Terry Arena Arton
----------------------------------------=======---------------------------------------- Arton (Tonton) vs. Ubada (Lunlun) Level one fight in the Terry Arena 4.2012, 0 Cp ----------------------------------------=======---------------------------------------- Arton and Berothian (Tonton, Panpan) vs. Dawnfrost Twins (Lunlun) Level five encounter in a random arena 2012, 0 Cp ----------------------------------------=======----------------------------------------
Dirk (Cyncyn) vs. Vessa (Lunlun) Level five encounter at Terry Arena Vessa Dawnfrost
----------------------------------------=======---------------------------------------- Arton, the Dawnfrost Twins, and Baby Phi (Tonton, Lunlun) vs. Minions (Lunlun & Co) Level one experimental encounter at the Teracess Terry Arena. Randoms Party

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