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~Rules~ All members must read!!!!

6 December 2011, 02:48 PM    #1
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1. No bullying other members
2. You may make as an insane character you want
3. No killing of other characters without permission from the characters controller. May
kill Npcs but ask my permission first.
4. Talk with GOOD grammer
5. Have at least more then one sentence. If two characters of yours are talking you may do
something like this:
(character name) "hey there."
(Other character name) "Sup? Did you see Pokemon last night?"
(Characters name) "Hell yah. It was so sad. But I'm happy for ash."
(Other characters name) "Yah he totally kicked that trainers ass."
etc. etc. etc.
6. You may cuss but don't over use this privilege.
7. Yes, you may have sex but like cussing don't over use this privilege. This is NOT a
cybering club. If it gets excessive you may go to messages. Like if its an orgy or
something go to messages(of course that orgy would either be with all of your characters
or your characters and npcs)
8. If you want you may have 1-3 npcs. NO MORE! You must ask me first.
9. No more then three characters. If one of them die you may create another.
10. Characters may only be in one topic at a time.

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