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*Asylum Rules(not that there are many)*

1 October 2011, 12:07 AM    #1
Guest Poster
Right, I just realized I forgot to post these. These are just basic rules and regulations, just mechanics and shit like that. •No cybering, please! This is not a place for getting you off! Although; •Characters are allowed to have sex. But not excessively, this is an asylum, not an orgy. •Characters are allowed to fight, there is a basic medical wing(I will be making that later) •Cussing is allowed, but please not in every sentence. •Multiple characters are allowed, just make sure you don't get swamped. •Patients must be female(or partly female) if you want a male character; •Doctors are the only male characters, and they must be male. You can make them virtually the dame as a patient, though, and they don't all have to be old and crusty. •Doctors are allowed to beat patients, they are rather superior, but the patient may fight back if she so chooses. •No actual escapes; unless you have gotten special permission from moi, and you want to kill off a character. •Only the person who owns the character may kill the character, don't want this to turn into a massive bloodbath. Hope I haven't ruined your fun! ^-^

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